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[Music] what is that my body a warrior’s welcome back to another video and another full body flexibility routine be to the first volley of flexibility routine was something I used to do on a daily basis it was very useful for me it’s been very useful for a lot of you so I thought it was about time that I had a refresh had a slightly different place and a few different exercises this video is also a follow along so feel free to join in pause the video if you need to and happy stretching we can start with the head and we’re simply going to do some head rolls in each different direction so the first we’re going to breathe in and tilt the head all the way back into extension as we breathe out we’re gonna bring it down and try and tuck in to watch it we’re gonna breathe in go to the left hand side as we breathe out we’re gonna go to the right and then we’re gonna repeat number two types of breathe in full extension breathe out full flexion bring it in to the left breathe out to the right let’s go you one more time for good luck so breathe in full extension breathe out really tuck that chin should feel stretch all the way up your back your neck maybe even since your spine breathe in left and breathe out right right now we’re gonna start incorporating the spine so it’s gonna breathe in again and we’re going to also extend our back so breathe in the extend the neck extend the spine squeeze the shoulder blades together already open that chest up breathe out we’re going to come into a bit of a hollowed position breathing go to the left hand side just move the body to the left as well breathe out it’s the right hand set now we’re just going to do this one or one more time so breathe in full extension squeeze your back lift your chest breathe out into flexion push those shoulder blades apart you feel a stretch in the back breathe then go to the left push the hip out should feel a stretch all along that right-hand side and breathe out the other side so now I feel a little bit limber gonna come down go go into downward-facing dog with this one just go as far as your flexibility allows ideally you’ll be pushing tool through the shoulders and you’re gonna try and arch the lower back you can move about if you want we’re just gonna hold this for a few breaths it’s just kind of a basic stretch just to get everything going it’s kind of global does the shoulders does the hips as the ankles then they come down into here you wanna be squeezing your bum trying to pull your shoulder blades back spending as much so hey we’re gonna go prone to lying on the ground put your left arm out and 90 degrees and then all you’re gonna do is you’re gonna twist over onto that left hand side the stretch out that set there it’s important to try and pull that shoulder blade back and then all gonna do I’m gonna breathe in push the arm gently into the ground so it in a little bit of piano I know we know breathe out and relax and try and get a little bit deeper in that stretch and repeat this four times so if we then push down breathe out triangle over deeper push down breathe out just relax in sup guys breathe in push down last one do the same thing swap sites though deepen that arm at 90 elbow at 90 push that chest into the ground and pin that shoulder blade back we then push in I thought you’d sent effort he’s out relax you’ll be feeling quite a nice deep stretch right into chest mainly your PEC might keep breathing another safe for you then push down breathe out good liberty last one all right we’re going to come back onto our needs into child pose I’m just going to chill out here for a second take a couple of breaths what we’re gonna do next is we’re gonna focus on the rear delts and the rhomboids so we’re gonna take your right hand slip it beneath your left and push that shoulder into the ground from here you’re going to try and twist away from your shoulder so twist your right hand side you should feel a stretch into the lats the rear delt the rhomboid in your back we can additionally push into the ground as you breathe in and as you breathe out you’re gonna try and twist away there appear that four times as well nice deep dark magic breathing last one now we’re going to swap sides so thread that left arm under press the shoulder into the ground breathe in push the arm in breathe out try and twist away breathe in push down breathe out twist the way it’s gonna be following this pattern the locker and this routine goes last one so in a comeback into child pose here we’re gonna do is you’re gonna place your elbows on the floor lock your hands together and sink back into what is kind of like a butcher’s block when we’re in this position here we’re going to do some more PNF so you’re gonna push your elbows into the ground as you breathe in and as you breathe out you’re gonna try and push your chest down and relax deep should be feeling the nice stretch in your lats into your spine it’s a good mobilization again breathe in push the elbows in breathe out trying a lowered either you repeat this four times last one guys to breathe in push down water now we’re gonna push back up into that upward dog really relax the hips we’re gonna do now is I’m a Kensi pushup so as you come down here breathe in as you get to the bottom you’re then gonna breathe out pushing up relax the spine I’m gonna push as far as you can while keeping those hitch connected to the floor you breathe in okay back down we’re gonna repeat this another two times so breathe out on your way up relax the back of the lower spine mobilization on last one breathe in come back down last rep so I’m going to push back now into a quadruped position we’re going to do is within a contralateral which means opposite side extension so you’re gonna lift your right hand up and your right leg up keep pushing through that shoulder keep the course that’s all just going to hold this for a few breaths what we’re trying to do here is going to try to activate that right hand glute so we’re gonna open up that right hip and activate the postural muscles on that left shoulder and they come back into that quadruped position lift that left leg forward I’m gonna go go into a lunge you gonna raise your right hand above your head I’m gonna keep that glute engaged push the hips forward and you’re gonna twist over so your left hand side you should feel quite a big stretch up the front of your hip flexor and also into your right hand side and hold this position for it’s three to five nice deep breaths each time you breathe out guys try and sink a little bit deeper so so we gonna do so gonna bump that left leg out a little bit try and get our elbows onto the floor I’m gonna pick that back leg up so this now we’re gonna be moving from that right leg and now we’re gonna be stretching out the glute on the left leg from here we’re just gonna hold this position you can kind of move around you can even approach