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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hey everyone I’m coach Kozak and I’m
Claudia and today we bring you a total 20 Min Home Workout without Equipment for Women Men Exercises to Lose Weight Fast at Home body hit workout this workout doesn’t
require any weights but you may want a chair or a box for some of the easier
modifications so Claudia is going to be doing the modified versions and I’m
going to be doing the harder versions today we’re going to do the whole thing
with you we’re going to get your heart rate up we’re going to burn a bunch of
calories in the meantime are you ready I’m ready right if you do it alright
let’s get right into it with a lateral push-up so we’re going to get down on
the ground Claudia’s going to do from her knees and I’m gonna do from upright
push-up position we’re gonna walk to the side push-up walk to the other side
lateral walk push-up just back and forth like I said you decide which one is
right for you whether that’s up or down on your knees neither one is easy that’s
for certain make sure to breathe and keep your core
tight whichever one you choose it’s still important good keeping it moving
just a few more seconds on this one and five four three two one and we’re up
I’m going to do a scissor jump next and Claudia’s going to do a switch jump so
I’m getting down dropping that knee and jumping big power and Claudia’s using
lighter jumps and quicker feet this one’s a little more high impact that
one’s a little more low-impact if you’re doing the scissor jump or switch jump
whichever one gets those arms working with your legs good keeping those elbows
bent at a 90 degree angle good big power going hard and fast today
nice give me 5 4 3 2 1 back to the ground we go from a high plank position
you’re either on your knees or up on your feet we’re going to go elbow to
hand touches a little different really get your core working touch that
opposite hand with opposite elbow keep the core tight don’t drop your back
and breathe the easy one end up holding your breath on so make sure to breathe
good and me 10 more seconds on this one fighting through it fighting through it
it’s a tough one and three two one
up on your feet okay back to the legs I’m gonna do a one leg deadlift plus
jump straight up thought he’s just going to do the one leg deadlift little bend
the knee hips go back and I’m exploding up Claudia’s reversing haha find a spot
for your eyes directly gotta find that focal point and nice alternating legs
I’m more tired you get the harder these ones get you’ll see a stumbling not
about being perfect but black just about giving it our best let’s go left then
right boom you got it keeping that pace up hard and fast today don’t save
anything don’t leave anything in the tank
you got it and five four three two one so there we go you guys going to be sick
of push-ups by the end of this day we’re going to do marine push-ups down out
start with your arms out in front either going to come up and push up from your
knees or from your feet so you’re starting from a dead position each time
that’s what makes these so tough to climb up all the way down that prone
position and pressing up good breathe knocking out as many as you can in this
time frame nice work keep it up everybody keep it up just a few more and five four three two
one nice okay we’re up again I’m going to do a
360 touchdown and Claudia is just going to do the 360 either way we’re switching
turning our hips jumping touch and back the other way
touch so I’m doing a touchdown you can see Claudia isn’t quite coming all the
way down into this sumo deadlift position it makes that version a little
easier but they’re both tough trust me a little bit not much easier no not by
much both pretty brutal good you got it fighting through big power reverse which
side every time you’re going good few more seconds in five four three two one
good to the ground we go we’re going to do the arm haul or next so line down in
that prone position I’m going to do it with an extension making my legs and
feet her up off the ground bring my thumb’s around to my side and then I
press forward my thumbs go to my side and then I press boy so I’m keeping my
legs and my butt up off the ground we’ll coordinate here in a little tight turn
on slapping you in the face huh wouldn’t be the first side there we go good
yellow shoulders and Hills delts working nice just a few more and five four three
two one nice I hope playing that better next time
okay so let’s up on our feet we’re gonna do either a posterior swing or posterior
swing plus jump so I’m gonna go legs wide swinging through overhead and jump
where Claudia is just going to bring those hips forward and back
you decide which one’s right for you but I want those hips going back and forward
every time that’s what it’s all about on this one
good big power swinging back coming up you got it you got it if your powerhouse
pushing through pushing through not many left you got it give me five more seconds that’s it
three two one nice to the ground high plank position
we’re either gonna do a high plank row from up on your feet or on your knees
keep those shoulders square pull back on your elbow nice good come
on back squeeze your back with every rep pull back on that elbow now you get a
string attached to it nice work come on stick with it
think about what brought you here today what’s your why focus on it why are you
here come on let’s go well out and get after
it every day go out and get after it not many more let’s go home stretcher
five four three two one nice okay so now is that time where I said if you want to
do easier version you need your chair or box Claudia is going to do a burpee from
the box modified go ahead plus ten push-ups I’m doing from the ground not
push-ups um sorry ten punches my apologies that be even tougher yeah ten
punches and then Burpee hey right into the tent get as many of these as you can
in a lot of time boom back up and into it you got it you gotta push in the pace
that’s five on each just in case you were wondering come on push it guys push
it come on getting warmed up feels good it feels good just five more seconds
that’s it just five more seconds three two one nice okay scoot that out of the
way I’m going to do a good old-fashioned sit-up Claudia’s going to do crunches
that’s it not much to it I’m going to come all the way up and all the way down
if you need it you can have somebody hold your feet Claudia just coming up
here shoulder blades up off the ground coming
straight up squeezing our ABS at the top and then back down either way whichever
