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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Whats up people and welcome to my
channel the Jon Sheppard fitness today I am going to be doing a thousand
calorie protein shake yes some people have been asking what my
shake consists of you know is it just a normal way shake or is it the Big Mass
gainer shake well I’m gonna show you what I actually put in my shake and how much
calories you can get out of it yes the content of fat is going to be higher but
it’s going to be healthy fats so you don’t have to worry about it as much so
if you’re walking and you’re struggling to get them carrying two of these shakes
a day and trust me you’ll be eating not far off 3000 calories so let’s get down
and show you what my shake is like so first of all you need a neutral
blender or some sort of decent blender right this is the best one I think
around because it’s got the container on top so you can basically make a shake
and then drink out straight out of it but if you’re making quite a bit maths
then obviously you need to get a bigger one
next horror jokes you want about 120 grams of pojos and why suggest is you
blend then you blend these in that first just to get it a bit more smoother next
your protein source at the moment I’m using this I’ve run out of protein my
dad then bought this for a model use it it’s a obviously diet one or it’s 25
grams of protein anyway protein will do next Sammy skim
milk if you want to use full fat use full fat but 1710 a skim milk
fine just as good obviously doesn’t cut it didn’t have it obviously it doesn’t
have the same amount of fat content but if you want to use water and lower the
calories that’s fine or it’ll taste better with milk next peanut butter I
suggest to have a spoonful of peanut butter
probably about 30 grams of peanut butter and this is obviously natural bats and
part of the natural fats and it’s also good for good protein source finally my
new favorite is coconut oil this is a high-calorie with low density food and
you can basically have 300 calories just by a spoonful and it’s great for shakes
obviously the fat content is hard cause like I said before it’s healthy fats
healthy fats are good for you you need fats in your body to make your body
function the brain function do not be scared of fat at all
so then now we’ve got the ingredients let’s go and blend it all up
and show you what to do then you can add I suggest weighing these out before you
do it well I’m pretty used to what what the third gram the peanut 30 grams 535 the coconut oil they have
your whey protein which is usually usually two scoops and then 300
milliliters of milk which I know because it’s got marker on here like so then
there you have it the strawberry flavor and trust me that
coat off he doesn’t makes it so nice I’ve been
walking all this year and and I’ve been struggling this coconut oil is it save
it towards me luckily you couldn’t use any of this
except the else if she was actually dieting or you can adjust it you can if
you don’t want to have that many calories or that much fat just put a
small amount in and a 15 gram scoop the actual recipe will be down in the
description the actually macros are caught on the
screen Dale as you can see it’s got over hundred carbs in this drink it’s its
protein is over 60 the fact is at over 60 but the thing about the fact is all
healthy fats there is not one drop of Kinnear which is bad fats it’s all pure
organic fats so it’s all original and that if you’re gonna have that why you
died at the moment my macros so he’s about 70 80 so then I can have one of
these you know in my macros but I’m bulking so when you bought when you’re
bulking you can lower the carbs on a day and have more fat it depends you know if
you’re running short of time these are brilliant and you’re gonna get so many
Karin’s also you can get more cows in if you want you could take out the actual
coconut and add fruit again hundred grams of fruit obviously I could
actually added strawberries I knew they’d have been honored but I ain’t got
one in and that had to love carry the most I’ve ever had
in one of these shades 1520 offing and that was because I added a large banana
and I actually put in some other fruits are calming them and out of boats it
tastes nice just like this and I’ve seen what flavor your whey protein is it’s
gonna taste on that will with a coconut coconut hint sweet so if you enjoyed
this video and if you want more like this what I’m eating let me know if you
knew subscribe if you like please give me a thumbs up and I’ll see you next
time with another vlog in August you


  1. Jon I remember when I was a wanna be strongman about 25yrs ago when I weighed around 300lbs I'd have 2-3 of these type of shakes a day MINT

  2. Looking at all the ingredients, I can definitely see that being filling and the feeling will last hours. Great share man. You're absolutely right telling folks not to fear fat. 👊🏾👍🏾💪🏾 #massmonstershake

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