some twists in cut the spill or you have any tight areas so it’s gonna hold this position for a few repetitions remember guys throughout this routine breathing nice deep and diaphragmatic ly so from here you’re gonna bring that left leg across into a 90 position and bring that right leg back into a 90 so we’ve got the front leg 90 degrees the back leg and 90 degrees right hand on your left foot and basically in a lean your chest over that left leg let me get into a point where we can’t go any more we’re gonna stop we’re gonna do now it’s going to push on the into the ground and we’re gonna breathe in I’m gonna breathe out I’m trying a little bit deeper now keep this three times so push in breathe out a little bit last one push the knee into the ground breathe out girl it video when I come back up sing put your left hand on your left knee and we’re gonna do the same but we’re gonna try and get our chest over off but so lean over it’s gonna take a little bit more into the piriformis this might be a little tighter for some of you again same method so we’re going to breathe in push that knee activate that glute so push it into the ground breathe out try and get access a little bit more over that foot one more time okay three reps you know I’m gonna come back be sat in a pike position on the floor toes point your toes flexed doesn’t really matter too much we’re gonna go forward I’m gonna grab our feet you can’t grab your feet grab your shins at the closest point you can I’m gonna try and walk our hips back sort of sat on the top of our hamstrings rather than sat on my glutes from here we’re gonna you’re gonna breathe in and we’re gonna try and lift our chest whilst holding on for those feet so you should feel a bit of an intensification basically trying to arch that back roll that pelvis breathe in and hold this position I’m gonna breathe out trying go a little bit deeper and repeat this four times and keep hold of those feet breathe in chest up push that lower back forward should feel more intense stretching those hamstrings breathe out trying to get a little bit few more times a breathe in lift that chest push that pelvis it might say wiggle around get yourself on those hamstrings last rap breathe in lift that chest breathe out a little bit from here you know place our hands behind us keep our feet on the floor gonna lift up into a reverse support positions this is gonna help improve our shoulder extension as well as keep those glutes and hamstrings firing just going to hold this position for a few breaths I’m gonna push through the shoulders really your trackback scapula keep that chest high you should feel a little stretching the biceps and the front of the shoulders so we’re gonna come now into the squat position if you can’t sit comfortably in a squat then you might have to hold on to I’m just going to shuffle around move forward side to side loosen everything up and we’re gonna go back into the same chord root position and we gave that contralateral extension of the opposite side so right hand up left leg back hold this for a few breaths again they’re trying to activate that left glute and the right shoulder keep that deep thought i formatic breathing again so I’m gonna bring that left leg down right leg forward into the lunge and from here sweet ugly push I hip forward left arm up you know leading over to that right hand side keep pushing those hip forward trying to keep the square try and keep that glute active we’re just going to hold this position and as you breathe out try and shift a little bit deeper three to five breaths in this position guys then I come down again shift that right leg out elbows to the ground lift that back leg up and again as we did before I’m just going to spend so three to five reps in this position move about get that hip moving you can have those twists and if you want to kind of find those tight spots those tight spots where you don’t usually get to should be feeling a nice deep stretch in the glute and also the hamstring on this right hand like let’s keep holding this position keep moving around and then we’re gonna go back into a 90 90 but this time the right leg it’s gonna be forward left leg is gonna be back we’re gonna the same again so left hand on our right foot keeping that chest up trying to roll the hips as far forward as you can keeping that spine neutral and then we’re gonna do now is breathe in push that knee into the ground back through that glute breathe out trying a little bit deep rope that right leg one more for luck okay sure we’ve been a pretty intense stretch in the glute and then come back up to that simulation get our right hand on that right knee when it come straight over that right hand left foot and try and do the same again so push that knee into the ground activate the glue keep the chest up if you can breathe out try and get a little bit deeper if you can maybe one more here that’s it come back up sitting this time instead of going into any Pike we’re going to go into a pancakes okay so keeping those legs straight you know spread those legs as wide as you can we’re gonna do the same thing so you’re gonna reach as far forward as you can keep the chest up try and sit on those hamstrings gonna hold this position and as you breathe out give me a little bit deeper and just relax into same again so lift up breathe in try and roll that pelvis breathe out get a little bit deeper do a couple more reps list chest up pretty thin you can’t do this out on the floor you want to grab a block just to elevate your hips gonna make this a little bit easier do one last time chest up and relax bring those legs together and go back into our reverse plank position push through those shoulder blades we’re ready open that chest up I’m just gonna hold this position squeeze those glutes get that lower back today get those hamstrings activated keep breathing now I can walk ourselves back back into that squatting position and then from here you can just stay in a squat move around I like to do some twists there’s that knee out the other side you and these some limitations my favorite stretches and that is the stretching routine guys quites quick quite simple actually got my heart rate going a little bit kind of covers everything everything in quite a nice flowing kind of way shouldn’t take too long the full routine is in the description down below I’ll put a link give it a try if you enjoy these kind of live routines follow along leave a comment down below let me know if you really enjoyed it share over friends or of a colleague help somebody gain a little bit of that flexibility maybe just enjoyed sphere hit that thumbs up button as always guys hit that subscribe button there’s three videos every week on this channel containing mobility flexibility body weight strength & Conditioning everything but that’s been it this week guys have a strong week [Music]

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