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(dramatic music) My name is Brian Shaw. I’m the world’s strongest man. My name is Krysztof Radzikowski. Jerry Pritchett. Phoenix, Arizona. My name is Dimitar Savatinov. I am from Bulgaria. I’m Martins Licis. I am Mikhail Shivlyakov from Russia. My name is Vytautas Lalas. My name is Mateusz Kieliszkowski. I am from Poland. My name is Hafthor Bjornsson. Twenty-eight years old, from Iceland. This is one of the heaviest, hardest, strongman contests in the world. The event this year is similar to past years. But every year it gets a little heavier. Because Arnold Classic is such a heavy heavy competition weight-wise that you never know. You know usually three, four guys get injured really bad. You know it’s not only going to be who’s the strongest this weekend but it’s going to be how guys can compete…beat up. Especially when you start with yoke. That, of all the events, that’s going to beat you up the worst. We got the biggest, strongest, meanest, strongmen around here. For me, I always look at myself, and I always say what I need to do to be better because I feel like, ultimately, I’m competing against myself. And that’s my biggest goal. I wanna beat Brian Shaw from last year. Brian Shaw may, might be the favorite, you know, he has won this contest before. Thor pretty much looks bigger than ever. I guarantee that he is at least a foot wide in his shoulder. Brian Shaw is so successful. He has no weaknesses. His back… …at least this wide. Lalas is one of the guys who’s a dark horse in this thing. Lalas is very strong. Lalas won, one time. It’s not about the size and the height. If I can prove that, I already did in 2013, but I want to do it again. I’m like 5’9″, maybe at the best. And right now, I’m about 360 pounds. Maybe 6’2″ if it’s a yoke day. After today I might come out like 5’11”. We’ll see. It doesn’t matter if they’re 240 and 5’3″, or if they’re 6 or 7 feet and they weigh 500 pounds when we step there, we’re all the same, we all gotta lift the same weights we gotta do the same thing. So, it doesn’t even matter. Martins Licis just got the call. after Zydrunas dropped out with injuries. So he didn’t have a lot of time to prepare. All my work in strongman has been to do two shows. World’s Strongest Man and the Arnold Classic. So this is kind of, wrapping up the beginning of my career. Krysztof Radzikowski is back. He’s definitely a solid competitor. All ten guys who are competing here look strong. I think everybody’s coming in here bigger and stronger than they were last year. Jerry. That’s another freak. You know so there’s…the Russian guy….there’s no more weak guys anymore. You know so…ten guys. If they’re here, they’re strong. I don’t think there is any difference who is here or not. If he’s here, he deserves to be here. So it really doesn’t matter. I would like to be in, top three. It’s my dream. I’m here to survive every event and to demolish every event to the best of my ability. It’s going to mean the world to me. You know, I am going to prove so much to so many people. I’m going to prove so many people wrong, you know. I can talk all I want about training and numbers, and I’m better and I’m stronger, and I’m bigger, and I’m, you know, whatever. All the things that competitors say, but at the end of the day, none of that matters if you don’t perform when the whistle blows, when it matters, at the contest. It doesn’t matter if you win one battle. It matters who wins the war.

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  2. you may ask why isn't Eddy Hall is not competing he may have not fully recovered from his ingury he had in the comers WsM or he may be focused mostly on just WSM

  3. John Cena is competing as well but you couldn't see him in the video. You won't even be able to see him in the competition

  4. I think-Rad and Shaw will tie the log,Kilkowski-one arm throw
    The new competitor hmmm is interesting

  5. shame zydrunas and eddie won't be competing
    will be a good show regardless
    i think brian and hathor will do well

  6. Did Brian have to change his image by not shaving his face ? He looks… different. I though I was looking at Laurence Shahlaei for a second

  7. when is Arnold Strongman Class ???
    and when is world strongest man ??

    please show some more dates, or i forget to watch it.

  8. Wow!!! I look forward so much to that event!! My prediction is: "Or more, what I wish to be the end-result".

    1. Thor
    2. Shaw
    3. Lallas

    Do you think it can be like that???

  9. Dimitar is the short guy's hero… but he isn't really short other than relatively to the rest of the strongmen

  10. Can anyone figure out exactly what they did with the background lighting in this video? Super cool and definitely unique!

  11. This show is fake. My friend emailed me and said this is like WWE, they find the biggest guy's and use fake weights. In other words, fake and gay!!!

  12. 2:10
    If someone was 5'3 and 240 lbs, I'd be just as scared if they were 6 or 7' and weighed 500 lbs.

  13. the beginning is kind of funny. I wonder how many guys around the world claim to be the strongest on the world and Brian Shaw says it without any arrogance but in his case it's true…

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