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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hey everyone I’m coach Kozak and I’m
Claudia and this is a standing cardio 15 Min Low Impact Aerobics Quiet Cardio Workout for Beginners with No Jumping Easy Exercises workout for beginners this workouts
great for both men and women of a beginner fitness level now I’m going to
do some of the harder moves today but they’re still beginner oriented and
Claudia is going to do some of the more low-impact movements today there’s
absolutely no equipment required but if you want to increase the intensity that
you need then you can grab a couple of light hand weights water bottles or a
couple light dumbbells I’m going to use a two pound pair of dumbbells but again
totally not required we’re going to burn a bunch of calories today try to keep
you motivated along the way let’s get this thing started we’re moving into
either a lateral Juke or a side step so Claudia’s version is definitely a little
more lower impact where mine is a little higher impact you decide which one is
right for you today we’re not going to count any repetitions today we’re just
going to get as many reps in as we can in a lot of time period now I’m
replacing this middle foot putting the weight back on my hips move in side to
side and I just have my weight in my hips and I’m just doing a little simple
tota tap tap and back that’s the name of the game on those ones arms moving in
the air here exactly so throughout today’s workout I want you
to choose which version either Claudia’s or mine is right for you and if moving
your arms is too much just leave them down to your side again we encourage you
to really make this workout your own and we have five more seconds of this one
and three two one zero okay so next we’re going to do is a 1 2 3 4 it’s
literally just stepping forward and back this is one of the only movements today
where Claudia and I are going to be doing the same one really just move at
your own pace to feeling great fly through it if you’re starting to get out
of breath already take it easy making sure to breathe
along the way I want you to stay light on those balls of the feet and you’re
just going 1 2 3 4 forward and back that’s all we’re doing it pretend like
you have a rope mine lying in front of you and you just
stepping over that and back nice work keep it up breathe not much time left
nice work keeping a move in almost there and five four three two one and done
okay we’re moving on to a wall climber so it’s opposite side arm and knee
coming up I’m gonna do mine with a hop and a jump as I reach up Claudia is just
gonna bring that knee up and this one is good enough even without the jump you
might not be able to bring your knee quite as high as mine but that’s okay
just bring it up as high as you can and you’ll get a little bit better every
time consistency is key on this one if you got to do this one four or five more
times before you congratulate to the next one
it’s alright that’s right keep on coming back getting better every time here we
go four five four three two one and break okay moving on to either a lunge
back and curl or a step back and curl so you see the difference in what we’re
doing with our lower bodies I’m coming down to both knees at a 90 degree angle
and pop them back up Claudia is just stepping back with a little bend in her
knee and then coming back to starting position alternate legs left then right
making sure to breathe nice work everybody keeping it up
yep that’s the pace we’re gonna go just a short workout today so we’re going to
get a lot done in a short period of time and you got five more seconds left
that’s it four three two and one alright we’re gonna I’m going to do a good
old-fashioned jumping jack next we’re Claudia is going to do a butt kick to
see the difference mine’s a little higher impact where Claudia is is
definitely gonna be a little friendlier on your joints if you need that or if
that’s a concern and if you need to drop your hand weights or your water bottles
do it cuz I can see where this home might be just a little bit of a
challenge but I’m gonna hang on to my for now again making this workout your
own it’s about getting a little bit better every time coming back just
improving so it’s all about there it is come on get after it guys not much left
not much left and five four three two one all right so we’re starting with our
arms up on this next one I’m going to do a toe touch coming down better my knees
weight my hips alternating Claudia’s going to touch your knees side to side
so again you decide which one’s ready for you it’s a great one for your
flexibility yep if you can’t quite get down to your toes stop at your knees or
maybe your shins again just trying to get a little bit further every time you
come back it’s all about that improvement guys come on and you know
about that that’s why you’re here that’s why you’re here today there’s a reason
why you’ve made it this far in already because you know you have a goal and you
have to work to get at you’re gonna achieve it gonna take that work you’re
putting that in right here guys right here come on get after it give me five more seconds on this one
and three two one nice okay we’re going into a high-knee pulled out so not a
difference between Claudia’s moving in mind both doing the same one reaching up
pull down way to contract those ABS like you’re crunching Oh pull it down squeeze
those absolutely we’re starting to feel it’s time to feel it
yes ma’am make sure you’re moving at your own pace it’s not trying to keep up
with either one of us nope just getting a little better on your own right here
come on getting after it focus on what motivates you focus on what brought you
here today what is it think about it I should be
that first thing you’re thinking about when you wake up in the morning and the
last thing you’re thinking about when you go to bed
come on get after guys let’s get nice those eggs how much left and five four
three two one okay so we’re going to set our weights down for the next one not
needed we’re going to the wall we’re going to do a jumping wall push-ups now
I’m going to move my feet a little further back Klout is gonna be a little
closer to the wall but we’re jumping up off the wall doing a full push-up and
then exploding and pushing back the closer your feet are to the wall the
easier this one will be so you decide which one’s right for you to start close
and then move your fat back just your feet if you need to move a little closer
move a little further back for more of a challenge and when you’re doing it make
sure that you’re not reaching your head to the wall but instead reaching that
chest bending at the elbow getting those elbows to a 90-degree angle before you
explode back up nice work guys getting that upper body some work in today
hit it not much left give me ten more seconds on this one breathe and push you
got it right there right there and five four three two one nice what do we have
