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25 thoughts on “3 Best Bodyweight Exercises Ever | Train Every Muscle!

  1. The best 3 exercicies YOU CAN DO would be a nice video to watch. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
    Greetings from Brazil!

    Edit: Intersting that 2 of the exercises are with rings ( my favorite equipment ) , I'm still unable to do such movements, but what I like about CM channel, is that you guys always teach the whole movement, from beginner to advanced, that's the great thing about this channel.

  2. As a guy who trains calisthenics i could vouch for these exercises, especially the pistol squat. At my first visit to the gym(i usually train at home) I managed to do 250 kg leg presses at 60 kg bodyweight. Learn this exercises friends. They're all worth it

  3. Hey just wanted to know how many muscles up should I do im at about 6 pull up and 10 dips without a break and should I do this everyday ?

  4. Is this the ultimate program? Like after all those exercises to become capable of doing these, are these the final three moves that you should be doing for the rest of your life?

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