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45 thoughts on “200kg Double Jerk / Power Jerk Tips / Torokhtiy weightlifting

  1. Hello Oleksiy. Amazing Video! One question. I see that your dip for the jerk is a bit deeper than usual. How this on purpose? When ever you do power jerks do you always dip this low ?

  2. Thank you Man! Amazing Content! I have an issue that I do not fully extend my knees and ankles after the 2nd pull in the Clean? How can I improve it? Thanks!

  3. на больших кг ваша правая нога уходит назад – рефлекс из прошлого?

  4. Yo who ever edited this vid is kinda beast. Very artistic touch when you were power jerking, the music kinda played along with your stomping.

  5. Есть просьба, будьте добры использовать цветные блины.
    Я понимаю что не во всех залах есть они, но всё же, с цветными блинами выглядит всё намного лучше.

  6. Алексей, я под твои ролики не только буду методично продолжать прогрессировать в атлетике, но кажется начну учить язык англицкий. Привет из Сибири!

  7. The musicality of the editing was really good on this one! супер хорошо! Locking out on beat!
    Also, great content as always. You are awesome! Greetings from Norway!

  8. Thanks for the video, does the torso angle matter for power jerk? I found my torso quite vertical when power jerk, perhaps my back or shoulder is too tight?

  9. Great video and content, your explain capacity and charisma is so fine, i followed from time ago, and your progression like a teacher is always better. Bests regards from Chile dude !!! keep it up…

  10. What’s your favourite drill for developing speed under the bar for the clean and snatch? Also what do you think is the best weight % to practice my speed?

  11. Could you do a video talking about shoulder rotation in the overhead position? I am struggling to figure out whether it should be internal or external rotation of the shoulder. My coach says internal, but I see people using external and I think it would be good to hear your take on it.

  12. 2:36 , 2:43 , 2.50 , 3:21 the blonde girl is always on her smartphone insteat to watch thi olimpic weithlifting champion and to try to get some tips from him.

  13. Such great inspiration to get out to the garage and push that bar,,,,,,,, up!
    Thanks. Great content every time,
    And congratulations on learning and using English. Your fans are world wide, so much easier to access more with the English. 👍👍👍

  14. Физкультпривет из Брусселя! Я в 40 осваиваю штангу. И гири. Твои ролики весьма поучительны.

  15. Алеша на кой писать шувунг 200 *2если ты его с нимал не для украинцев явно.

  16. Ive just changed to Power Jerk after only 6 months of Oly lifting but I matched my best split jerk in the first session. Best tips/favourite exercise for a beginner female power jerker. I have a weightlifting coach if that helps

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