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There were 11 competitors in the men’s 67kg A session. Chen Lijun was the only Chinese competitor in this session. The Chinese team actually sent two athletes. Due to his entry total being 1kg too low, Feng Ludong was in the earlier B session. In his stronger snatch event, Feng lifted 153kg. With a 180kg clean and jerk, his 333kg total put him in first in the B session. This was a very competitive total. The snatch event was first in the evening’s A session. Everyone was wonder who would surpass Feng 153kg lift. The Chinese athlete Chen Lijun opened with 145kg. He was steady in completing this lift. The Columbian athlete Mosquera was also successful at this weight. The Turkish athlete Ismayilov opened with 150kg and was successful. Chen Lijun chose 150kg in his second attempt. Mosquera was unsuccessful with his second attempt of 151kg. Ismayilov was also unsuccessful with his second attempt of 154kg. He was again unsuccessful in his third attempt. At the end of the snatch portion, no one was able to surpass Fend’s lift from earlier in the day. Feng received gold in the snatch. Ismayilov got silver for being the first to complete the lift and Chen Lijun received bronze. In the clean and jerk portion, Chen Lijun opened with 178kg. Although it was shaky, he was given three white lights. He lifted 184kg in his second attempt. This was 1kg off of his world record. Chen is strong in the clean and jerk event and was expected to win easily. This was not the case. The 21 year old athlete from Uzbekistan broke a junior world record with a 182kg lift. This gave him a bronze medal in the event. In an attempt for gold, Chen lifted 187kg in his last attempt to set a new world record. The North Korean athlete Pak Jong Ju chose 188kg for his final attempt. He was able to hold under immense pressure and was successful. He broke Chen’s world record set just moments ago. This gave him the gold medal for the clean and jerk. Chen Lijun won gold in the total with a 337kg. Feng Ludong recieved silver and the Pak Jong Ju received the bronze.

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