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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey guys what’s up and welcome to my channel. Welcome to today’s 20 minute full body hiit
workout with weights. So here’s the deal we’ve got six different
exercises we’re going to perform one right after the other once we get to the end we’re
going to go right back to the beginning and do it again for four rounds total. Heart rates going to be up so we’re going
to be burning calories, burning fat fast but we’ve also got those dumbbells adding resistance helping
us build strength and lean muscle ok guys i’ve got
a timer set so all you need to do is grab those dumbbells
and follow along I’m getting started right now

100 thoughts on “20 Minute // FULL BODY HIIT Workout With Weights

  1. This was AWESOME! Loved the format. My daughter and I both were tired and our legs were shot. Thanks, Heather! 😅

  2. Wow I thought I was decently in shape until I did this! Ha! Great workout! Look forward to trying your others!

  3. Oh my god, just did it and am absolutely dead!!!!! I’m still out of breath like ??? This workout was a killer, thank you heather!!! I really love your HIIT workouts, they’re so effective and when you’re short on time you really get a heavy sweat in!

  4. Verbal cues throughout the workout when switching exercises ans for important pointers on form would be helpful.

  5. Had a workout buddy today (7 year old son) getting a good sweatup with me. He did a fantastic job doing 20 seconds then resting. Keep on pumping your workouts out Heather😍

  6. thank you I loved that routine it was awesome, I tried to keep up with it, but I had to take 30 sec more to rest.

  7. Amazing honestly the best workout 🏋🏻‍♀️ I love how it incorporates weights awesome thanks soo soo much

  8. I did this yesterday and I was sore sore in the middle of the night when I happened to wake up! I woke up and had a hard time sitting on the toilet! Lol! I was going to do the booty workout you just posted but no way, I did the arms one you just posted! And omgsh that was also brutal! 2 great workouts!! Even tho I'll be sore all over now tomorrow I cant wait to do booty tomorrow and the full body the next day! You seriously posted 4 great videos!!!

  9. Just keep doing!!!! I no longer go to the gym. You do a brilliant job, thank you heather. No screaming, no talking, you’re approach is calm and you’re workouts are the best. Love the window of next move.

  10. Great intense 20 minute workout! I love that there is no talking! Although not crazy about the music, I turn it down low enough so I can hear the bell. Also, yes, window of next move is key! Thanks Heather for a great selection of intense workouts!

  11. Loved this one! Second time doing it. Can u set one of your workouts to Macklemore & Lewis ? That would be motivating!

  12. Just finished my first workout with you, got a whole bunch of em saved – you totally rock! Got yourself a new subscriber, love what you do, thanks a million 😚💖 If I'm smiling whilst dripping in sweat then I know I'm on to a winner with a keeper trainer. I'm smiling 😆 and sweating 💪

  13. Wow! That was a good one. Wanted to give up a few times but I kept going! I think the music is great! Sometimes it hard to find an upbeat family friendly playlist. Thanks! I’m loving the variety of your workouts!

  14. THAT WAS SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO HARD!!! I wanted to give up so so so so so so so so so so so bad!!

  15. Hi Heather, amazingly tough workout for only 20 minutes – I'm dripping! Hard to do 4 repeats (ugh, repeats lol), but went by really fast. A great start to my day. Thanks, as always!

  16. This workout was brutal, was sweating as someone had doused with a bucket of water. Afterward, I felt great this will surely be included in my 6 days workout regiment.

  17. This has become one of favorite strength hiit workouts I love it!! Have incorporated it into my 6 day workout routine 👌👌

  18. Great workout! Not as scary as the people in the comments say. I only had to modify the pushups. I’m sweating, I feel accomplished before starting my day! I also loved the incorporation of weights throughout! Tip: It helps shout “ABS, ABS, ABS” on the 6th move!!! 💗💗💗💗👍🏾

  19. This just kicked my butt used 15 lb weights as much as possible….totally kicked it up a notch with upping my weights. Weighted jumping jacks 😲😲….loved this…thx Heather

  20. love such videos without having a lot of people talking,at least I can be more concentrated on the movements and feel my body intensively. Thanks for this beautiful contribution.

  21. Love love love! It's short but I sweat so much. Like others commented, I stopped going to the gym and Heather becomes my new favorite trainer! (Plus I feel calm and centered with Heather's approach!) THANK YOU!

  22. I just discovered you the other day. I watched your videos and subscribed right away. And today, I did this video. Oh my, this is a killer workout! I was drenched! I love that this is both HIIT and weight training. LOVE IT! And your music ROCKS! I love your choice of workout music. Btw, my fave go to workout videos were XHIT and Popsugar. You're now my #1 fave!😀 Keep it up! I'll try your other videos.

  23. loved the workout video wish it was a little longer.. please longer workout videos with WEIGHTS!!!!! subscribed❤️❤️

  24. I have been watching so much workout videos but yours are absolutely different I mean in a good way they’re so awesome and really effective.. wish u the best keep going 🌸✨

  25. This was so good and sweaty. My heart was pumping. I added your standing abs workout to the end. Perfect short workout. Love the music so much.

  26. This is my favourite weighted work out to date!! Looks simple but I'm panting AND sweating! Thank you again, Heather!!! x

  27. You are a super woman!!❤️😊 I’m in my 50’s and pretty new to HIIT training. Do you have a beginning workout of yours that you can recommend?

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