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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Whats going on, guys? Sean Nalewanyj here; And in this video here I’m going to be sharing
with you 20 different low calorie sauces, condiments and dressings that you can use
to flavor your meals while keeping your macros in-check. Even with all the nutritional information
that we have available now there’s still tons of people out there who think that an
effective muscle building or fat-loss diet automatically means, you know, plain chicken
breast with brown rice and steamed veggies, but that’s really not the case. As long
as you make the right choices then it’s perfectly possible to achieve your fitness
goals while enjoying your food at the same time. Now, keep in mind that there’s nothing
wrong with using higher calorie sauces if they fit in as part of your overall calories
for the day. So if you’re bulking and you have higher calorie needs and you’d prefer
more calorie dense sauces because you prefer the taste, then that’s fine. But overall,
most people, especially if they’re cutting, they’re not going to want to use up too
many calories on sauces and dressings because they can really quickly add a lot of calories
to the diet without really filling you up. So, I don’t personally use all twenty of
these on regular basis, of course, so I don’t have them all with me here. I’m just going
to list them up on the screen here with some quick info on each one. I’m also going to
list the nutritional content per tablespoon, but keep in mind that they’re just going
to be estimates because it will vary from brand to brand. And also be aware of the sodium
content if that is something you’re trying to moderate and track, because some of these
are going to be quite a bit higher or lower than others. So, here we go in no particular
order: Number on is salsa. Definitely one of the best fitness condiments out there with
about 4 calories per tablespoon, taste great and goes well with a ton of different foods
like eggs, chicken, turkey, wraps, salads or can just be used as a dipping sauce as
well. Number two, reduced sugar ketchup. This one here has 75% less sugar than regular version
but pretty much taste the same as far as I can tell. 1 gram of carbs per tablespoon and
this is a really good way to flavor your foods and keep the calories under control. Number
three; sriracha. This is a Thai chili sauce made form chili peppers, vinegar, garlic,
sugar and salt. You can use this on a long list of foods, whether it’s a stirred fry,
or omelets, or pasta, pretty much anything and it adds some nice flavor and a nice strong
spicy kick as well. Number four is low sodium soy sauce. This is great for Asian style dishes,
of course. It’s brewed in exactly the same way as regular soy sauce except that it has
40% less salt. Number five is hot sauce. So if you like your food spicy then this is a
perfect fit. It’s extremely low in calories, especially considering that you probably only
need a relatively small amount to get the taste and the heat that you’re after. Number
six; low calorie salad dressing. Now, they’re going to be a ton of different options here,
so you can check out your grocery store to see what they have. But a good bet is the
calorie wise line from Kraft. My personal favorite, which I really love, I’m using
it every day right now is their fat free Italian dressing which tasted really good and it’s
only 1 gram of carbs per tablespoon. Number seven is natural tomato sauce. Just find a
tomato sauce without any added sugar and you can use it for the obvious choices like pasta
or lasagna. You can just mix it in with simple foods like rice or beans; or you can use it
as part of different meat or vegetables recipes. Number eight; taco sauce. This is basically
just tomato paste, salt vinegar and spices. Obviously it’s good for Mexican style meals
like fajitas or burritos, or thing like that but it also goes well with pretty much any
basic protein source like chicken or beef. Number nine is fish sauce. Just like the name
says, this is a salty, pungent sauce — I guess you could say, and it’s made from
fermented fish with some other spices added in. now, this is the highest sodium option
on the list today, so be aware of that, but because the flavor is so strong you generally
don’t need to use very much of it. Number ten is oyster sauce. So fish sauce is generally
pretty watery. Whereas oysters sauce is thicker and it’s also lower in sodium as well. This
is a staple in Chinese cooking and you can add it to meat or vegetables for some extra
flavor. Number eleven is tzatziki sauce. This is one of my favorites and it goes well with
meats, rice, potatoes or you can use it as a dip for things like peat or vegetables.
A lot of people forget about tzatziki but it’s based off of yoghurt, cucumbers, garlic,
olive oil and salt. So it’s actually a really good option for fitness type of diet. Number
twelve is mustard, pretty self explanatory. This is 5 calories per table spoon on average
and you can add it to sandwiches or wraps, or you can it as part of homemade salad dressings
and sauces. Number thirteen is worcestershire sauce. I always have trouble pronouncing that,
someone can correct me if that’s wrong, but this one is a fairly complicated mixture
of a bunch of stuff; vinegar, molasses, anchovies and a few other things. It’s usually used
on beef dishes like steak, hamburgers, meatloaf, ribs or stew, just to give a few examples.
Number fourteen is vinegar. This is about as close to zero calories as you can get.
You can sprinkle a bit over your veggies, salad, chicken, fish, or pretty much whatever
else you feel like. Number fifteen, gravy; most people associate gravy with high calories
because of the type of meals that it’s usually used on, but gravy itself is actually pretty
reasonable and only has about 8 calories per table spoon. So you can add some of this to
a piece of steak, some chicken, fried eggs, lean pork, vegetable, rice, potatoes, it goes
well with a lot of different things, of course. Number sixteen, light sour cream. So, if you
go with the lighter version, then sour cream will work just fine as a condiment if you’re
trying to keep your calories under control. You can also go with a fat-free sour cream
and then the calories drop even lower to about 9 calories per tablespoon. Number seventeen
is low carb steak sauce. Even a regular A1 steak sauce isn’t too bad. It’s about
15 calories per table spoon. You can also switch over to the low-carb version and you
can use it more liberally because it has about 1/3 the calories. Number eighteen is green
chili sauce. So, this is a less common one that most people probably won’t think of
but it’s great for some added spice and flavor to Mexican style dishes, or just with
any basic protein source like chicken or beef. Number nineteen, Walden Farms’ products;
the low calorie sauces list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Walden Farms.
They have an entire lineup of zero calorie products like barbeque sauce, pasta sauce,
salad dressings, seafood sauce, dips. Be aware that some of these do taste a lot better or
worse than others, so I’d suggest reading some reviews online to find the most popular
ones. My personal favorite is their chipotle ranch dressing. This one taste really good
and it goes well, not only with salads but also just with any typical meat or carb source.
And number twenty has to be mentioned but you can just make your own homemade sauce.
If you’re someone who enjoys cooking and you don’t mind spending some more time in
the kitchen preparing your meals. So just go ahead and run a Google search for low calorie
sauces or low calorie condiments and you’ll find literally thousands of different options
that you can choose from; low calorie teriyaki sauce, pasta sauce, mayonnaise, hummus, tartar
sauce are basically nothing that you won’t be able to find if you just do some looking
around. So there you have it, guys; twenty different low calorie sauces to choose from.
Give some of these a try and let me know what you think. And if you have a favorite sauce
or condiment that you use for your meals then make sure to post in comment below to share
it. So, thanks for watching, guys. I hope this list was helpful. If it was then make
sure to hit the like button. Feel free to share the video and make sure to subscribe.
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