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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hey everybody coach Kozak here from has
fit and this is my beginner weight loss 15 Min Fat Burning Workout for Beginners Workout Routine Beginner Workouts for Fat Loss workout we’re going to work your entire
body today get your heart rate up gain some strength all at the same time no
equipment required for this one but you are going to want to grab either a chair
a box or a step you’ll see I’m using the plyo box if you really want to kick up
in intensity today you can feel free to grab a couple of light hand weights or
water bottles but it’s not required as always I’m doing the whole thing with
you alright let’s get started we’re going to do pull over to start just your
arms upper bodies on a 45 degree angle and we’re going to pull back so because
we’re doing to do this movement dynamically keep those arms straight
pull back you’ll feel it in your upper back traps keep your weight back in your
hips on this one and breathe and it looks kind of funny to start but you’re
doing it right pulling back those back muscles every time it really starts to
work three good it’s a good cardio movement for your upper body and three
two one now next we need to grab that box chair whatever it is that you have
we’re going to get into a modified Burpee so we’re going to sit down grab
our box and either jump back and jump forward or step back and then step
forward you decide which one is right for you and then jump up overhead so I’m
going to jump back back forward and here or step back step forward and jump good
three this one’s all about just pushing the pace and getting as many reps in as
you can in the allowed time good breathe and three two one one to the next one
next we’re going to do a run in place plus-plus punch out we don’t need the
box we’re going to get your feet moving fast now we’re going to punch out in
front that’s it that’s the whole thing hot feet hot feet and punching out in
front of you keeping your arms up the whole time
don’t have them down here even when those shoulders start to burn keep them
up keep them up good keep it moving keep it moving in five four three two one
we’re going to need a wall for the next one we’re going to do a ballistic wall
push-up means I’m going to do a wall push-up and I’m going to jump up jump
back off the wall and catch my weight so it’s here and back up so depending on
your fitness level you really want to move back or move forward closer you are
to the wall easier will be further away harder it’ll be nice again another good
upper body movement to get your heart rate up we’re also working your chest
shoulders triceps a little bit of ABS to keep that core tight don’t your butt
sink and three two one zero good moving on to the next one we’re
going to do a standing pike so your hands are out to your side we’re going
to rotate you get a leg straight and a perfect world we’re touching that toe
but that’s totally okay if we’re more down here today just give you something
to work on and then improve on something to get better at every time you come
back and repeat this workout good I’d rather you keep your leg straight and
only get this high then bend your knee and get it all the way up I want you to
get the hamstring stretch and feel that stretch in the back of the leg good and
three two one we’re going to need our box or chair what do you have for the
next one we’re either going to do a box or a chair squat depending on what you
have we have our feet shoulder width apart and time we do a squat when you
pull back your hips first we’re gonna sit back want you to touch the chair I
want you to sit and relax I want you to touch it and back up weight back in your
hips touch the box back up if you want use your hands involved arms out
straight and then pull your hips forward good
from the front keep moving keep moving from the front view nice way back in the
hips and then fold you got it breathe those legs working once you bend
those hips first not the knee first because I want you to have your weight
over your knees good and three two one okay we’re going to
move the box or chair out of the way we’re going to get down into a high
plank position either from your knees or from up on the balls of your feet you
decide which one is right for you we’re gonna do eight and reach through
and fly alternate reach through and fly again and do this one from your knees
reach through and fly on the fly keeping a little bit in their elbow we’re
pulling back doing those back muscles pull through good alternating sides nice
three and five four three two one zero nice that’s we’re moving on to our chair
dips so we’re going to need that chair box again and this is a tough one
honestly no matter what fitness lovely dress but it can take you all the way to
failure keep your knees bent drop your body and pull back up if you can’t quite
do that I want you to try to just pick up your butt from the bench but this is
what we’re aiming for right here trying to take our legs out of it I don’t want
you here but instead I want you just isolating
your upper body on this one good breathe when you get good and kick the legs out
from make it harder over here that’s something you have to look forward to
right now this is okay good breathe and three two one nice let’s take those arms
out we’re moving to a seated near a so we’re going to stay
right in the same spot we’re going to lean back I’m really going to bring both
knees in at the same time or we’re going to bring one knee up at a time just with
my mic here so either both knees or one at a time
you decide which one you’re at two at a time is harder so you decide which one
is right for you today sit back and bring those knees in or sit back and
bring one knee good you’re in a cheerio I’ll need to skip forward your chair a
little bit for this one and three two one zero so we’re moving into a cardio
move we’re going to get our heart rate up go ahead and move that box out of the