left next we have lat once so Claudia is just
going to do a Wood chop I’m going to do a squat and go chop need your weights
again so I’m going to squat and we’re chop on the same side and I’m
just gonna be in a little bit of a quarter squat she’s gonna pull out knees
yeah hold that position with her weight back in her hips keep your core nice and
tight we’re going half and half on each side so you’re squatting down and use
that energy from your legs or feet just using your core by the way you’re
getting a good burn whichever way you’re doing I’m starting to feel it switching
sides and switch other side no good all right almost there yes getting closer
every rep guys getting closer every rep come on hit it you got it
three give me five more seconds on this one that’s it that’s it it’s three two
one and break excellent work that’s the end of the first round all right nice
work everybody one rounds done we got one more to go
it’s a short break not taking much time so if you need some water now’s the time
hurry up get it so in a 20-second rest so we only about five more seconds left
and then we’re getting into either there’s lateral juice or the steps side
steps all right let’s hit it in three two one okay right back into it we’re
going hard and fast today that means we’re getting this much done is it short
period of time because you are busy you got other stuff to do so let’s just hit
it and get it over with right making sure to breathe on this one and all of
them of course and now the second round you’re a little more familiar with the
movements we’re gonna try to keep that pace up get right into it one into the
next nice work not much time left on this one give me five four three two one
zero good okay we’re going to move on to that
one two three four if you’re holding your weight that’s okay just hold me at
your side stepping forward and stepping back
that’s it right there hot feet hot feet really just going against yourself on
this one I want you to be light on the balls of your feet at the same time so
make sure we’re not stopping if you have neighbors underneath you I do not want
them to hear you good come on keep it up keep it up keep it up keep it up
nice work almost there 5 4 3 2 1 all right moving into mountain climbers so
that’s opposite wall climbers oh I’m sorry
whoa my own climbers wall climbers hard to keep all these differences in it
we’re fine get climbing up the wall there it is bruh he’d wall convers
definitely make more sense on this one that knee up here the jumping or just
alternating it’s up to you breathe nice work guys keep it going not much left
keeping the pace up give me 10 seconds that’s it 10 seconds on this one
everything you got here it is three two one break okay right into the next one I
telling you we’re going faster now go and lunge Plus curl or step back plus
curl nice work you decide which one of these is right for you get after it pick
up the pace on this one that’s right don’t last round don’t hold anything you
got don’t say that what are you saving a few
this is it right here everybody put it out there he’ll be stronger for it
feel better at the end for it come on good nice work everybody nice work one
into the next you got it you’re a machine you could do this all day long
hit it come on nice and five four three two one okay we’re moving into either
jumping jacks or the buck kick Jack exactly you decide which one’s gonna be
right for you today come on breathe again cloudy’s version
is a little more low-impact you know if you start doing all
Claudia’s and you come back start doing a few of mine one by one
moving over to my workout you’ll see that improvement you’re able to feel it
come on nice to work everybody totally I think one of my favorite things about
these workouts is you can do one round of just my version and the other round
of Coach yeah I mix it up see what works for you
Fitness is not a one-size-fits-all solution okay here we go in five four
three two one okay we’re going into either toe touches or knee touches you
decide put that weight back in your hips I want you keep your back straight don’t
bend over and break your back on this one or break the straightness of it I
should say weight back in the hips core stays nice and tight and you might
definitely feel a stretch in those hamstrings back there definitely you
should honestly if you’re not you’re not doing it right kick those hips back as
you’re going down nice nice nice you got it fighting through it don’t listen to
that burn you’re stronger than that burn don’t listen to it come on let’s go give
me five more seconds that’s it four three two one nice okay going high knee
pull downs Oh boom reach pull reach pull one into the
next good squeeze oh that squeeze them it’s a good standing ab workout here
we’re looking at movement eat your core without getting down on the floor this
is one right here boom let’s go on tightening up that belly one into the
next you got it boom boom we don’t have much left everybody
they really don’t only two more after this that’s it you’re so close don’t
give up don’t pause it don’t stop you didn’t come this far to quit did you
no I know you did it you’re stronger than that let’s go five
four three two one let’s set these down let’s go to the wall
there are wall push-ups standing close or from far away exploding up off the
wall Claudia and I did some some pretty good body weigh stuff yesterday we were
just talking about how we’re gonna feel this one that’s giving away our secrets
that’s that’s okay to feel that’s how we know it’s working everybody it’s really
true we’re feeling it too don’t worry about it that burn you feel that’s how
you know what’s working just gotta fight past it understand that that’s just
lactic acid building up and you do not have to listen to that you are stronger
you keep going your muscles aren’t done come on let’s go how much left and five
four three two one very nice okay last one last one y’all picking up our
weights we got either this we go in Wood chop or just the wood chop all one side
at a time come on let’s go idiot buddy that core nice and tight push the pace
on this one this is it you got it exactly don’t hold back nothing no time
like the present right here good you got it you got it you got
fighting everybody fighting you’re a fighter not a quitter let’s see it lets
see it and switch other side this is zero here last side don’t go go go go go
home and you pull it all out there come on and press yourself right now not
anybody else not for anybody else before you what do you got let’s go let’s go
five four three two one and done excellent work thank you my
dear ha giving you guys a virtual high five virtual high five boom good job
pitcher thank you so much for working out with us today do you like this
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be our friend thank you so much for working out with us today I’m coach
Kozak I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout

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