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Here comes the monster. Last year the frame was 1,102 pounds. This year is up to 1,240 pounds. (dramatic music) First competitor will be Zach Hadge. 235 pounds. (crowd cheers) Nod when you’re ready. (whistle blows) You’ll lose it if you drop it. You gotta walk all the way up. You can’t afford any slip ups or you’ll lose seconds. (whistle blows) The first thing that’s gonna go is the hands. Hands gonna feel like they can’t really squeeze all the way. Then those little fine muscle fibers are gonna be worn out. And then it’s gonna be hard. You’re gonna wake up in the morning and feel about 85 years old. Our next athlete will be Vytautas Lalas. (crowd cheers) Let’s go. Closer to the top. He’s going to the top. And that was amazing. 33 feet and 7 inches. (dramatic music plays) Dimitar Savatinov is next. That is 19 feet and 1 inch. Coming up next is Hafthor Julius Bjornsson The Mountain. Next up. Jerry Pritchett from the U.S.A. Jerry is leading with 36 feet 6 inches. He just crossed the line. Last competitor is Brian Shaw. Every time you see him do an attempt, in strongman, he proves that he’s the greatest. You can feel that electricity right now. (crowd cheers) Where’s that hand? Two first place in a row.

71 thoughts on “2017 Arnold Strongman Classic — The Timber Carry / 4K

  1. love these videos by rogue. helps get me through cardio . todays events are deadlift, a throwing event, and log press. shaw will probably finish no lower than 3rd in all 3.

  2. Your math is wrong. a foot is 12 inches so to find the decimal place you divide by 12. For example: 6 inches is not .6, it is .5

  3. Thanks Rogue Fitness for getting the edited version of this up on here so quickly. nice to see it since i missed it yesterday!

  4. Shaw is at his prime, no one can beat him! I bet he will win wsm for the 5th time this year unless Thor or hall pull of an insane performance

  5. Mateusz is amazing and much better than shaw considering he is much younger and lighter. I hope he will one day be the champion.

  6. This is way to fucking heavy, have some respect for the athletes and stop making the contest heavier and demanding that they keep up. Let them catch up to the events at least.

  7. Big Z would have made an impact in this particular lift. But sucks he couldn't. Much respect to him, and all the competitors though.

  8. enough with shaw propaganda and trying to make others less of a competitor. shaw has got his butt kicked quite a few times by those guys.

  9. thirty three feet and seven inches is not properly indicated by 33.7 feet. in the future try something like 33' 7"

  10. Everyone needs to chill on Big Z. He was and still is a legendary strongman competitor but he has been the best for a long time. It’s tough to reign for as long as he did. Let alone continue doing it now. I think it’s over for the most part

  11. Even with straps, the grip strength required to Farmers carry 1240 pounds is absolutely ridiculous, not to mention the amount of strength in the trapezius and surrounding ligaments for it to not rip your shoulder out.
    Absolutely insane.

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