way we’re going to do a double fast feet so chair is over so we’re gonna do two
quick touches one two that’s a double fast feet again one two
ready 1 2 I want to get as fast as you can
1 2 light and on the balls of your feet 1 2 and you’re just going to keep that
up 1 2 hey again keep it up 1 2 just getting as many of these as you can and
that 30-second time frame quick feet move one two again one two
every one is double getting as fast as you can one right into the next good
breed 10 seconds left come on get it get it get it and 5 4 3 2
1 0 nice that’s the end of the first round
take a couple deep breaths remember what brought you here today focus on what
motivates you focus on your goals working on something think about it
visualize it and let’s get started and 3 2 1 we’re onto the arm pull over so
we’re going straight up overhead or bent over swings on those arms straight back squeezing
your back up at the top good get it speed all the way up good try get full
range of motion on this one all the way up so you’re not going all the way back
to just all the way up pull them back with those back muscles and three two
one good we need our chair box for the next one we’re doing those modified
burpees I’m sure everybody’s favorite so again either stepping back or jumping
back you decide which but now that we got it
we’ve got the hang of it there’s no excuse for not giving it your all I
don’t have much left already into the second round give it everything you got
and I’ll be right here with you let’s go come on good kick him back and four
three pushing the pace everybody come on push it push it push it and five four
three two one last one zero ok box to the side keeping
your heart rate up you can tell running it in place punch it out let’s go give
me that eye of the tiger what do you got let’s go come on little like a butterfly
sting like a bee guys come on hot feet hot feet hot hand what you got what you
got let’s go breathe not much less not much left and 5 4 3 2 1 good upper
body’s not catching a break we’re going to the wall doing our ballistic wall
push-ups you can see I’m picking up the pace here in the second round now all
they get you got the hang of it this is a short and sweet workout give it
everything we got be very efficient with our time let’s go come on push off that
wall come back up feeling easy step back make it harder no excuses come on let’s
go excuses are for those they don’t want it
bad enough didn’t really want it after all
come on give it to me gives you go go go go
and 5 4 3 2 1 rest I shake those arms out moving into that standing pike good
posture arms are out and we go to the side we rotate make sure I get enough
clearance most of all behind me and again like I said don’t necessarily
worry about matching me but instead worry about improving what you got last
time getting a little better with every kick want to be the best version of you
starting right here let’s go come on breathe not much left and 5 4 3 2 1 oh
it burns out my shoulder this gets your box your chair for the next one we’re
going to do some squats my weight back my hips sit back and forward and as I
said earlier it’s important to go hips first because otherwise you go knee
first you end up here I don’t want you there so let’s go it’s 30 seconds of
squats come on that’s it right here now that burn that you’re gonna do in your
legs inevitably first off never goes away
sorry but definitely a better tolerating it and you understand but that’s just a
lactic acid be released in your muscles especially you do high rep exercises you
don’t have to listen to it it’s just a burning sensation fight through that
come on it’s mental so on your head guys on your head good night tap that butt
and back up tap that butt back up don’t relax on the box and three two one last
one and grind it out nice work let’s pull back a little bit we’re going to
get into a chair dip with our bent knees I know this one’s awful it’s awful
amazing okay knees are bent we’re going straight
down and we’re going back up good so we gonna hit that upper body your
chest shoulders triceps getting it all right here good again try your best to
put it all in your upper body and take it out of your legs good pace
come on keep it up keep it up keep fighting with me going hard and fast
today it is a sprint let’s go let’s go three two one good we’re sitting back
we’re moving into our knee raise bringing our knees into our chest
sitting back I’m bringing those knees in to our chest good wit my scoot forward a
little more there we go and you can either go one at a time or two remember
totally up to you working your core on this one didn’t want you have to get
down on the floor for today so keeping you up off the floor you don’t always
have to go down there to get a good workout did I three what you got NT out that tank for me
let’s go three two one good okay we’re gonna hit the ground move that box out
of the way all right there we go here we are we’re
going reaching through and fly remember we can do this one from our knees or up
right it’s up to you but I want you to keep your core tight don’t want your
butt sink pulling back those back muscles nice
this one works a lot of different muscles we pull your legs your back good
you fighting with it not much left on this one
three two one last one finish strong nice we’re up on our feet for the bots
last one for the day we’re doing that double fast feet gonna get your heart
rate up double come on let’s go double double double move at your own
pace whatever that may be but I want to make sure that you are pushing it to the
pedal to the metal well here driving at Chevette or Corvette I want that pedal
to the metal let’s go come on good hot feet hot feet push it double fast feet
go-go-go fast as you can one to the next good keep it up keep it up
not much left and five four three two one whoo well done today excellent work
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me today I’m coach Kozak from has fit and I’ll see you at your next workout

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