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Hey, it’s Christina in today’s video I’ll be showing [you] a 15 minute yoga stretch so start out in child’s pose by touching your toes together Sitting your hips back on your heels separating your knees slightly apart and relaxing your head on the mat Stretching our arms out in [front] of you Come to your breath begin to deepen your breathing inhaling through your nose for the exhaling out in the same way Beginning to quiet your [mind] calm yourself down you might be feeling a slight stretch in this pose Maybe in the back of your legs and your lower back For whatever reason you might need a stretch Maybe you’re sore or you’re just feeling stiff just breathe into your muscles begin to lengthen your arms forward even further Really getting that stretching our whole back from your tailbone to your head And then when you’re ready come up onto your hands and knees bringing your hands shoulder distance apart and your [knees] hip distance apart Coming into cat and cow take an inhale and arch your back Tucking your toes running your collarbones nice and light and on your exhale curve your spine Looking behind you towards your legs reaching your mid back up continue with your [breath] now inhale and arch spread your collar Bones wide exhale [curved] reach that mid back up towards the sky curving your spine in a C shape and Continue moving with your breath in your own timing with each inhale find your arch and with each Exhale find your curve looking behind you looking at your thighs Deepening your breath Coordinating your breath with your movement [one] breath and one movement And just continue [to] move in this way really warming yourself up and working through your entire spine try and stretch your muscles with each and every way that you move mindfully thinking of your muscle fibers opening up stretching and just feeling less tight and more loose and relaxed Keep continuously moving keep breathing deeply, and just slowly and smoothly Keep arching and curving with your breath Just a few more rounds now Really trying to warm your body up before you stretch any further is very important Especially when you’re trying to stretch out tight muscles On your next inhale come into one final arch here tucking your toes spreading your collarbones And then walk your hands forward about six inches and drop your forehead onto [the] floor bring your back into a slight arch keeping those hips lifted up and really just allowing your spine to Lengthen your toes are curled under here your back is really feeling long all the way from the crown of your head Down to [your] tailbone your arms are helping to stretch out all the muscles in your back as well And now lift yourself back up releasing out of this stretch and come back into child’s pose touch your toes together separate your knees Or leave them where [they] are actually and just drop your head [onto] [the] floor keeping your arm stretched forward We’re going to come into a twist here in child’s pose [so] take your right [arm] and thread it underneath your left Keeping your left arm stretch forward and turn your head in the direction of the twist bringing the right Temple of your head to the floor Just gently twisting the upper back and breathing here as you rest Feel your back stretching a bit more I’m getting ready to come into the other side lift yourself out of this twist and take your left arm Thread it underneath your right now bringing your left temple down onto the floor looking in the direction of your twist Breathing once again into this side of your back as you twist around keeping your hips even as you’re twisting Take one more deep breath here and then slowly unwind from the twist press into the floor with your hands lift up your hips and come into a Downward facing dog [in] your down dog here start peddling through your legs So alternate bending and straightening your legs if you have stiff muscles, especially in your hamstrings and calves. This is a great way to Warm them up get them ready for Deeper stretches So once you feel ready come into your down dog coming [to] stillness and your downward dog feel your hips going up and back Heels going down and on an in-breath raise your right leg [up] and [step] it forward in between your hands Dropping [your] left knee down onto the floor untucking your left toe coming to the top of your left foot You can stay here in your low lunge just with your hands on the floor looking down stretching your hips or if you’d like to get deeper into your hips you can walk your hands in the center of your right foot and Walk your right foot out to the edge of your mat dropping down on to your forearms staying here and breathing into that left hip the front of it should be getting a nice deep stretch and Your hip socket on the right should also be getting a deep stretch as well So just breathe into any discomfort you might be feeling And on your next inhale take your right arm and open shoulders towards your right leg Just coming into a twist here just briefly Breathing into your shoulders and your [back] as well You can bring your arm down onto the floor when you’re ready And then once you take a few more deep breaths here in your lungs just listening to your body Hearing what it needs [in] this time And then once you’re ready come back up onto your hands walk your right. Foot back to the center line of your body Press into the floor with your hands and step [your] foot back into another downward facing dog settle here for a moment Take a few deep breaths feel the shape of the down dog and your body Lifting your hips up and back feeling your shoulder blades coming in towards each other heels slowly Descending down towards the floor on your next inhale take your left leg now Raise it up towards the sky behind you and step it [forward] in between your hands Coming into a low lunge dropping your back knee on the [floor] on tucking your right toe and either staying here or walking your hands in the center line of your body dropping down onto your forearms and Walking that left foot out to the edge of your mat coming into a deeper stretch here really getting into those hips Breathing deeply as you relax here for a few more deep and full rounds of breath You can try and send your breath to your hips allowing them to release even further with each exhale that you take taking a couple more deep breaths here and [on] your next inhale raise your left arm up twisting your shoulders to [the] left Take a few deep breaths here And then slowly send your arm back down onto the floor Coming back to your forearm for a few more breaths in this stretch And then when you’re [ready] walk your left foot back to the center line of your body coming back on to your hands Press into the floor with both hands step your foot back and send your hips up into a downward dog on An in-breath raise your heels and send your knees down onto the floor and come to a seated position By bringing your legs stretched out in front of you into Dandasana Flex your feet Up onto those sits bones try not to sit on your tailbone You can sit [on] something if that helps you to sit up taller and on another in-breath raise your arms up towards the sky and fold over on your exhale either Grabbing hold of your feet as I’m doing here or you can rest your hands on [your] shins or your ankles whatever you feel comfortable Doing today and just breathe here as you stretch the back of your legs stretching your lower back upper back Maybe you are stretching your feet as well as you’re holding on to them wherever you feel the