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What’s going on nation?! You asked for it and as always I deliver so today we’re going to continue the stretch Flex overload Series with back now what’s great about this series is that in each video I’m giving you guys a Full-Blown workout So if you missed the last two that I did I’ll link you to the complete playlist down in the info section below But our workout today is going to shred every muscle fiber to help you build a wider and thicker back remember this advanced technique was Specifically designed to help you hide gain is build muscle by creating a stronger mind muscle connection But anyone can take advantage of this technique to bust through a muscle building plateau For the routine you’re going to be performing a try set of three different exercises The first exercise will place the majority of the resistance during the negative when the back is fully stretched The second exercise will place the most resistance on the back when fully flexed and then after your back has been pre exhausted with those two very specific movements the third exercise would place the maximum load possible on Every single muscle fiber in your back when we know that they’ll be at their weakest point And do the majority of the work rather than the biceps taking over the movement so basically the first two exercises Will help establish a stronger mind muscle connection and the third one will destroy the back using as much weight as possible Now let’s get started so the first exercise you guys going to do is a pull-up and now the reason why we’re starting off with a pull-up for a Stretch is because we want to do after every single repetition is sit in that dead hang position for one second before performing the next repetition Our goal here isn’t to go as fast as we possibly can with this exercise our goal is to focus on the stretch and Really feel those lats stretch out and the only way you can do that is with a dead hang now Don’t worry if you can’t do pull-ups once I demonstrate proper form I’ll give you guys some Alternatives so that anyone watching this video can start off with pull-ups for the first movement So that being said when you guys perform your pull-ups, you’re going to jump up Just like this and once you hang I want you to really kind of sit there and and see what it feels like To have a dead hang and feel a nice tight pull on Those lats if you don’t feel a nice tight pull on those lats And you’re not doing a dead hang properly and once you get into a dead hang position Okay, your muscle should feel nice and loose. That’s what my muscles. Look soft right now. They’re not flexed once you get into position You’re going to get into your repetition. So now I’m in position. I’m going to pull myself up I’m going to come all the way down and I’m going to dead hang for a second then all the way up All the way down dead hang for a second and even maybe twist a little feel those lats stretch as long as you can Come back up come back down Dead hang come back up come back down Dead hang and that’s how you’re going to do your pull-ups eight to ten reps now for those of you Who can’t do that many pull-ups or maybe you can’t complete this many sets doing it just on your own Once you start to fatigue, and you can’t do pull-ups on your own anymore What you’re going to do is assisted pull-ups And all you need to do those is a rubber band or you can even use an assisted pull-up piece of equipment I have a few mice to do but all you need is a band you put your foot in the band and you use that To help you come up, so they’ll make it so don’t make don’t use such a strong band But you can’t get that stretch at the bottom of the movement be very careful of that So make sure the band is just enough to help you perform your reps But you can still get that nice deep stretch at the bottom of the movement now I’ll actually link you guys to a pull-up progression video. I made a few years ago So you guys can get better at pull-Ups in general now the other option if you’re starting to get completely fatigued? and you can’t do any more pull-ups or You’re at a point to where The band’s you’re using are so strong to help you do the pull-up that you can’t get a proper stretch at the bottom What I want, you guys to do Is get a dip belt and put as much weight as you can on it and then instead of doing eight to ten repetitions I want you to basically hold that until failure probably twenty maybe thirty seconds max and just hold that stretch position and do eight to ten reps of That so eight to ten reps of max hold which is much weight as you can strap to your waist And you will feel some serious stretching when you do this the second exercise is going to work on the flex It’s going to be a seated row The way you’re going to do this exercise is very Different than overloading all right the goal here is to focus on the flex and once we get into that flex position We’re going to hold it for two seconds before going into the next repetition So let me show you guys what that looks like she’s going to get into position Just like this grab your handles And I’m using handles so I can keep my hands close together you guys want to use The attachment that just has your hands close together you can use that as well I’m just using handles for now what you’re going to do is once you get into place is you’re not going to lean forward and use momentum to help you thrust the weight back because if you’re doing that Then that means you’re actually using weight That’s too heavy And you won’t be able to do the two-second hold so what you’re going to do is keep your chest up Keep a slight bend in your knees, you know pull back Hold for two seconds come forward get that stretch pull back hold for two seconds Come forward get that stretch and again pull back and hold for two seconds And then come forward now what you also don’t want to happen guys is if you’re using weight That’s too heavy a lot of people tend to lean back a lot and you’re leaning back to Compensate for how heavy the weight is so if you’re leaning back this reduces your range of motion You guys can see in my back that I’m not able to go back as far So make sure you’re sitting up as straight as you can pulling back Flexing for two seconds go to the front pull back And repeat for eight to ten reps now for those of you guys who? Don’t have access to a cable machine or if you just want to try something Different you can also utilize the T-bar row for this movement as well Just make sure you follow the same parameters make sure that you’re bent over as much as possible in order to have as much range of motion as Possible make sure you’re not using momentum And also make sure you you’re doing that two-second hold at the top of every single Repetition in the third exercise in this tri set is going to be a bent over row with an underhand grip Remember guys if you’re trying to target your last as much as possible You always want to use the underhand grip Because when you go over him you start to bring a lot more upper back and rear delt into the movement and that’s not what our goal is right now our goal is to hit that back as high as we can and we’re going to do the overload Exercise right now so to get into position once again. You always want to keep your upper body as parallel to the floor as possible the more Parallel your upper body is to the floor The more range of motion you have to work your muscles and for those of you guys Don’t know what parallel means it means basically being like this, so you don’t want to stats up raise your torso like that So you’re pulling less and less you want be bent over as much as possible So get into position by grabbing the barbell just outside of shoulder width get as parallel as you can Have an underhand grip on the bar and once you’re in place You’re going to pull it to your bellybutton and then come back down And you’re not doing anything like two second holds on this guy’s this is going to be eight to ten straight repetition Being in control of the weight the entire time so pull up come back down pull up come back down and repeat like this for eight to ten repetitions and this is how you do the last exercise and the movement now guys it is so Important when doing these triceps that you follow the parameters so for example first two exercises just to help you build that mind-muscle connection You’re not trying to use as much weight as you can only timing to try to use as much weight as you possibly can It’s when you get to the barbell bent over row because this is the overload exercise Now as for the routine itself you’re going to perform eight to ten reps per exercise and complete four rounds of all three movements Only resting 60 to 90 seconds after you complete one round of all three exercises Remember guys. It’s a try set. So there is no rest between exercises And you’re going to complete a total of four rounds and this workout should only take you about 20 to 25 minutes max to complete Remember the Idea behind this series is to get you in and out of the gym as fast as possible while dealing Maximum muscle damage for Regrowth because as a hard gainer you don’t want to be burning too many calories With long workouts you need those calories to build muscle also If you’re not a hard gainer and want to add this workout to your current back training try adding two rounds as a finisher after you finish your current back workout now if you enjoyed the video be sure to show some love by Snatching that like button and leave a comment below so I know which muscle group you want to see covered next in this series Don’t forget to check out the full playlist of all the muscles I’ve already made routines for down in that info section below Click that notification bell so you never miss a new video upload and as always More good stuff coming soon. See you guys

