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18 thoughts on “22 Minute Workout | BEGINNER Step Aerobics Workout with OR without the BENCH | AFT

  1. thank you for the video! i searched a lot and most step "for beginners" were not actually easy.. besides yes i don't have a bench and i'm just looking for a little energy and work out at home.. so you're great uploading easier things! i'll see more..

  2. There is a major glitch around 20 minutes and I think some of the video is missing, didn't know if you realized that or not.

  3. I would really like to use your video daily but as Lila DeLine mentioned, you have a MAJOR glitch. Will you be fixing it? or perhaps I can find your video in another place? Great job! Thanks!

  4. Short story.  Just started doing step.  Yesterday I popped in a step DVD that I have.  A wee bit too much.  I was able to get through their warmup ok but without knowing the basics, I kept having to stop-and-watch to figure out what was going on.  That's extremely frustrating. I jumped on YouTube and yours was the second video I found.  I watched it for about 10 minutes to make sure I could keep up and thought I could.  This morning, I brought you up on the big screen through the bluray (took a few tries but I found it) an WOOHOO!!!  I did the whole thing – I'm sweating like a pig – but I feel good and feel like I achieved something. Your video is great!  You keep it fun!  We first-timers can follow all the way without getting discouraged!  Alas, the glitch mentioned is still there.  However I did basic until I saw you do it again and was able to get that confounded L-step!!  I worked it a few more times while you were cooling down and then I followed your cool down. I'm loving it and will be doing it again tomorrow morning!  THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!  

  5. perfect start point for me..over fifty overweight but a regular walker and armed with a step. Made it most of the way through. Next time.. glitch? not really an issue!

  6. Today was my 1st day of many to come of workouts. I am so happy you made this video. i'm over 40 and haven't worked out in years!!!! I loved step and was hoping to get back into it. Your low impact step video was soo wonderful thank you. However, 20:07 mins into the video I lost about 8 mins of the L step instruction (Bummer). But again wonderful instruction video. TY again.

  7. Loved this, even though I couldn't do it all. First workout for many years. Still have my step from 30 years ago, and dragged it out the attic yesterday. I was so thrilled to find this today. You're absolutely great, and I have a hard struggle ahead of me! Many thanks, I'll see you every morning now. Any of your playlist in slow motion? Lol. ( by the way, brilliant to do this without the step! Hopefully I'll graduate to it again soon!)

  8. I found this old video and decided to try it without a step bench. That got my heart pumping! I usually do your workouts that have light weights to tone my arms but I think I need to give my elbows a little break. I continue to love your energy and enthusiasm! 😀

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