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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

My name is Ghazzal Mehdi I love to eat every sinlge Desi dish. Whether it is chicken karahi, Nihari, Koftay Sripaya or Haleem, Everything, you name it. Plus, if there are 2 to 4 Naan bread with Oil on top Yummy, I just love them. You just have seen my current situation. With a huge embarrassment, I have to confess that my weight is almost 97Kg. Health has become a really serious issue and number of fat people has increased from 8.7Million in 1980 to 2.1 Billion in 2013. and we completely ignore such a serious issue from and if you think that atleast we south asians are out from this fat people list. India is on top 3 in the list and Pakistan made the entry number 9. and sadly, Pakistan is number 1 in list of diabetes patient in south asia. Looking at the severity of the issue, I have decided to reduce my weight withing three months, in front of the audience. I will try to bring the whole process under the camera. The program is consist of three main segments. The first segment is handling about my own weight loss diary. But the second session is really interesting. In which everytime we will meet a new guest. who could be a personal trainer, instructor or a professional athlete. and they will tell me that which is the best excercise to loss the weight. 3rd segment is equally interesting too. When you want to loose weight, there are 100s of diets out there in the market. But I will atleast make your choice easier by discussing one popular diet in detail every week. Rest I leave to you to choose which one suites you the best Is it enough for today in your shopping list? We got a really frest Indian Sweets. Would like to have one. No no please, just take the money. I am on diet. Don’t worry, it’s really good for the health 🙂

5 thoughts on “10kg weight loss in 30 days. Wanna know how? Reshape with Ghazzal – Trailer

  1. Mere wait b gain hogya hai kya main Reshape tablets use karsakta hu wait losse karne k liye kya is k kuch side effects.

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