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    One question: When I do pushups, I feel like my anterior deltoids get exhausted before I can get to exhaustion of my pecs/body. I'm wondering if there's anything I can do.

    So far I tried lowering my elbows even more while trying to touch my wing bones in my back together (like you say in another video), and concentrating on the pecs.


  4. Yo Scott… my words can't explain how many times u helped me with everything. You are friking awesome dude good job. I have 1 question… 2-3 months ago i broke my left radius stayed 2 weeks with the plasture thing i dont know how to name it. Recently, i started bulking. With the right hand i can make 1 exercise like 10 reps and with the left i can only make 6. What is your best recommendation for this? Thank you

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    Please help. No one is posting videos about exhaustion and fatigue on YouTube. Everyone is just talking about pumping muscles. I'm stuck with this exhaustion and don't know what to do.

  9. Great exercise tips/reminders 👍🏻and thank you for changing your outtro beat ….. I've been praying for years👍🏻

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    This is an issue I usually have with superset routines and the fact that my gym is always crowded.

    You chest routine didn't have this issue because everything was on a bench.

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  13. I incorporated your pull up and row tips in my workout yesterday, I definitely feel the soreness today. THANKS.

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    Thanks Scott!
    By the way, how can I use excercise from your Skinny Guys Playlist as a whole program? Because as I check your 12 weeks 5 day split is not using this exercise. Do you have any routine for skinny guys?

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  22. Scott, thank you! I've been following the chest hardgainer workout and love it. My question: How to schedule my week? Monday – chest, Tuesday – Back, Wednesday – Shoulders, Thursday – Chest, Friday – Back, Saturday – Shoulders, Sunday – rest? If I do that, can I throw bicep exercise and leg exercise at the end of each HARDGAINER workout and call it a day? Is that a good regimen to follow? Not sure if you can answer here but either way I really dig you man and really enjoy your contect. So helpful and make fun to go the gym "with you"

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  26. I'm a little confused. For the weighted hang, you said instead of doing 8 to 10 reps, you said to hold it for up to 20-30 secs. But then you said to do 8 to 10 reps of it. Was that a mistake? Because if that wasn't a mistake, that one set could take up to 5 minutes!

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    I would say, pull-ups + cable rowing + deadlift for a complete back workout.

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