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100 thoughts on “20 Minute Full Body Flexibility Routine! (FOLLOW ALONG)

  1. For those of you finding this routine too challenging, there is now a 15 Minute Beginner Routine available here: Don't forget you can download a PDF of the full routine in the description. Happy stretching 馃檪

  2. Your flex routines are brilliant! Now I just need to trim the belly down so a reverse plank gets easier. But it just doesn't help when I hear 'pancake'馃槄

  3. I've been doing this routine for about 30 consecutive days now and I'm more flexible than I've been in YEARS. Thank you!

  4. Thanks tom, for sharing this video.. By the way, in my country, indonesia , this exercise is called yoga, basic hata yoga.. U do correctly all the movements.. I luv this video.. 馃槉

  5. 5:18 this one help me a lot form my back pain. Thanks Tom. I make something similar for the low back crossing each knee over my body. 馃槈

  6. My favourite morning stretch routine. Perfect mix of activation and flexibility for a waking body.

  7. Thank you for the videos馃憤馃徑
    I鈥檓 54 years old and at least 45 lbs over my ideal weight, your stretches are waking my body up again馃榾

  8. Is it possible that almost die doing this?
    I definitely felt the stretch!
    I found your channel days ago.
    You're amazing!
    Thank you so much for this, Tom!

  9. thanks so much!!!! – this is now part of my families daily morning routine – worth waking up 30mins earlier for this!!!

  10. i have no flexibility in my hamstrings and lower back, this routine helps so much, trying to do it everyday

  11. Made my 4 a.m. After the morning meditation, this was like the cherry on top. Thanks for the great content. Cheers!

  12. I'm a bit confused as to whether I am doing the 90/90 the right way. I am reasonably flexible, but for most of these moves not as flexible as you are. However, on the 90/90 I was easily able to flex MUCH farther than you, getting my chest and even chin right down to and even past my knees and shins. I hardly feel a stretch here. Am I doing something wrong? My legs seem to be exaclty in the position as yours are. Am I arching my back to much? It's very puzzling because when I did the next stretch, the pancake, I can't get my legs as wide as you, nor get my body down nearly as far.

  13. I have zero doubt I did everything wrong but once you got to the " spread legs and chest to the floor " I could neither stretch my legs very apart from each other neither push my chest to the ground. Oh well xD.

  14. Stumbled upon this video accidently(autoplayed right after i stretched to another video)and i followed along.mahn it was nearly immpossible for me to hold a full squat before but at the end of this video i did it.thanks a lot.will surely do this everyday

  15. Just shows you don't need tight Yoga pants and provocative positions to get people to follow.

    I literally skip all the other nonsense trying to bait some attraction nonsense. Straight to the point informative and helpful.

  16. Thank you so much Tom. This and your beginner video have gotten me feeling fantastic and so much more flexible since I started following along. Please produce more of these types of follow along videos!

  17. They said that, with stretching we can still grown taller after +25 years

    Cause there was a guy from Thailand with 24 years old that he grown up 3,2 cm doing stretching twice a day.
    So in my case i never did exercise before, so… i was wondering if at age of 27 with +1.75 cm, may i grown taller?
    Cause in my family dad tall is 1.81 cm, and my bro is 179 cm.

  18. You are so fantastic! Using your videos to get back on track with feeling good in my body again 馃檪 Thank you for your hard work!

  19. I鈥檓 very impressed by your videos, they always seem to fix any niggles I might be feeling from working out and I always feel so much more relaxed after them!

  20. Didn't realize how unflexible I was until I tried this! going to be doing this daily for the next few months, I'll keep you up to date with how it's going! thank you!

  21. Hi Tom,

    Great videos. Been using these techniques and definitely starting to notice a difference after about 2 weeks. I really liked the suggestion to use a block or something for the pancake, I wasn't really feeling it or able to do it at all until I added a block and I immediately saw a difference.

    Appreciate the time and effort.

  22. Just started stretching for flexibility as when I used to run or cycle my hamstrings get tight for already 2 days especially after long run… Can you please come up with stretching for that as well…

  23. Do this every every weekend, preceding a weight routine. Built up enough strength over the last few months to start more difficult bodyweight/calisthenics routines

  24. that's a terrible idea to do downward dog without any warmup, pushed the ankles so bad! sorry for the thumb down.

  25. I had back surgery when I was 15 and I never followed through with the physical therapy.. I've done this for the first time today and it got me sweating pretty hard because I have very little flexibility in my lower back because of the fusion, my hamstrings are very tight and my hips are tilted forward. I'm going to be doing this every morning and I already know I will gain a lot back if I do this everyday! Really easy and I just followed along and stretched as hard as I could. Thanks dude.

  26. I'm wondering about the correct position of the pose at 10:38. Should both glutes be in contact with the ground? Because in my case one is not! I guess it is compensation.

  27. I didn't do this because there is an incredibly attractive British boy on my computer screen for me to drool over making me wish I was living in the UK right now, I did it for the stretching. BAHAHA <3

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