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Hong Joon-pyo, presidential nominee for Liberty
Korea Party running in South Korea’s 2017 presidential election, thank you for squeezing
time out of your busy campaigning schedule. You’ve been a politician for over two decades
now. Why is it now that you’re running for the
presidency? Why not before? Why do you feel ready for the top office now? The Republic of Korea is currently in total
chaos; from politics, economy, society, culture, and diplomacy to national defense. In order to restore stability
and lead the nation forward, we need strong leadership. The times call for a president with strong
determination and conviction. This is the reason I am running for President. From an objective point of you, you’re not
running an easy race here. For a whole host of reasons in this nation
at the moment, polls show it is very likely that the country will elect a left-wing president
in May 9. You are – most would agree with me – You are
the most conservative candidate in this year’s race. Are you confident that you will win? South Korea has a relatively shorter history
of party politics compared to the United States. Political parties in South Korea
generally last no longer than five years; a government turnover defines
a change in leadership, not a change of political parties. When there was a power transfer
from the Lee Myung-bak to Park Geun-hye administration, Park government wasn’t acting
as the second Lee administration. It was a completely new government. In that vein, the new Hong Joon-pyo government
will be an entirely different administration from that of Park’s. Therefore, a government turnover in South
Korea is equivalent to a change in leadership. The Korean peninsula at the moment is under
international radar. There’s been a rapid escalation of tensions
in this part of the world. Continuous provocations by the North Korean
regime. What is your policy vis-a-vis Pyongyang? For the past 20 years,
South Korea has been committed to resolving inter-Korean tensions through diplomacy such as the six-party denuclearization talks. There hasn’t been any progress. During the 20 years of South Korea’s diplomatic
efforts, North Korea was focused on developing nuclear
weapons. The amount of money sent to North Korea over the ten years of Kim Dae-jung
and Roh Moon-hyun administrations tops US$ 7 billion. That funding support came back as nuclear
weapons. North Korea’s nuclear ambitions can no longer
be tolerated. When I become the president,
I will consult with the U.S. in deploying tactical nuclear weapons
to South Korea to strike a nuclear balance between the two Koreas. There is no other way to gain dominance over
nuclear weapons but with nuclear weapons. I will set up a Naval Special Warfare Command
and lead a South, North Korea Armed Peace Policy through military might and power dominance. On the diplomatic front – South Korea not
in the best situation currently. There is a new president in the White House
– very different from the last president with a seemingly different approach to the North
Korea issue. There is China to the north, in a clash of
interest with South Korea. How would you best situate yourself so that
South Korea puts the best foot forward in this complex relationship? There is Donald Trump in the U.S., Xi Jinping
in China, and Shinzo Abe in Japan. It’s an era of ‘strongmen.’ In order to negotiate and work with them,
South Korea also needs a ‘strongman’ from a right-wing government. I have no doubt that I am the only candidate
with strong enough conviction and viewpoint on national security to lead this country. Only those with resolution and determination
like myself can negotiate with these ‘strongmen.’ I have no doubt that I am the only one who
can take on that task. Why do you describe yourself as a ‘strongman’? Because that’s how I’ve been for the last
22 years; as a prosecutor, as a politician. There is no one like Hong Joon-pyo when it
comes to execution. Economic growth and jobs. I think it’s an issue that comes up every
election season and not only here but all across the globe. Do you have a blueprint for Asia’s fourth-largest
economy? The reason behind Korea’s low economic growth
and shortage of jobs for the youths stands powerful and noble labor unions. These mega-powerful noble labor unions that
make up less than 3% of the entire labor force discourage corporate investments and drive
Korean firms overseas. If I come to power, I will carry out a thorough
reform of these superpower noble labor unions. As long as we can take care of those superpower
noble labor unions that disturb Korea’s labor market, prevent foreign investment, and drive
Korean companies overseas, Korea can grow again and jobs will begin to flourish. Politicians have been too mindful of these
superpower noble labor unions, thus far. When I was Governor of Gyeongsangnam-do Province,
I faced off these unions for three whole years. It was sparked by our provincial government’s
decision to close down a debt-ridden public hospital. In the end, I got my way over theirs. I, Hong Joon-pyo, am the only person who’s
faced these unions and won. You are running under the slogan “Proud ordinary
president.” What does that mean? I want to build a country where the middle-class,
the ordinary Korean people that make up 70% of the entire population can live with hope,
realizing their dreams. I’ve endured tough times growing up and even
up until this day. But, I pulled through all on my own; I’ve
never been swayed by political factions and never by anything when I served as prosecutor. Should I be elected president, I want to create
a country where the younger generation can live with hope and dream; I want to create
a country for the 70% of the Korean population: The middle class, the average, ordinary people. Now, my final question – a common question
to all candidates. What is your edge over others? Why does the Republic of Korea need Hong Joon-pyo
as president in 2017? First of all, the country needs a president
who places absolute priority on security. Inter-Korean tensions are high and there is
flaring tensions between North Korea and the U.S. This is just as bad as it gets. We need a president who can deter North Korea’s
nuclear weapons; one who can dominate North Korea. It will be tragic for the next generation
if we elect a president who compromises with the North and send dollars across the border. The times call for a strong, powerful president
who can protect the lives of the 50-million strong population here. For these reasons, there is no one else but
Hong Joon-pyo for the job. I will do my absolute best to become the president
so that I can create a country where the lives and assets of the 50 million South Koreans
are protected; where the middle-class, the average, ordinary people, and the younger
generation can live with hope and dream about the future. Best of luck to you, Hong Joon-pyo and thank
you for this interview. We appreciate it.

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