stretch Just breathe into it try and relax Taking one more deep and full breath here and on your next inhale slowly bring your torso up right to a seated position [bend] your legs now and bring your feet to meet each other bring your heels in as close as you can to your hips Still sitting up tall try not to sit on your tailbone come into Baddha, Konasana Forward fold so fold your torso on your exhale down looking down towards your feet, and if you’d like You can use your elbows on your knees To help your knees get a little closer down to the floor if they’re not on the floor already So once you find your comfortable position here Begin once again to breathe in to wherever you’re feeling the stretch in your body could be in your inner thighs your hip sockets your back Wherever you feel it just breathe into it try and loosen those [muscles] as much as you can without Harmfully forcing your body into a stretch just be gentle to yourself and listen to what your [body] needs today Take one more really full breath here And on your next in breath slowly bring your torso back upright coming [into] cow face pose Or gomukhasana by bringing your right foot in towards your left hip and your left foot in towards your right hip Stacking your knees on top of each other as much as you can if this is not possible for your legs right now Just keep your legs in Baddha Konasana where you were before and focus on the arms wherever you [are] with your legs bring your arms out to the side and bring your right arm up and your left arm down bending your elbows bringing your hands behind you [and] then have your hands meet each other grabbing hold of your fingertips in the center of your upper back if your fingertips don’t reach each other just hold on to a strap or a belt or A scarf or whatever you have on hand or you can just place your hands on your back and try and hug your elbows in Both at the same time towards the center line [of] your body once you find your position here Breathe into [wherever] you’re feeling the stretch the same as we were doing throughout the sequence Wherever you feel a stretch your arms your hips your legs wherever you feel it just bring it into it Taking one [more] deep breath [here] and on an in-breath release your arms And then release your legs coming in to the other side by bringing your left heel in towards your right hip Your right heel in towards your left hip stacking your knees on top of each other And then once you find your leg position bring your arms out to the side and bring your left arm up your right arm down [and] Bend your elbows grabbing hold of your fingertips in the center of your upper back No one is completely symmetrical on both sides so if this side you can’t grab hold of your fingertips for some reason then you always have the option of using a strap and holding on to the strap with both of your hands or [just] gently pressing your hands into your upper back and hugging both elbows in towards the center line [of] your body [once] you find the Position here that’s best for you. Find the spaces in your body that are feeling the most stretch and breathe into those areas Taking one [more] deep and full breath here And you can slowly release [your] arms and legs coming out of the stretch Come now to above a sniffing [asuma] bring your legs all the way out to either side of you keeping your knees and your toes facing up Then still try not to sit on your tailbone sit nice and tall on the two sit bones at the bottom of your pelvis Take an exhale and fold your torso over your legs in between [stretching] your arms out as far as you can as you can see I’m on my forearms But you can if you [can] go further than that then feel free to straighten your arms out bring your forehead to the floor whatever You can do [do] whatever feels right for you [and] As you’re here just breathe into your inner thighs you should be feeling a stretch there in the back of your legs and your low Back as well keeping your feet active and just settling into this post Slowly come up from the fold here and take your right arm Reach it up and over and [stretch] over to the left you can rest your left arm on your left Leg or on the floor wherever you feel comfortable? Still keeping both sits bones even on the ground and stretching the right side of your body Trying not to squeeze in your left side or hunched over as much as you can And on your next inhale come [up] and switch sides reaching up and over with the left arm Resting your right arm on your right leg or on the floor wherever you feel most comfortable And just really feeling a nice deep stretch in the whole left side of [your] upper body taking one more deep breath here and Slowly coming back up right and then bring your arms down bring your legs in towards each other and come to lying on your back Hold on to your shins and just hug your knees in towards your chest and rock from side to side if that’s comfortable for you Just massaging out your lower back a little bit after all that stretching. We just did Then we’ll come into a position that’s similar to the cow face legs so take your left leg [and] cross it over your right, and then grab hold of your ankles with your hands and Gently pull [your] legs in towards your chest still just getting a bit deeper into your hips and the outer edges of your hips as you lie here keeping your lower back on the Floor as much as you can [you] [can] close your eyes if you’d like just continuing to breathe as we’ve been doing Breathing into the areas of your body that you feel the most that are mostly getting a stretch here gently release your ankles from your hands and switch sides bringing your left leg on top of your right this time and Just getting back into this pose once again Continuing to breathe deeply as you hug your knees and your feet in towards your upper body keeping your low back flat on the floor and closing your eyes if [you] would like to Release your hands from your feet now and bring your legs out to the side keeping your knees bent and grab hold of the outer edges of your feet coming into happy baby, bringing your knees up by your shoulders as far as you can and Allowing your knees to slowly come down with the floor as much as possible using your hands to help you Trying to keep your low back on the floor as much as you can and just Getting even deeper into those hips as you breathe Continuing to breathe into your body into the space where you feel the stretch Sending your breath there Come into one more deep breath here And then slowly release your legs back into open Asana holding your shins and rocking from side to side If you are comfortable with that And then when you’re ready bring your legs out into Shavasana so stretch them out separate them slightly apart relax them out Turn your palms up towards the ceiling and close your eyes Come to deepening your breath Feeling the difference in your body now as it has been stretched your muscles may be feeling more Relaxed now you might be feeling more at ease less muscle tension less stiffness So just notice how your body is feeling [don’t] try and change anything And you can stay here in Shavasana [for] as long as you’d like Thank you so much for joining me today. [I] hope you have a wonderful rest of your day Namaste

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  7. I recently started taking jiu jitsu and, between that and lifting, I've been very stiff and sore lately. Your videos have helped a great deal and have convinced me to start taking yoga classes. Thanks again!

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