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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

100 thoughts on “2 Muscle Gain Tips Nobody Knows About | Bodybuilding Secrets Revealed! 💪

  1. When it comes to BUILDING MUSCLE, sticking to the basics is definitely your best bet. However, the secrets I will be showing in this video will give you the extra edge so that you can build MAXIMUM muscle in MINIMUM time!

    (0:17)- 3 Muscle Building Mistakes I Wish I Knew Before I Started Training


  2. great video loving your channel and really helped me achieve where I am today started year at 157 kg and will be finishing it at 117 at present still 2 weeks to go have found your videos very motivational and has helped a complete novice in weightlifting find something I actually love doing!! thanks man!

  3. Love the videos Scott……I was kinda in a boring routine until i found your vids and they have helped me put in better and harder work and my gains thank you!

  4. I'm still not quite sure what's the best before workout, in Alan Thralls' video he said quite a opposite of what you are saying and it's that static stretching should be always performed before workout to maximaze mobility, i found out that it also helps me, when I tried dynamic stretching before low bar it didn't feel quite right and it actually felt harder to lift weight I don't have usually problem with.

  5. Hey Scott, what about active stretching
    holding the stretch that we would for static, but stretching for 5- 10 reps 1-2 second holds

  6. Hi Super Scott,
    Keep up the great videos and I look forward to next years’ learnings and great gains. I hope you received your card and Jane keychain because you are the best! I have a hard time sharing with the community because I think I am old fashion… I find it frustrating when some people ask the questions that were just recently viewed. I know with my own gains, it will take some time but every week I do notice a difference and I will share with you when it is more noticeable. On the other hand, I can really see a major transformation on you, WOW! I have watched many videos of you because I am just getting started with exercising. My wife always jokes she would watch you ALL DAY:) – So if you try to explore acting, more modeling and be seen more often you will be the best good looking man hands down in People Magazine or any competition! You just have to adjust your speaking.(For interviews/auditions) Any letters/sounds “ar” need to be spoken “r” NOT “ah” or “o” in Octopus. As always, you are awesome and keep it up! Merry Christmas:)

  7. Plz tell me my right upoer midddle chest is squeeze in side and left upper middle chest ( near collar bone muscle) is full so what can i do could you plz suggest me

  8. Much love from India Mr. Herman. Thank you so much for this information.
    Wishing you a merry Christmas and a very happy 2018 ahead ❤❤

  9. Hey Scott, can you do a video on "reverse overhead dumbbell laterals"? This exercise is featured briefly in Arnold's Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding. I've never seen this exercise done in person and really don't know anything about the science behind it and whether it's effective or not. I DMed you a picture of the book page on Instagram, hopefully you check it out.

  10. oooh i always done me static stretching. but not really anything higher than 15-20 seconds, so at least i never held them for TOO long…still gonna switch ta dynamic though, i'd heard elsewhere on the internet too that one should switch from static to dynamic BEFORE a workout. i will be doing that now, as it's Scott Herman approved! 😉 LOL

    I'd also heard flexing is also good after a workout (forgot why though), but in between sets? hmm, looks like im gonna try that, too! Great tips man best fitness channel on Youtube

  11. Thanks bro for the tips, we saw you rushing through the video as it was a short and along with information you also needed to deliver your punch lines like:-"what's going on nation", "be sure to hit that like button and subscribe", " and more good stuff coming soon"!

  12. What’s your honest opinion about using cannabis. Not for medicinal or recreation, but let’s say when it comes to before working out or after a workout.

  13. If anyone is interested, I have some great tips on how to stretch your abs…it involves a lot of chicken wings and beer. 🙂

  14. scotty ur word is good as gold but idk man a COMBINATION of static and dynamic before my lifts makes a world of difference. Both have to be done if I want a solid lift.

  15. Hey $cott! How can I build strength?? I mean it's very hard for me to lift heavyweight even though it's been a couple of months when I Started workout… What should I do??

