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Toast Viki Dario The view Coke zero We just had a calisthenics class. Now we are chilling a little bit and then we go to an event on the beach. Am I right, Viki? Viki: Yes. So we can have some fun and then tomorrow we’ll do the show. I didn’t explain it yet… but we are here in Sardinia because we have to do a Calisthenics Show that you will see very soon. Viki: Andrea, stop it with these vlogs My shoulder does this sound “Crack crack” ahah Twins sunglasses. Viki: He copied me. That is not true ahah I have been the first one to get it and then he bought the same model but with a different color. Viki: Cheers. Cheers. Giampaolo (GP): Bro, that some serious style! I didn’t say it to you, but we will do the show all together with Giampaolo and Viki. GP: Look over there, over there. GP: We are doing an Instagram Story in another IG Story I’m doing a vlog. GP: Top bro. So, when I travel, sometimes I do record short vlogs of the weekends just to have some fun and show to the people what we usually do. Because life is not all about Calisthenics. Good morning. GP: Good morning!!! GP: But can you see me? Wait, I’m gonna stay here near Viki’s white butt. Viki: Today we are interviewed in this vlog, maybe is the right time to become famous. GP: Don Larosa, you can’t beat Don Larosa. Too many compliments guys, you don’t have to. Viki: We are joking, we are way more famous than you a**hole. Ahahaha. Let’s go to the show place. We finished for today. I just have finished showering, now I will do a quick snack. Then we will go out for dinner. Viki: Pretty satisfied with the show, everything went as planned. You and GP did an amazing show. And Viki? Viki: I do my best as always. GP: Only quality, you already know that. Tomorrow we will come back home… …but don’t worry, we will go to Sicily in a few days, and we’ll record something of that weekend too. We will be all together again, and we will put the clips in this video. So guys, I’m going to the gate, today we will go to Sicily. It’s 7am right now! Today and tomorrow there will be the Calisthenics Summer Cup. I’ll try to record something and do a short vlog of the event. Viki is arrived! We finished the show, everything went as planned! 1st part of the day is over, now we are having lunch. Energy! We need energy! We are right under the sun, and it’s pretty hot, we need some carbs to go trough the day. I’m back on the beach… *incomprehensible words* I’m back on the beach ahahah Viki: Keep your body straight and don’t swing. 1st day is over! I didn’t record much, but was a good day with Weighted Dips and Weighted Pull ups competition Tomorrow the athletes will do Freestyle Skills Competition. Good morning! Today I’m going to judge the Freestyle competition hopefully will be a motivation and entertainment for you all. Now I do my breakfast. I’m going to eat a couple of these Prozis protein bars as every time I travel. Toffee flavour. I do eat protein bars when I travel because it’s difficult to eat properly and to reach the right amount of my daily proteins. 2nd breakfast! Oh no, it’s their 1st breakfast for them. But for me, there will be a 2nd one. Ale: You had a healthy breakfast this morning? I ate 2 protein bars this morning. Russo: LAROSA10 as always! Exactly Discount code at is LAROSA10. This is my 2nd breakfast! I choose a croissant and a granita because we just finished to walk for 3 Kilometers (almost 2miles) right under the sun with a temperature of 35°C (95°F). So, I deserve it! Here we are again, 2nd day in Sicily! What are you doing? Skills without the warm up? Back to the apartment, the event was amazing and full of motivation with a lot of fun! Maybe too much sun, pretty difficult to stay all day long right under the sunlight. Now I’m going to dinner, see you soon!

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  1. If you are looking for the names on Instagram of the other athletes in this video ( the ones at the meeting) are

    Larosa sempre il migliore

  2. Andrea where do you live? Would like to train with you and your bros one day. Io vivo in Roma. Sono Olandese è sto imperando l’ italiano.

  3. 5:35 This is fucking impossible. 10 handstand push-ups + 10 planche push-ups in one set. Bro, you’re really fucking strong.

  4. Ragazzi ma secondo voi andrea li sente i dip alla sbarra o emplicemente spinge senza sentire alcuna resistenza?

  5. Awesome video! You are simply a beast!! Have you heard from the German who did 1000 push ups in under an hour? Maybe this could be a new challenge 😎

  6. andrea portaci un po’ di video workout più semplici stile set e reps x spinta tirata ecc sarebbero molto utili!

  7. quando passerete da messina in sicilia devo conoscervi!!!!!!!!!!!! mi avete fatto innamorare di questo sport e lo pratico a casa da maggio DEVO INCONTRARVIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Someday I will go to Italy and see you :"""v that day will be beautiful , the best calisthenics❤💪🏻

  9. L'eleganza della tua planche penso sia una delle cose che più ti differenzia dagli altri atleti, semplicemente un fuoriclasse. Grande Andre💪🏻

  10. You have a lot of fans in Spain, please translate to Spanish your videos (subtitles) if it possible. Un abrazo desde Madrid!!

  11. Duro il sole siciliano vero ? 😀 Io non vedo l ora di tornare e farmi colpire da ogni singolo raggio di sole 🙂

  12. Ciao Andrea. Ti guardo dalla Russia. Sei una delle poche persone che mi hanno motivato a fare calistenica. Voglio dire, Hai una forma superiore e contenuti molto interessanti. Successo a te!

  13. Andre volevo chiederti se un ragazzo di 14 anni con la scoliosi potesse iniziare a fare calisthenics
    Rispondimi pls💓

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