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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

THIS IS MY JOURNEY I had never been skinny. Ever. I was ashamed, but didn’t want to face my problem. One day I looked in the mirror, and I decided to make a change I started working out regularly, and lost weight. But I forgot something. NUTRITION. 15 YEARS OLD
SEPTEMBER 15 2015 This day, I decided to go for it. 110% This is my 1 year journey.. Always trained with a friend. It motivates you. tried to work out 7 days a week.+3 times cardio the “Muscle up”,my biggest goal.
“yeah that i am not able to do that yet,yet,but i’m gonna do it. someday” at this point i wasn’t ashamed of my body anymore but proud of what i had done 3 months progress first cheat muscle up,
i had the strength but not the technique 4 months earlier “yeah that, i’m not able to do that yet, yet, but i’m gonna do it someday first muscle up
ARJEN:”oh shit” ARJEN:”boom baby first 5. 4 months progress I found a new passion CALISTHENICS NEW GOALS
“the front lever is something that,its for us impossible but we know we can do it one day” ARJEN:”we hope so” we started making some motivational videos we also fail sometimes but we keep grindin’ not perfect, but i was getting there some people applauded 4.5 months progress a big goal, the pistol squat. achieved focussed on getting bigger and stronger 5+ months progress 6+ months progress we know we can do it one day the next weeks i focussed on calisthenics the backlever.. … 7.5 months progress went 100% for the front and backlever i failed A Lot but I never gave up 9 months progress FINALLY work hard for the things that you want I had the best holiday ever with my family
I felt confident and proud about my body 1 year progress 16 years old
august 20 2016 before | after work hard for the things that you want
and you will achieve your goal IF I CAN DO IT, SO CAN YOU. NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION? START TODAY My new goal is

100 thoughts on “16 Year Old Incredible 1 Year Body Transformation! 15-16 (MOTIVATION!) | Calisthenics & Gym/Weights

  1. He got very good bicep and tri but chest is not as good as rest, guess that's cos of genetics

  2. I’m getting bullied at school because I can’t lose weight I’ve done as much as I can nothings working

  3. You have my respect. How the hell were you able to keep working out like this every day? I mean 24/7? I am trying to do the same but I just cannot because after one day all my muscles hurt like sh*t lol. Anyway, I know its a older video but still, WELL DONE!

  4. So far i got abs and nice biceps but not that big I will continue workout always to have bigger muscular body

  5. everyone is trying to do this, but im gonna be representing the people who wanna do it for a month only ♡

    (ill do it more, will update again in a month)

    Starting July 14th 2019 ♡
    Gender: female
    Age: 16
    Waist: 70cm
    weight: 57kg

    Update on 14th of August 2019 ♡

  6. About year ago I trained 3 months 7 days a week and I got a repetitive strain injury, keep in mind that rest is as important as training!

  7. I am 14 years old.. Nearly 15..and this september i will join the gym..i am working out in my home for now.. My goal is to achieve your body at 16..i will keep you guys updated when i join the gym

  8. Wow I'm fat too.. And 8 don't care wat ppl think it's fine you can change if you like but I know not t9 be ashamed of my body type

  9. Mate congratulations on your transformation but did you kept a diet or something other like this and did you get any additives?

  10. Ты не отметил ещё одну достигнутую цель. Хороший мотивирующий ролик;)

  11. mine the basic I need conquering the push ups but now I can do about 20 and even advance that great evolution of mine and calestenia

    Obss Brasileiro: o meu o basico to precisando conquista as flexões mais agora consigo fazer uns 20 e mesmo adianta isso grande evoluçao minha e a calestenia

  12. Are you able to build muscle without extra protein powder by just eating enough protein from regular foods.

  13. Ok this is for those who are fat if you are doing sports but no getting skinny it's okay cuz your musculs are hiding in you fat so try eating less and doing sports I was 97kg and only 14years in a week I became 95so pls like so I can continue

  14. Tip:: 1.Add some weight to your ab exercises for better results
    2.strech your abs after each workout to let them grow bigger

  15. At 16 you could do that in a few weeks. Literally eat anything you want and just work out. Then you recover instantly too.

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