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it is super possible to eat healthy on a budget it all depends on how you shop so if you’re gonna stick to the basics you can totally have a budget that means if you stick to things like rice beans veggies and fruit your budgets gonna be pretty easy to maintain if you like to go out to eat at restaurants if you like to buy a lot of specialty foods and things like that that’s where it gets kind of expensive but if you keep it super basic especially if you buy in bulk like something like rice you buy in a larger bag you’re gonna save a lot of money that way so I have had a lot of people say that’s going vegan and eating plant-based is a lot more expensive purely in terms of price you are literally removing the most expensive part of your diet how can removing something from your diet make it more expensive like think about like it doesn’t make sense like you’re subtracting something the studies actually showed that it’s not more expensive and let me tell you like I would say 70% of my diet personally includes beans brown rice quinoa all kinds of things that are actually really cheap beans or you can mean beans and lentils or some of the least expensive things you can buy and so I’m not sure why vegan diets give this bad name and if people think that it’s more expensive and it’s not at all and actually when I just talk to my patients or friends who go plant this they always come back and tell me hey I’ve been saving so much money at the grocery store because I’m not buying all that meat and you know and all that dairy and all those things that are expensive right so again if you’re trying to eat on a budget the last thing you should think about is that you’re gonna spend more you’re not if you stick with like rice beans potatoes things like that those are some of the cheapest foods in the world so you want to think starches like lentils and legumes you want to think complex carbohydrates like brown rice sweet potatoes vegetables and and berries that are very nutrient dense so getting a lot of green get in your broccoli your peas nuts and seeds you know you can buy bananas and oftentimes people bypassed bananas when they get brown and spotty but that’s when they’re just right you know those of us on the inside know that that’s the best time to grab them and so they’re great for freezing and using for smoothies if you just um you know follow follow vegan whole food plant-based vlogs and get recipe ideas it’s a lot easier than people think and it is it’s cheaper and it’s healthier I’m actually working on a project right now with a low-income family of four to show how they can eat especially on a whole food plant-based diet with a low budget we’re actually working with one hundred and fifty dollars a week for a family of four without skimping on nutrition or anything like that to eat clean on a budget is really really easy and the only thing you really need to do is stick to Whole Foods so I’ve worked out before how much I spend about a $3 on a meal and throughout the week my unless I buy all fancy vegan items are from the groceries generally my bill of food for the week would be way under $100 again cheaper in my competition prep because I go out less and I prep more at home then when I’m in my offseason I’m going out to fancy restaurants and so forth so stick to basics if you can pick it and eat it it’s gonna be a lot cheaper the only time it gets expensive is if you kind of go down that meat substitute style route where you’re buying a lot of the fake meats and so forth says they can be expensive it can be expensive just like eating anything to make sense if you’re shopping for all of your stuff at Whole Foods even though now both foods instead of price drop so everything’s getting cheaper but before if you were shopping everything at Whole Foods and you know buying the artisan vegan cheeses and stuff I can get expensive but you know fruits and vegetables rice and all that kind of stuff is not expensive so you just have to kind of pick and choose people are often looking at the substitutions and stuff like the cheese and the meat and stuff like that and I would even caution people to say that that’s not healthy we prioritize a lot of things without looking at the fact that the food is the fuel that you’re putting in the body the only body that you have so why are we not putting that at the top of the priority with our shelter and our clothing and instead you know we’re budgeting for fancy cars or manicures twice a month when really you know we’re saying that you know buying organic bananas is expensive that’s just simply not true right now in America the big thing with the fast food chains is you know like two burgers for $4 and $5 why do you think that meat is so cheap and we can blame the government a little bit for subsidizing meat and dairy and making meat and dairy so cheap but we need to understand that our health is an investment and when you’re eating meat and dairy or even though it’s cheap you’re gonna pay for it in the long term and whether that be in your medical bills or just ailments that you’re going to keep going through throughout your entire life but when you eat healthy though it might cost you a little bit more upfront it’s not gonna cost you as much in the long run if you want to save money go vegan [Music] currently I’m prepping for my bikini competition for me the one thing that absolutely made sense was I’m going to be I love so much are you so mean to them Gary it’s just so bad for your skin my whole body just leaned right out people started asking me Oh have you been working out I’m like I actually haven’t been working out you all look like me ask me what you eat every day my Danny diet varies a lot I’m gonna let you know the truth about what we really eat in a day [Music] you

52 thoughts on “#2: CLEAN EATING ON A BUDGET – Vegan Bikini Models Reveal

  1. Watch episode 1 here:

    Get the free meal inspiration PDF guide here:

  2. Thx for making a video! The biggest flaw I saw was no pushing ORGANIC because our food is being sprayed with GLYPHOSATE…(aka ..Monsanto's Round-up weed killer) and going vegan without knowing this fact is irresponsible.

