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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Eleven rookie workout mistakes you should avoid Going to the gym is great. Workouts are good for both your body and your mind after a stressful day. But we often make mistakes during our workouts that stand in the way of being healthy Did you know that doing exercises in a wrong way is even worse than doing nothing at all? Why do you go to the gym regularly and don’t get the desired resuls? In this video, we collected the 11 most common workout mistakes that you should avoid. Remember the devil is in the details 11. long cardio workouts When it comes to cardio workouts, you need to learn to keep the balance. On the one hand, don’t exhaust yourself. Overdoing cardio can have a negative effect on your cardiovascular system We are pretty sure that the last thing you want from your workouts is heart problems. On the other hand, not doing enough means exercising in vain. Of course, it’s different for everyone, but the average duration of a cardio training should be around 30 minutes We recommend you start small and gradually build your way up. This way you will know your limits and keep your heart safe 10. low calorie diet Generally, low calorie diets are healthy and can slow down the aging of the heart and prevent cardio diseases However, they contain very small amounts of fat that your body needs so much during an intensive workout To get the necessary fats, proteins and carbohydrates for your body, eat more salmon and avocado These products have enough fat but they are healthy and nondestructive 9. not sleeping enough Of course, not sleeping enough means lower physical performance and slower recovery And when you feel tired, there is no point going to the gym. In such a bad mood, you will be cheating yourself, doing the exercises just for show. like this video if we’re right 8. sports drinks with electrolytes Drinks with electrolytes can harm your body a lot because they contain a large amount of sugar This is exactly why they seem to make you feel energetic and refreshed Drink pure water instead. Many people think drinking water when exercising is wrong, but you are not one of them, right? Don’t torture yourself by not drinking any water. During a workout your body actively loses a lot of fluids So be kind. Don’t deprive yourself of life-sustaining water 7. eating more Yes, sometimes you may feel like a good workout is a great feat So you deserve a feast We’re not fans at this pun either. If you want to keep your weight in check or even decrease it, you have to eat right and stay away from empty calories What do you choose? super tasty hamburgers or a beautiful body? 6. working out on an empty stomach If you come to the gym hungry, there is a great chance you won’t be able to finish the workout because of tiredness and feeling unwell If you don’t want to lose consciousness, this is not a joke. It’s real In the gym, eat two hours before exercising. Two hours is enough for the body to digest the food to the point when you are already not feeling sleepy and not hungry yet 5. going to the sauna after a workout Like we said before, during an intensive workout you lose a lot of fluids because of that your body pressure rises So a hot bath or a sauna can be very dangerous for your heart and blood vessels So, if you want to wash off the sweat, take a warm shower instead. It’s quicker and less harmful. 4. using a scale Do you feel discouraged every time you step on a scale? Well you shouldn’t. You can comfort yourself with this thought: Muscles weigh more than fat So maybe the fat you wanted to burn turned into muscles Seriously speaking, to get accurate measurements, you need to use special devices that can tell you how much fat there is on your body 3. not hiring a fitness trainer Some people, if not most, need a Shia LaBeouf in the gym, someone who can yell at them. Just do it. If you are one of such people, don’t be cheap and hire a trainer He or she won’t let you stop when you want to Trainers are usually great motivators besides their job is to develop a training program that fits your needs and your physical capacity A professional trainer can make sure you do all exercises correctly and don’t harm yourself accidentally 2. not cooling down Don’t forget to take a few minutes to stretch after a workout it will reduce the pain in the muscles and make your recovery much faster. Also when running, don’t stop immediately Slow down gradually and walk a little in the end. Don’t forget about this and leave some energy for it 1. daily workouts Regular workouts and eating healthy food are your way to a great body But regular doesn’t mean everyday. If you workout every day you will feel exhausted. and your muscles won’t have time to recover Ironically, daily workouts lead to the increase of cortisol in your body This hormone may cause your weight to increase so that all of your effort will be for nothing To avoid this, take breaks between training sessions, get enough sleep and eat well Do you know any other workout mistakes that we should avoid in the gym. Share them in the comment section below Share this video with your friends to help them get their dream bodies and hit the like button below the video The more likes we get, the faster we make new videos for you

100 thoughts on “11 Rookie Workout Mistakes You Should Avoid

  1. How often do you work out, guys?

    Guys, try this workout! It's especially for lazy people! 😉

  2. I’ve been working out with an app and it says I’ve lost a 1000 calories but I feel like it’s not working

  3. I’m on a diet
    And I always do the same workout
    Duration 47 minutes + stretches
    I rest and have a cheat meal on Friday
    I usually sleep from 6 to 10 hours
    My breakfast is 2 boiled egg and a toast with cheese
    Lunch is salad and chicken and white rice
    Dinner is strawberry flavored yogurt and fruits

  4. I got a full workout reading the comments. I’m sure my brain is stronger now. Bring on the exams!!!


  6. not sleeping enough this is the main mistakes usually to thoes OFW like me but i have a mission to get a nice body

  7. Wait what if I sleep at around 2:00am and waking up at 10:00am does that count as healthy sleeping?

  8. I clicked on this video and an ad came up…

    Guess what it was…??