  16. How much protein should I consume ? I weight 115 . And I’m trying to bulk up . And how much should I consume on rest days ?

  17. Hey Scott, can you do a video on upright rows? It looks like its becoming very popular although everyone knows it can hurt you

  18. Hey Scott

    I began training a couple weeks ago and i try push myself in the gym so I can grow muscle, and it has worked Good until here recently i began to feel a headache every time i push a little heavy or if i just am in my last rep. What Should i do ???

  19. Holy shit i havent been to your channel in a few years, just decided to visit and wow, after all these years you still look the same… no hate. I guess genetics is a big factor when it comes to putting on muscle!

  20. static streching should be performed around an hour after the training not immediately after!
    you cant stretch properly while still having a pump…

  21. Scott, you rock! I finally have that ‘I’m doing it right’ feeling while doing exercise in gym and that’s because of your videos and tips . Moreover, I’d like to say that you are a very positive person. Take care and keep on posting great staff 🙂

  22. Can you do a video on avoiding strech marks and ways to keep our skins healthy. I don't think you've done that before and I think it could benefit almost everybody going to the gym.

  23. My brother I took that advice and started squeezing my chest in between sets and man that was by far the best damn advice I got . Best feeling I had from chest in a long time . Chest was Exhausted at the end of my workout . Thanks now I need to apply this to all my workouts.

  24. Flexing between my sets really helped. I really felt my arms in my workout today. Thanks for the awesome tips man. Keep up with the great stuff dude.

  25. Hey Scott I found a exercise thats completely destroys your upper body and its allowed me to add 10 more reps of my max push ups in a week. Find a weight you can curl for about 10 reps. Curl 8 times each arm then 8 push ups.Then 6 each arm and 6 push ups keep going down until you hit 2 reps.Every time add 10 seconds to push ups.Also swap up push up type during this(diamond and wide)

  26. Love Scott been watching him for years. He deserves way more views than he gets. Shame he’s averaging under 100k views per vid when he has 1 mil subs

  27. Can you do a vid on preaches curls please, i don’t think you’ve done one in the past and there probably pretty straight forward but I would like to make sure I’m doing them correctly, and since I workout from home alone in the country, I don’t have anyone to ask

  28. Speaking of the fascia there Scott, I feel a video on some self trigger point therapy might be a great boon for a lot of lifters. I know you touched base on it in a recent video regarding pain while running. I have a friend who is a certified trigger point therapist and I talk to him a lot about using the lacrosse ball to target problem spots through out my back, shoulders and hips. I've been devoting a day out of the week to cardio followed by lacrosse pall TP and stretching and have found it to be fantastic for eliminating a lot of joint and muscle pain lately. I'd love to hear what you have to say on the subject as you have a lot of great tips already on pain management.

  29. Is it me or Scott losing his gains as he's growing older…looks ok when he's posing…but when he's talking to camera and such…he looks like a guy who doesn't workout…😕

  30. whatsup Scott. Love your contents, but you have gone a little click baity lately> Not that i am complaining , just keep up the good work buddy

  31. awesome! now I have an excuse for flexing after each set while looking in the mirror, brah. Just maximizing my gains, nothing to see here brahs.

  32. Great video it made a lot of sence and was really helpful. Im curious about something though. How did you get your neck like that? Was it on purpose or what? Seriously those veins are jumping out the screen like it's in 3D.

  33. I watched athlenax as well and as pwr him stretching before and after workout is not good as they become flexible and don't get back to normal position as u also explained and doesn't build muscle properly. See this is the link can u highlight on it

  34. Hey! Is doing the alternating exercises (biceps and triceps) on the same day more beneficial or doing each on a separate day?

  35. If I don't do static stretching of my leggs before a run, I got a 80% chances of injuring myself. I'll keep doing them hahaha

  36. Nice info …keep going as i also given something like this info on my channel as well
    Good going

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