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100 thoughts on “25 Min Low Impact Cardio Workout for Beginners – HIIT Beginner Workout Routine at Home for Women Men

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  2. Thank YOU guys so much! I am down 12 pounds in 3 weeks by eating clean and doing your exercises. I havent been this weight that I am now for many years. I've always struggled with food. Watching your videos have helped keep me motivated and I love how real you guys are!

  3. I love you guys so much. Since I have started your videos I have lost 30 pounds. I have changed everything about my life and weight was one of them. I do your video everyday. Thank you guys so much for helping live again. ❀️❀️

  4. You guys are so positive and encouraging, and your workouts really work! I already notice a difference! Much love to you both

  5. Thank you so much for making really this really helpful video. Today was my first time exercising with your video and I felt great when I was done exercising. The encouraging words and quotes definitely helped me to push myself harder. You guys are amazing. You inspire me to keep on exercising to be a better version of myself. I love that you are giving your viewers a choice on the intensity of the workout that we can follow. Once again, thank you for making such great content. More power to you guys! ❀❀❀

  6. Thank you for the awesome work out. I've been doing the seated/ standing exercises & wanted to do cardio. This one is perfect, I just improvised by sitting when needed & using the wall for the planks. Your encouraging words helped me when I didn't know if I could keep going.

  7. Nice beginner workout. Just finished recovering from major surgery. this was a perfect way to get back into it.

  8. Thank you for your videos! It has helped me in my journey which I am currently vloggng on my channel. Also, thank you for the idea of using water bottles in place of weights. Never heard of it before and it is ingenious! Now I look at them differently as well as other things. Also I do love that you have it set up for different levels of fitness. Thank you!

  9. Yes!!! Did this workout today! Part of my 3x a week for 30 mins workout! A little challenging but I like the modified version. Thank you it is appreciated. I will return.

  10. I just want to add to all the praise you guys so justly recieve. As an obese woman, I recently started searching for workouts to do on my lunch break. I started working out with you on your shorter resistance training videos and liked them so much that I began doing longer workouts in the evenings as well. I was a dancer and very athletic when I was young, and it is always so discouraging to try so-called beginner workouts and find I just can't keep up. But you make me feel accomplished and motivated. Your modifications allow me to do the work SUCCESSFULLY so that I come back for more. You are supportive and motivating, and I truly feel like you care about each and every person working out with you. I can't thank you enough for being there for people like me!

  11. Thanks you guys! I sometimes struggle with just putting my shoes on, I'm active with my kids, but always played sports to workout, so now that I don't have a lot of time for that, and have to really workout, it can be a struggle bc I want it to be enjoyable. I really enjoy your simple workouts, and encouraging coaching that's not "over the top" cheesy or puffed up. I've been watching you guys for a few yrs now, and tried others, but keep coming back. You really rock! Thanks for keeping it real and having workouts for ALL levels & abilities, you really make me feel like I can do it no matter where I'm at. Oh, and my kids joined in too for a while (which is amazing w/ their attention span, lol! ) Thanks! looking forward to my next workout!

  12. Hi guys,I am following you from Egypt.. I wanna tell you that I like your workouts .its pretty cool,simple and encouraged me to start fixing my body shape from home as I can't go to you guys..God Bless you

  13. After not feeling up for the gym today I made myself do this workout awesome motivation for days the gym isn't calling your name

  14. I was able to do most of those exercises except the ones where you have to get down on the floor, but I am over 50 and need a good home exercise and this was a good one…thanks

  15. Coach Kozak and Claudia: Thanks for this gift of wellness in the lives of people who utilize your workout videos. Thanks for your contribution to the world and God bless you!!!!

  16. Thank you for creating this video:) This video has just helped my almost-70-year-old-and-has-Doraemon-size mother start doing exercise. Eventho it's just only first 10 mins she could do and she keeps telling me every minute to fly back China study (so she doesn't need to do exercise) but it is a very good start for her because she doesn't do any proper exercise for more than 10 years after she has a knee problem.

  17. This was so good! I'm only 30 but have quite severe joint issues, and this was perfect for me to get the heart rate up without compromising the joints. Loved it! Thank you!

  18. awesome workout. . .able to complete the who video moderated of course with a chair do to disability but I did it. So glad to find a HIIT low impact cardio where I completed 90% of the exercises and able to complete the whole workout and feel the burn. Thanks guys for encouraging the disable and obese stuck at home.

  19. Man, my heart is pumping my face is flushed. I'm sweating everywhere, my arms are burning and I had no weights. I'm super hot. Omg my God. I need to do this a million times like every day. Wow I'm done

  20. Hey you guys, try doing a Heisman move during the juke portion of this workout. Great standing side crunch!

  21. you are so great and i really love you and doing sports with you; but unfortunately your app isn't available in Iran!!!!! I'd love to try it.

  22. I did this video a few times when I first started working out 12 weeks ago, hadn't done it in 8 weeks or so until today, and I can tell SUCH a difference in my ability! HASfit is amazing <3

  23. Really appreciate your low impact workouts. I'm just getting back into shape after having a baby and it's great to have an option that's effective but still doable for me right now. You guys rock!

  24. I've lost 20 lbs doing your beginner HIIT workouts but know my right leg and right gluten is stronger and more toned than my left?idk what to do, and thank you for all the workouts

  25. I like this one…think im keeping this routine. Other workout videos goes so fast like they on something. Like man how many are we doing 100 or 10 slow down. This one is better for a person like me. Thanks

  26. Hi from Indonesia! Thank you for this work out video, I am following the lower impact one, it's already hard, but hope I can progress to higher impact one in the near future! Thank you for the motivation through out the video, it helps!

  27. Are you sure it's low impact and are you sure it's only so many calories burnt?? It took me 8 attempts to complete this workout. Day 1 I could only inch towards 11 minutes and I decided to increase 2 minutes every time I did this and it took me 8 attempts but I'm so proud I did it. It didn't get easier but I got stronger πŸ™…πŸ˜„ and I decided to write this the day I conquer it.

  28. I did this without dumbell or bottle, (coz I dint have them) but I could still feel the burn πŸ˜… but your words kept me motivated to keep going 😊

  29. Hi, i really like your workout's for beginner's and some of the excersise's I was scared to do, but i stuck in there and amazed myself. Really love all your workout's, proud of me and Im sixty four this year in November, thank's Guy's.

  30. Great work out, very good for some like me that has a lot hip and knee problems. I would suggest having a cool down at the end there is people out there who might not think of stretching afterwards, other than that great videos and work outs 😁.

  31. I hate cardio; but this one was just enough for me… my breath went just uncomfortable enough for me to not give up… if i had started breathing heavier, i wouldve surely given up… i hate it when cardio does that to you. I love weights and pilates, yoga, piyo etc… but run from Cardio. This one I didnt run from. Thank you so much guys.

  32. I've been trying to get more active and I love how you have an easier and a harder variation in your videos. Thanks so much for your work!!

  33. My husband and I did this workout together on a day that we were particularly sore and didn't want to jump top much. The workout was just right but we won't be doing it again. We found it very distracting that every time the woman started talking the guy would interrupt her.

  34. Thank you guys so much! I’ve been working on loosing weight but been lazy in the physical aspect. I’m glad I found this channel to help me continue.

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