  3. We have been saving so much money by switching to a plant-based diet. We meal prep in advance, this helps us stick to our budget.

  4. I'm all for rice and eat a ton of it. Please let people know that asian rice and rice from California is much much lower in arsenic than rice from other parts of the US. The US sprayed cotton fields with tons of arsenic laced pesticides and then started planting rice in those same fields. White rice is also much lower in arsenic than brown. The ill health of some vegans is a dramatic turn off for people!!!!!

  5. We have to ask what we are purchasing exactly.

    When concerning diet, we are purchasing nutrition.

    In other words, the cost to 'nutrient density' ratio is especially lower on a vegan diet, and is thus more optimal for both health and budgeting.

    Even if a vegan diet does cost more in one month (cost to time ratio), the cost to nutrient density ratio is more favourable.

  6. Eating vegan is not inexpensive if you want tasty food. Eating beans and lentils and rice just on their own is all very well but it's incredibly bland and dull. You have to buy spices and other flavours etc to make things a bit more satisfying.

  7. We as vegans, need to acknowledge that cooking rice and beans can be inconvenient for low income families who don't have time. This mindset alienates people with less privilege.

  8. Jayde Nicole is smokin…did a little search and learned she's a former playmate…and she hasn't lost her looks.

  9. I love this series.
    These women are so inspiring.
    I can't the PDF download for some reason though when I add my email?

  10. We can't keep telling people to eat brown rice. Eat 4 portions of brown rice a week as brown rice is high in arsenic. It breaks my heart but it's true. Any other grain is better.

  11. Come on… show us women who change substantially converting to a plant based diet. There's plenty of women who eat badly (unhealthy carnists) and are very fit and physically attractive. Some of the women on this video have been on a plant based diet just a couple of years. I know this video is on How cheap a plant based diet can be, but dont go showing tits and ass to prove what? nothing… shallow and uninteresting. Like someone looking at this video and going…mmm I guess spending less money on a plant based diet will benefit my gains in the gym. Irrelevant.

  12. BROOOOO I’m Vegan? It’s been freaking months, like I would actually know. πŸ˜‚πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ but THANKS πŸ™ but I want to be a model? BUT just for like a week. LOL πŸ˜‚

  13. im not a tiny bit straight, and i still gonna like this video for good reasons because everything they said is pretty correct when it comes to whole plant foods even where i live i would say these foods are the cheapest in general also if you cant afford fresh greens and berries/fruit you are probably have the option for frozen fruit and greens/veggies who are often cheaper at least where i live they usually are

    and i need to know it since i am on a very low budget seen for my country …. and still im thankfull for everything i have.. because there are ppl who are suffering from hunger and other issues on this world unfortunate…

  14. I gained 6 lbs of muscles after going vegan 2 months ago, and people still ask me"but where you get your protein from!"

  15. My girlfriend and I spend max $80 every 3 weeks. Our cupboards are stocked with beans and lentils and we keep a good supply of fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables. So easy… the price is just a copout.

  16. People think eating plant-based is expensive due to all the fake vegan foods they see. People think they have to start buying expensive milks, things that look like hot dogs, etc. The truth is, foods like potatoes, rice or beans can be bought in bulk and much cheaper than buying meat or dairy any day.

  17. I eat one-pot "kitchen sink" meals (all my nutrients in every bite), plus raw and frozen veggies and fruit.. Nothing fancy, but then I've never been a cook, so I "freestyle" it. It's simple and inexpensive, and appeals to my minimalist nature. Add some tasty condiments for flavor, and that's it. 😊 It's not for everyone, but then we're here to "do" us. πŸ˜‰ Do what works for you. When I can (if it's within my budget), I also buy organic, and it's still cheaper than when I was an omnivore. I spend between $50-$150 a month, depending on how often I buy organic and/or nuts. I rarely eat out, though, and that's another way I save. If you look at Derek's channel (Simnette Nutrition) that's pretty much the way I eat, too (except he probably eats more organic stuff than I do)!

  18. They say meat is expensive, but then talk about how it's cheap :p

    I actually have a tough time eating healthy on a low budget, getting enough calories in can be a challenge so I gotta buy a lot of food just to get over 2000 calories in a day. Healthier options are normally a bit more expensive too. The lowest I can get is like $60-$70 a week. Some fruits and veggies are honestly expensive, it's kinda a socioeconomic issue

  19. meat eater logic

    meat has less vitamins than vegetables
    meat has less protein than vegetables
    meat is more expensive than vegetables
    a large percentage of americans are obese and have a high risk of osteoperosis, heart disease, and stroke, the same group of people that are meat eaters.

    so obviously being vegan is much more expensive, protein defficient, unhealthy, and vitamin defficient than meat eaters

  20. I think we should show this vid to meat eating men you know the type macho guys that think they have to eat animal flesh and other animal based products to get protein. Good job girls love you for what you do and say keep up the great work thank you greetings from the Netherlands

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