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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

100 thoughts on “2 Weeks Workout Program to Lose Weight, Get Abs & Burn Fat (Arms, Belly, Back, Leg, Thigh) ~ Emi

  1. HAPPY 2020!! excited to be starting this decade strong with each one of you – we have also launched the #femily membership where there will be additional LIVE workouts & Q&A every month plus video wish list where you can submit the video ideas you want us to make and we will choose one per month to make it happen! join now at

    Day 1: DONE
    Day 2: DONE. So, I just workout and stretch at the same time on DAY 2 😳

  3. I work inside a hospital as a nurse. The workload is pretty heavy so i dont know if i can even do this. But i really really want to lose weight and tone my muscles…. Ugh 🤦‍♂️

    i did all three in a row today wAIT my dumb ass-

  5. Emi, I have a question and I don't know if you can answer it but … what do I have to eliminate from my life? Can I eat what I usually eat but adding more fruits and vegetables? I hope you can answer or someone who knows about this can tell me? please 🙁

  6. First day of 2020 and I already did first day of this challenge!! Thanks Emi for working hard to give us good content 😊 happy new year and i wish you and your family a happy and healthy year!

  7. Thanks Emi. I’ve felt horrible about my body (even more so lately) I really need this. I’m going to try do the whole two weeks.
    Day 1: ✅

  8. Thanks Emi for this video!! I hope to see some results by the end of two weeks to be ready for Chinese new year! Here's my progress tracker-

    1jan: got me sweaty after just 10mins! Cant wait to do more over the few days!
    2jan: did a toned arms, and stretched for 5mins
    3jan: great workout, the last plank got me taking breaks! I'm sweaty now

  9. I will try this with a Healthy diet and yeah
    I will start from today
    Hahahahah wish me luck
    And i wish you luck too if you want to try it too

    Day 1: ✅ ufff that was hard but at the end i felt pretty good so yeah day one done

    Day 2: i did some stretching hahah

  10. Started my 2020 right with your work out!!!!! I'm excited to share my before and after picture after a month 🙂 lol I wish I have the confidence tho

  11. gonna try my best to start my new year right! aka exercise more and have a healthier relationship w food 🙂
    start: 1 jan 2020
    day 1 ✅ did this whole 1 hour video 2 times today and did her stretch videos after each time 🙂 thighs are especially sore but no pain no gain heh
    day 2 ✅ didn’t have much time before school so i decided to do the first 20 mins of this vid + her 30 min no jumping HIIT in the morning! LEGS HURT

  12. imma try and do this for 2 weeks, follow my progression 🙂 starting 1st jan 2020

    height: 162 cm
    weight: 58 kg

    day 1, full body HIIT: my arms and abs are sORE
    day 2, stretch: it was literally soooo nice omg im probably gonna do the bed stretch more often

  13. I have a question. Does these leg,thigh and booty workouts let you’re legs get bulky or does they slim your legs ? And thank you soooo much for doing this for us ,it’ll help soooo much ❤️💋💋

  14. Can this work for a beginner??

    Because honestly I want to follow this but I do not know if I can do it.
    Can you please suggest a workout video for a beginner who wants to lose around 20kgs!!

  15. Starting the new year Right!! Day one✔️ tired and sweaty but feeling good and motivated will keep posted.
    Day 2 ✔️ I did Emi's full body streach and cool down

  16. I accidentally did 2 workouts😂😂

    I was surprised at how long and hard the first workout is😅😂

    Well… I'm not mad about it tho✌🔥

  17. First day wasn't that hard but my heart pumped an extreme quantity of blood so I had to stop from time to time 😅😅 I want to lose weight I gained back from the yoyo thing in 2019, but firstly, I'm trying to have healthy eating habits again and not restrict myself from eating my favorite foods (cakes and sweets ^^;). But hopefully I can at least lose some weight from my belly through this plan while I'm on full caloric intake 🖤

  18. Honestly I really need this because I gained so much and I my graduation is in a month 😭

    Also here's a short funny story of my weight loss journey following your workouts
    At the beginning of 2019 right after my membership ended, I wasn't really satisfied with the results at the gym, and I believe I wasn't doing things right at the gym so I decided to try at home workouts

    I did one of your 30 mins workouts for less than 2 weeks with good diet and I lost stubborn weight and reached a number I didn't imagine seeing!
    So thank you very much Emi💖

