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100 thoughts on “15 BEST 6Pack ABS Exercises (You Can Do Anywhere)


  2. Man that's an epic programme for abs I've been doing it for a week and I can already see the difference!!!😄😄😄😄

  3. I would tell you your neck tat is gay, but i dont want to have to skip the gym to get facial reconstructive surgery so 👌.

  4. I just finished full body strength building and this video popped up I watched it and couldn't stop myself from training with I just can't see someone training and just sit around

  5. Honest question; will any of these exercises wear out your lower back over time from repetitive motion? A lot of the exercises seemingly use lower back vertebrae, and I was curious if there were more exercises that allowed for limited or no back movement (much like leg flutters, laying leg press, mountain climbers in the plank position etc). Many thanks for all the informative videos and to any informative comments too.

  6. Day 2 1 round my lower body isn’t as sore as yesterday starting to feel the burn in my obliques getting that 2 rounds tomorrow cheers thenx ❣️

  7. ehy chris! why don't you make a video for fatties like me who can't do half the exercises you show? a video like ""If you're FAT and can't exercise, start doing THIS every morning!"

  8. Love your videos and lots of support…. Can you make a video on fat teen on how to lose whole body fat and gain muscle,abs,nice chest,back plz 💯🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. Sir, i already watch a lot of your video! Thats great! i have a request, how to take a good rest for us to make our body repair their muscle? thank you sir! from Indonesia

  10. It's a shame there isn't any superlike button. Hopefully there will be one few weeks from now on so I can smash it with my brandnew six pack that I gained thanks for that program.

  11. I cant put my lower back on the ground when doing exercises like Cruxifixes, crunch or sit-up. Can anyone help me with my form please

  12. Do any of y’all hear a pop (like a bone or something) in your legs when doing leg raises, circle leg thing, and those movements. It doesn’t hurt but I don’t want to mess myself up somehow

  13. is his neck that long, or the tattoo makes it look long? don't get me wrong, it's cool, I'm just curious

  14. Chris, Ive just downloaded your app…..its asking for Max Push, pulls squats and dips….im guessing this is how many you can do in one set?

  15. Day 4 2 rounds not as many reps but they were strong reps, my lower body is fairly sore and was struggling to lift my legs in the second round 😂😀 cheers Thenx ❣️

  16. Hi Chris, I got my abs by following your workouts, however I am preparing for my second child delivery, wondering and requesting if you could upload a workout to lose baby fat and go back to the abs body. Looking forward to the video to get back in shape. Thank you. God Bless.

  17. yo Chris i stared watching ur vids not long ago and just have to say thanks i don't come from a fit family and i wanted to be different than them and ur helping me accomplish that thanks bro

  18. Can anyone talk to me if his transformation was just through callisthenics? if anyone can talk thank you and a hug from Brazil we are together.

  19. Tht second exercise i do it in my local gym… And suddenly i just laughed…. I swear im looking like a dude tht try to bust a nut

  20. dude.. this workout is hard, i've been practicing like since January with other workouts and i noticed some changes in my body, in the good way, im very happy with myself now, but im mentalized to keep going to get my fcking 6pack, respect and much thanks from Chile, sorry my bad english 😀

  21. @OFFICIALTHENX Can you please tell me how many times reps I need to do a day, and how many times I need to exercise a week? I am currently a 18 year old female, weighing 8 stones (49 kg)

  22. Heres a list of all his 6 pack abs videos until the 15/07/19 (🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿):

    02/07/18: X3

    High Knee taps (45 secs)

    Russian twists (45 secs)

    Leg raises (45 secs)

    Hip raises (45 secs)

    Flutter kicks (45 secs)

    Plank knees to elbow (45 secs)

    Chair sit ups (45 secs)

    Seated in and outs (45 secs)

    Star jumps (45 secs)

    03/12/18: X3

    Crucifix (20 secs)

    Plank side to side (15 each side)

    In & outs (45 secs)

    V-ups (10 secs)

    Plank side-to-side (45 secs)

    Boat hold leg flutters (30 secs)

    Leg raises (20 secs)

    27/12/18: (5-minute workout everyday no rest!) X3

    High knee taps (1 min)

    Mountain climbers (50 secs)

    Bicycle crunches (30 secs)

    V-ups (30 secs)

    Planks knees to elbow (45 secs)

    Toe touches (30 secs)

    Low plank to high planks (60 secs)

    08/04/19: X3

    Plank knees to elbow (x 15 each side)

    Lying leg raises (20 secs)

    Side plank up & down (x 15 each side)

    Star crunches (x 10 each side)

    Side plank reach throughs (x 15 each side)

    Crucifix (20 secs)

    Chair sit ups (x 12 each side)

    13/06/19: X3

    Leg flutters (20 secs)

    Boat hold (25 secs)

    Russian twists (30 secs)

    Plank side to side (40 secs)

    Side plank hold (30 secs)

    Lying knee raises (45 secs)

    Side plank up and down (30 secs)

    Side plank reach through (x 15 per side)

    Mountain climbers (30 secs)

    Bicycle crunches (30 secs)

    15/07/19: X3

    Low plank to high planks (45 secs)

    Side plank up and down (x 25 per side)

    Switching mountain climbers (45 secs)

    Seated leg flutters (45 secs)

    Boat hold (x 1 min)

  23. I think this is the best ab work out video you have ever made. It’s got a mix of a complete ab work out exercises! God bless you.

  24. Can someone help me with extended leg exercices ?
    When I am in a leg extend position I feel like my articulation is poping when I bring them down near to the rest position, it is realy unconfortable and I do not know if I do something wrong or if I should just find another exercice

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