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In Asia, Chinese athletes have the advantage in the 67kg class. In comparison, Feng Lvdong a better snatch and Shen Lijun has a better clean and jerk. But the difference is only slight. After the IWF changed the weight categories, Shen Lijun switched from 62kg to 67kg. Feng Lvdong went from 69kg to 73kg and now down to 67kg. This is his first competition as a 67kg lifter. In the snatch portion, Feng and Shen took the stage with 147kg after all other lifters have already lifted. Both lifters were successful in their openers. The highest lift from the other athletes was a 143kg snatch. For his second attempt, Feng chose 151kg. He has not had a lot of time to adjust to this new weight category and was unsuccessful. Shen Lijun, who was more comfortable in this weight class, was successful with this weight. To go for the snatch gold, Feng increased his third attempt to 152kg He was successful this time and was ahead of the third place lifter by 9kg. Shen Lijun was not just concerned with the gold with his last attempt, he wanted a new world record. Every part of the lift was in line and he was successful with this 154kg lift. He won the gold and broke set a new world record. The clean and jerk portion was Shen’s stronger event. Feng had already lifted 178kg. He was third in the clean and jerk and second in the total. The North Korean athlete lifted 179kg Shen Lijun opened with 178kg and went straight to 185kg for his second attempt. This was to challenge his won world record of 184kg. His clean was easy and his jerk was powerful. This beautiful lift gave him a 339kg total. Not only did he take the gold in the clean and jerk and total, he also set new world records for both. I wanted to ask why you wanted to break the record by so much. You broke the total record by 7kg. Because 185kg was the clean and jerk record. From here, I just to focus on my training and improve more. I’m a 67kg athlete now. I was already lifting 333kg as a 62kg athlete.

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