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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Skipping one day and the athlete themselves know. Skipping two days and the coach knows. Skipping three days and every will know. This is the truth about competitive sports. It is very unforgiving but comes with the territory for this profession. Chinese new year was spent in the training hall for these athletes. A full day of break was given on new year’s day and a rare consecutive two day break was given for the weekend. 2020 is an Olympic year. At this point in time, the athletes have fulfilled the competition requirements put forth by the IWF. Since they have enough qualification points, they can spend more time on systematic training rather than peaking for competitions. At the moment, the entire team is focused on their last winter season before the Olympics. The main focus at the moment is volume, increasing strength, and technique work. Over the last few weeks, we have been solving certain issues we noticed during the last world championship. I think all the athletes are doing very well in that regard. The atmosphere of training for the men’s is very good at the moment. No distractions. Just focus on doing one thing right. This one thing is how to get through the training and increase our abilities. We want to display our full potential at the olympics and to win glory for our people. This is the thing we are trying to accomplish. At this point in time, the accumulation of volume has been successfully completed. With this foundation, the second phase of increasing the weights has begun. The most important thing in secluded training is upping the intensity. A main area of focus is consistency. We only get six attempts in weightlifting so consistency is very important. This way, we can prepare for success in a big event like the Olympics. We are very focused on all the individual things we have to do. For next year’s, no, this year’s Tokyo Olympics, we are very confident that we will give the Chinese people a satisfactory result.

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