    A man shouting DO NOT EXERCISE!!!
    lol not lying😂

  9. Here’s what I did for 30 days
    1. An apple a day
    2. Go to the gym
    3. Drink 7 cups of water each day
    And I lost 22 lb

  10. Try insanity guys it works! It may be difficult at the first two weeks but it'll become easier as time goes by. I saw changes already in my first two weeks

  11. If I workout every day but for short time like 15 min simple cardio or 30 min treadmill on speed 6
    Would it be harmful?

  12. Question:what do u choose a nice tasty hamburger or a nice beautiful body!!?

    Me: A nice tasty hamburger tbh ….😂👌👌

  13. Y’all know you don’t have to got the gym to work out you literally can do it in your own house or neighbor or park and you still get good results your just basically wasting your money me does exercise at home and neighborhood

  14. 4:40 i allready have one not professional but it helps i tell my brother to yell at me if i stop exercising 🤣

  15. Other mistakes
    – Not warming-up and simple stretching before workout
    – Not drinking enough water
    – Eating straight away after workout
    Mistakes when building muscle,
    – not setting enough range for the movement (range too short not giving any result)
    – doing the routine too fast (slowly is much better)
    – too many repetitions on routine (8-10 reps should be enough)

  16. Rookie mistake nu… 3:02 Omg what's with the huge gap between those toes?!?!?! Btw this list is garbage other than the sports drink one.

  17. "6. Working out on an empty stomach "

    She's obviously not a fan of Intermittent Fasting and probably doesn't know much about the benefits related with it.

  18. You don’t need a trainer, and not everyone can afford them.That is pretty rude and insensitive to say”don’t be cheap.”

  19. Is it good to take a shower right after you workout just to clean up yourself and the sweats? Wondering this my whole entire life.

  20. Okay i workout everyday at the gym .. i study until late night and get like 4 or 3 hrs of sleep . I dont have money to afford a trainer . We have a common trainer at the gym …….

    And working out on an empty stomach is the worse inhave done that once and i fainted on the treadmill so i learned a lesson ..

  21. I hired a fitness trainer and she was awful Not caring about Me always screaming at Me and when I ask her a question her answer was always "l don't know"
    Well its Not her fault its just Me after all cuz im a shy and timid person 😭😭😭

  22. it's called cardio because it helps you cardiovascular system you have to run for at least 3 hours to actually hurt hurt yourself.

  23. What You Should Do:
    11. Short, Intense Cardio (e.g. HIIT)
    10. Calorie deficit (eat less junk, more nutrients, which have less calories)
    9. Get 7-9 hours of sleep.
    8. Drink water, muscle milk, or protein shakes post-workout.
    7. Eat more nutrients, less junk, but don't restrict yourself. If you really want that certain food, eat it in smaller portions.
    6. You should have food in you for lifting, but with short intense cardio, it doesn't matter
    Be sure to eat a rich nutrient meal after.
    5. I've never been to a suana lol.
    4. Weight fluctuates. One day you could be 165 pounds and another 168 in the morning. That could show signs of quiting. Keep track of your weight in the morning. I'm 153 pounds, and another day I was 156. I know weight fluctuates, so I don't get upset.
    3. Personal trainers are expensive. Just go on YouTube or use your family/friends for help and inspiration.
    2. Cooling is important. If it's Winter and your AC is out, go outside to cool off and drink cold water.
    1. Working on certain things daily is good. Working abs daily is good, but weight training and cardio everyday is bad. Just take at least 1 rest day/week. Preferably Sunday for me.
    I hope this helped.

  24. Not everyone has the money to "work out properly". As long as you do the work outs correctly, maintaining a healthy diet to support work outs, drinking plenty water, and getting enough sleep. You should be good.

  25. I work out 5 times a week early in morning, in empty stomach, I lost a lot of weight and keep doing it , and I eat 2hours after my workouts ! So.. working out in empty stomach is absolutely fine

  26. Not having goal specific targets. You need to have a reason as to why your doin it. It motivates you better and gives you a clearer reason for training

  27. Love this video ! Most people aren’t aware of these mistakes and never reach their fitness goals . This video is a game changer 🔥🔥🔥

  28. No daily workout for strength training, maybe. The most in shape I ever got was from playing multiple DDR sets every day. That's essentially two to three minute bursts of cardio with a minute rest in between, 3 times, then roughly a 10 minute break (while friend played a set.)

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