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The women’s 76kg class was newly introduced last July. The two time Olympic Champion Rim Jong Sim moved up to this class from the 75kg class. The 1kg difference has little effect on her. The Chinese athlete Zhang Wangli was previously a 69kg lifter. She needed to gain 7kg of bodyweight for this class. This was a very difficult process for the 23 year old. At the weigh in, Zhang was 2.5kg lighter than Rim. Bigger is stronger. Being this underweight is a severe disadvantage for a weightlifter. After all other athletes had finished, Zhang and Rim both opened at 113kg and 115kg respectively. Rim chose 115kg for her second attempt. It took Zhang two attempts to secure a 118kg lift. This gave her opponent an opening. Rim lifted 119kg in her second attempt. This secured her a gold medal in the snatch. She chose 123kg for her third attempt to challenge the world record. Her movement was crisp and she completed the lift. Rim’s condition was also outstanding in the clean and jerk portion. Zhang chose to open with 146kg. Rim chose to go from a 145kg to a 148kg opener. Both lifters were successful and left all other competitors in the dust. Zhang had a chance at a total gold medal. She went straight to 155kg. Rim went at her own pace and lifted 152kg for her second attempt. This set a new total world record of 275kg. Having little chance of being first in the total, Zhang decided to go after the gold in the clean and jerk. But her 153kg lift was overturned by the jury due to unlocked elbows. But her success or failure in this lift mattered little as Rim lifted 155kg in her last attempt. The total world record was reset yet again. Zhang went up to 156kg for the clean and jerk gold. But she was unsuccessful at the last jerk and Rim secured all three golds with world records to go along. Zhang received all three silvers. I feel pretty average. I wasn’t able to display the condition I had during training recently. I think she(Rim) was very good. She is already a two time Olympian and she is still going strong.

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