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The men’s 109kg category had 12 athletes competing. Yang Zhe’s snatch is not only the best in Asia, but it is also world class. The 19 year old from Uzbekistan Djuraev also performed well. He ended with a 185kg lift. This put him in second place. Yang Zhe was the last to appear. 187kg for an opener. But the barbell went too far over in this attempt. It went behind him. This is an error that has rarely been seen with Yang. The 2nd attempt also went too far band. Fortunately, Yang was experienced enough an strong enough to bring it back. The last attempt was 192kg. The movement in this one is the Yang Zhe we are familiar with. Clean and crisp. Yang was successful in securing the snatch gold medal. In the clean and jerk, Yang opened with 217kg. He was successful but he failed his second attempt with 221kg. Wanting to challenge himself, Yang skipped over 221kg and went straight to 225kg. Both the Iranian athlete Hashemi and the Uzbekistan athlete Djuraev had completed this lift. After the clean, Yang gave all he had for the jerk and was successful with this lift. All three athletes had completed this lift. But due to the ordering, Hashemi and Djuraev took home the gold and silver. Yang took bronze in this event but with a 417kg total, he was able to take home the gold for the total. The third attempt was to challenge myself. After all these years, I know my clean and jerk is my weak point. I wanted to see that when it mattered, I can still make a winning lift under the pressure. Seems like you have no problem. You can do it. It shouldn’t be too big of an issue. As I get older as an athlete, I feel I get a deeper understanding of competing and the lifts.

7 thoughts on “2019 Asian Weightlifting Championships: Men’s 109kg Summary

  1. Should have gone for 226kg for CJ~ or save the big weight for Olympic ~
    Total gold is what matters after all!
    Congratulations! Phenomenal athlete!

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