one you’re doing make sure to not like me cranking on your neck either hold
from your ears hands on your chest we don’t put your
hands behind your head and just start cranking good you got it pushing the
pace guys great so far keep it up keep it up not many left and five four three
two one you got it okay we’re up on our feet buddy’s going to do a squat plus
punch one two I’m gonna do a jump and punch one two I’m sitting back waiting
my hips it’s loading up punch it on the way up
Claudia squatting and punching up on the way up you decide which one is right for
you today and go get after it let’s go come on what do you got what do you got
put it out there geyser put it out there nice work nice work how many left me five more seconds that’s it four
three two one zero nice work into the first round all right you’re halfway it
done I want you to stay focused keep your head in it keep focusing on what
motivates you what it’s going to take to achieve that goal how hard you’re going
to have to work what are you gonna have to do to get it done here we go let’s
get it started in five four we’re to the ground for those lateral push ups one
and zero so I decide walk and push up you got it this is one that you know you
don’t have to walk that far so I decide if you don’t have the space do what you
can right Claudia yeah that’s right nice good keep that core tight making sure to
breathe it’s a lot harder to breathe when you’re up in one of these positions
just gotta stay focused think about it one thing that emphasize on this
movement is not to cross your hands you’re switching from side to side yeah
definitely put you in a place of vulnerability good just a few more
seconds whew head five four three two one we’re
up the lower body thank goodness let’s go either scissor jumps or switch jumps
get those arms moving at the same time as your legs all working together
nice good breathe whichever one you’re doing give it your all let’s go well out
there I set hard and fast today don’t save
anything you got it you got it come on it’s worth doing it’s worth doing right
put it out there good give me ten more seconds and five four three two one to the
ground high plank position either from the knees or from up top we’re going
I’ll bow to hand elbow to hand a little different one and we’ve done before this
one gets that opposite arm working double-time trying to stabilize keep you
up same thing with your core good there’s a sneaky one it doesn’t look
like much but it’s kicking my butt good give me five more seconds and four three
two one rep will go on either one leg deadlifts or one leg deadlift jumps you
decide which one is going to be to you today a little bend that knee bend over
touch that opposite foot explode up good remember we’re just trying to get as
many reps in as we can keep in good form stay in balance good pushing it guys
pushing it fighting with it fighting through it no this is about the time
that you could easily pause it and call it a day
but I want you to stick with us here do the end of this workout will be here
right here with you right here with you and five four three two one to the
ground doing marine push-ups let’s push it it means those arms out in front of
you hand push up nice make sure to bring
that core with you don’t keep your butt down or back sagging bring it up through
the rep core stays tight I have quite the sweat puddle
accumulating hope this workout it is good for you guys as it is for us even
Claudia sweating a little bit she doesn’t sweat much yeah no big sir come
on pushing through only a few more seconds five four three two one up high
to pop that upper body gets a break to the legs into 360 touchdowns or just
360s go shift and using those cool using that
core and those hips to turn around good nice work guys nice work motor through
it you’re a machine one rep after another look at all nice and uniform
good not much left and five four three two one zero
who do we have next to the ground arm haulers come on guys keep that pace up
arms go out in front hi my legs and my feet up extending
Claudia’s feet are resting good good one into the next listen for and around
thumbs down to your side shoulders on this one how the back of my rear delts
there it is headed ah burned so good she forgot what the call that’s how you know
what’s good you got it come on fighting through everybody fighting through five
four three two one and up you need a posterior swing jumps or
posterior swings right into it let’s go on I told you the tough one today we’re
gonna get it done together fighting through hang with us stick with
us everybody stick with us give in load boots glute squeeze at the top
there you go his forward hips back name in the game yeah ten seconds left almost
there five four three two one to the ground
high plank rows burn so good but the legs get a break
so work that core and upper body good squeeze that elbow back pull back core
stays tight work it work it let’s go stay focused
doing this for you for anybody else not to meet anybody else’s expectations are
you what they think you should be getting a little bit better every day
for yourself and become the best possible version of you
let’s hit it come on and five four three two one
at burpees plus punch Chloe’s gonna use her modified I’m not let’s go come on
ten punches speed guys speed what you got what you got put it out there nice come on come on e can you get how
many can you get fighting through fighting through ten seconds five four
three two one all right I’ll go into the ground either sit-ups or crunches ha you
decide which one’s right for you but I want you to keep moving no breaks no
pauses just you and this workout get it done you can do it whoo good good good think those ads work no cheating
try to get a little momentum as possible ten seconds that’s it ten seconds five four three two one
look last one right here last one jump and punch or squatting porn come on
finish strong I’m hurting right there with you push with us come on we’re
hurting with you let’s go come on you got it big power good you’re good
almost there ten seconds five four three two one zero
good job ah nice one oh goodness oh it’s terrible thank you so much for working
out with us today if you like this workout make sure you give it a big ol
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day every day trying to push out motivation just for you guys that’s
right thank you so much for joining us today
make sure to come back workout with this often we’d love to have you I’m coach
Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout

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