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– What’s going on guys, it’s Chris Heria. Welcome to another vlog. This past weekend I uploaded a video called the “15 BEST 6Pack ABS Exercises” that take no equipment, and I was specifically
showing you exercises that take no equipment
because a lot of us out there don’t have time to get to the gym or simply don’t have access to the gym. And you know I love to show you guys that that should never be an excuse. All you need is the
knowledge and the mindset to get in great shape
and build solid muscle. Of course, with more equipment,
you have more options and a lot more potential, but there’s a lot of people out there that have had full access to
a gym and all the equipment for years, and are still not in shape. And the reason why is because they’re either missing the knowledge, or even more importantly, the mindset. And you guys loved the six pack abs video, and asked me to make more videos covering the other parts of the body. So today we’ll be covering legs. I’m gonna show you what I think are the 15 best exercises for legs
that take no equipment. Now all these exercises
work out your legs, but I’m gonna show you my top five for your quads and glutes, my top five for calves, and
my top five for hamstrings. We’re gonna do every single
exercise for 10 reps each. So the first muscle group
we’re gonna be covering is quads and glutes, and the first exercise
we have is pistol squats. Let’s go for five on each leg. (funky music) ♪ Heria music ♪ (funky music) All right, so there we have pistol squats. Now of course squats are great,
and doing it with one leg, it’s gonna be even more of an overload. Adding more weight to the
exercise, increasing the overload, requiring more stabilization muscles, and of course training
your glutes and your quads. The next exercise we’re gonna get into for our quads and our glutes is gonna be side to side jump squats. Let’s go for 10. (funky music) ♪ Heria music ♪ (funky music) All right, so there we have
side to side jump squats. You wanna be as explosive as you can with this movement to
get the most of out of your quads and your glutes. And speaking of being explosive, the third exercise I have for you guys is gonna be explosive
assisted pistol squats. We’re gonna go for five on each leg. Let’s go for it. (funky music) ♪ Heria music ♪ (funky music) All right, so there we
have explosive assisted pistol squats. Moving on to the next exercise, we have step ups. Let’s go for 10 on each leg. (funky music) ♪ Heria music ♪ (funky music) (exhales) All right, so there we have the step ups. Now, of course, if you have
a higher elevated surface to step on, it’s gonna make this
even more challenging, and if you have a lower elevated surface, it’s gonna be a lot easier. So choose a height that challenges you, but allows you to do it with perfect form. Now the fifth and last exercise I have for you guys to
emphasize on your quads and your glutes are
gonna be curtsy lunges. Let’s go for 10 on each side. (funky music) ♪ Heria music ♪ (funky music) (exhaules) All right, so there we
have the curtsy lunges. That’s the fifth one for quads and glutes. That’s five exercises down for our legs. Now we’re gonna be moving on
to the next five exercises that emphasize on our calves. The first exercise is
gonna be sumo calf raises. Let’s go for 10. (funky music) ♪ Heria music ♪ (funky music) (exhales) All right, there’s the first
exercise down for our calves. Our second exercise is gonna be single leg calf raises plus hold. Let’s go for 10 on each leg. Now of course, we wanna
focus on the contraction, and to do that, we’re gonna
need to hold onto something to focus more on our contraction
and less on stabilizing. So whatever you’re holding on to, try to hold on with the
least amount of pressure. You’re just using it
to stabilize your body while doing this exercise. Let’s go for it. (funky music) Let’s hold. Squeeze the core. (exhales) (funky music) ♪ Heria music ♪ (funky music) (exhales) All right, so there we have
some single leg calf raises. Remember guys, when you
don’t have access to weights, you can always increase the overload by taking out one limb. Now the third exercise we
have on our list for calves is gonna be tip toe wall sit. Let’s go for it. We wanna get our butt on the wall, toes up in a squat position. Don’t let your back touch. (funky music) ♪ Heria music ♪ (funky music) (exhales) All right, so there we
have the tip toe wall sit. A great one for your calves and for the rest of your legs, of course. And to increase your overall strength and endurance in your legs, I want you to hold this
move as long as you can. Now moving onto the fourth
exercise for your calves, we’re gonna go for a single
leg glute bridge calf raise. 10 times each, let’s get it. (funky music) ♪ Heria music ♪ (funky music) (exhales) All right, so there we have the single leg glute bridge calf raise. Now, of course, this is very effective for your hamstrings as well, but it’s also a great
way to engage your calves from a different angle
when you don’t have access to equipment or weights. Now the fifth and last
exercise for our calves is gonna be calf pumps. Now that we’re well into
our workout routine, we’re gonna pump our calves,
increase the blood flow, and try to work them
down to complete fatigue. I want you to max out. Let’s go for it. (funky music) ♪ Heria music ♪ (funky music) (exhales) All right, so that’s gonna be
the last one for our calves. Moving on to the last
muscle group for our legs, we have hamstrings. And the first exercise for our hamstrings are gonna be deep lunges. Let’s go for 10. (funky music) ♪ Heria music ♪ (funky music) (exhales) All right, now that’s a great exercise for your quads, of course. When you get to the top
and your leg is straight, you’re gonna feel your
hamstrings firing up, and it’s another great way
to train your hamstrings with a different flection
when you have no equipment or access to a gym. Now we’re gonna be moving
to the second exercise working our hamstrings. We’re gonna go for low
side to side squats. Let’s go for 10. You wanna say straight
and low on one side. Shift your body weight to the other side. Remain low position. Contract your core. (funky music) ♪ Heria music ♪ (funky music) (exhales) All right, moving onto the third exercise for our hamstrings, single leg Romanian deadlift. Let’s go for 10. (exhales) (funky music) ♪ Heria music ♪ (funky music) All right, now moving
onto the fourth exercise on our list for hamstrings, that’s gonna be elevated
single leg hamstring bridge. Let’s go for 10. (funky music) ♪ Heria music ♪ (funky music) All right, now we’re moving
into the last exercise for this workout, and the last exercise for our hamstrings. That’s gonna be elevated hamstring curls. Let’s go for the last 10. Make these count. All right, we’re gonna
keep our bodies elevated. Legs fully extended. We’re gonna curl in. Back down. (funky music) ♪ Heria music ♪ (funky music) (exhales) All right, so there we
have the last exercise for our hamstrings, and the last exercise for the leg workout. So congratulations if
you made it this far. This is a great routine
to get started off with, and if you haven’t been
training like this, you may find that some of these exercises may even be a bit more difficult than the ones that
you’re trying in the gym. And remember, it’s very
important to utilize all types of training, even if you have access to a
gym and a bunch of equipment. If you’re not incorporating
this type of training into your workouts, you’re gonna be lacking
a lot of the benefits. So make sure to always mix it up and stay challenging yourself. If you’re not being
challenged, you’re not growing. So thanks so much for watching. If you guys enjoyed the video and learned how to engage
the different parts of your legs without the need of machines, then definitely smash that like button. Leave a comment down below, let me know what you want
the next video to be about. Share this video with a friend that’s trying to get in shape from home, and subscribe if you haven’t already. I post every Thursday,
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it’s been long-awaited, and you guys have been so
patient and supportive. I’m finally gonna be dropping
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you guys on Halloween day. Get ready for the album to drop. Here’s a little sneak
preview of one of the tracks. (funky music) ♪ Heria music ♪ (funky music) (upbeat music) Smash that like button, guys.

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