    And then I went on holidays and enjoyed so much yummy food and I had to renew my gym membership because I gained all the weight I lost (I gain weight very easily and makes me suffer 💔) 😭

    And now with this video I'm determined to follow with you again and honestly I tried so many different ways for exercising and seriously Emi you are the only one who I can accomplish something with 😂💖

    Seriously I appreciate everything and again thank you for kicking this year with a great challenge!
    Much love from Saudi Arabia💖

  19. Ok so im going to start this workout today January 1, 2019. If you want updates reply to this comment or look me up on ig: jomeilly

    Day 1: the burn felt good
    Day 2: the stretches feel really liberating, I did the 20 minute one.

    like this so that more people can see this ; )

  20. After the holidays, I promise myself that I will change this 2020 and this video/challenge will help me a lot! Thank you, Emi. After the holidays and months of straight eating, I gained a big big tummy and lots of fats :((( This video is a must try!

    P.S. I hope you will subsrcibe on my channel because after two weeks, I will post a video regarding my changes! Thank you in andvance.

  21. My 1st resolution of 2020: to finish a workout program for real! I promise to keep you updated.
    day 1: ✅ I also ran 2km

  22. I'm starting today. 5'3 and 75kg, hate that.
    I will keep updating this on my progress. Also because knowing I have to come here to update will help me keep going.

  23. Please do a 10 min pilates workout emi
    I've been following your workout for the past five months and got amazing results lots of love from india🥰🥰

  24. Happy New Year Emi and Chad, just finished my first workout in 2020 via this whole workout! have added weight on upper body to increase the intensity, have started to following you last yr in June and love working out with Youtuber like you in my backyard! No need to go to gym anymore and can work out anytime I want ! Can you share more upper body workout in 2020? Thanks 🙏

  25. Day 1 done…thank u emi .. You look amazing in this video. Thank you for your exercise videos… Im a big fan of you… 🥰

  26. EMI, would you reccomebd this or your one month program for a 6 month thing. Cause im planningb to loose a lot of weight over a huge period of time

  27. Will definitely be doing this for the new years and. I’ll try to update everyday for the next two weeks. To anyone that may also be trying this, we’ve got this!

    ✔️ day one: super tiring but got through it. definitely looking forward to tomorrow’s recovery day wow.. but like Emi always says: no pain no gain.

    🔜 day two:

  28. im grateful for this 2 weeks challenge. i haven't been working out for past three weeks and this challenge seems easy and light! best way to start off new year!!! thank you so much

  29. Стандартная плоскожопая азиатка, полтора ляма подписчиков, пздц!

  30. Did Day 1 yesterday on Jan 1st. followed by about 40 min of yoga. Abs burned as I did the core exercises. Today, my legs are still sore (maybe from the high knees). I was cold when I woke up yesterday and then had to open a door after a few minutes of the exercise for cool air! Have yet to do Day 2! Looking forward to more of your workouts!!!!! 😀 Really enjoying this channel! Also enjoyed the music and pep talks as the interval timer timed the HILT. I want to create a yoga vlog this year and am not sure where to get music yet… Super motivating and fun content, Femily (Cute name for your family, btw)!

  31. i absolutely love how you planned this out for us ~~ it is SUPER organized and lovely. i like that you have the whole 2 weeks in this one video, plus some additional workouts that we can easily refer to in your playlist. it makes me feel actually so motivated. thank you(:

  32. i started this workout and im already on day 3. so far i feel good, the workout really does get your heart pumping! i will try to update at the end of the 2 weeks to see if i get any results!

  33. Hey, I'll follow this!
    My goal isn't weight loss, I just want to stay fit and develop some muscles and endurance. So just gonna check it here everyday and report the hardships and progress!

    Day 1: did the full day, but at reduced intensity. I'm still too sedentary and couldn't keep up the pace. Barely finished the vid, and some moves i couldn't execute properly.

  34. Cause I didn't know that it is suppose to exercise 1 session every other day, due to my excitement I exercised 1 session straight yesterday.! That is 30 min work out. It kills me like hell but it's all worth it!

    So today, time to rest! I will try 30 min exercise again Tom.

  35. Day 1 done
    Day 2 Rest
    Day 3 done
    Day 4
    Day 5
    Day 6 Rest
    Day 7

    Week 2
    Day 8
    Day 9 Rest
    Day 10
    Day 11
    Day 12
    Day 13 Rest
    Day 14

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