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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey it’s Dr. Tim Varghese of Movement
Solutions. Today, we’re gonna go through three great exercises to improve
back health. When it comes to improving back health a lot of us are in this
overextended back position which causes discomfort when were standing for long
periods of time. We’re to go through a couple of great exercises to help take
us out of that. One of the reasons why we get stuck in that position or because
the spine is stiff and the hip flexors are stiff and the abs and glutes are not engaging
as well as they should. So we’re gonna work on improving the mobility in those
two areas and improving stability around the midsection. So that first stretch is going to be a t-spine mobility exercise. I’m gonna have
Taylor lay on her side. She’s gonna put top leg on the roll she’s gonna take her left hand to
keep her knee in place. And she’s gonna take the right hand and grab the rib cage. She’s gonna turn and rotate to the right. She should feel a nice stretch in
through her upper back. After she feels that stretch, she going to come on back and she’s
gonna work through this between three to five repetitions really working on
opening up that thoracic spine and getting it to the extend and getting it
into rotate. After she’s done about three to five repetitions, she’s next gonna
move into a hip flexor stretch. So for the hip flexor stretch, she’s gonna drop
it to a half kneeling position. She’s going to use a dowel for balance and
lower her hand just a little bit. In this position, she’s going to tighten up
her glute muscle on that right side. She’s going to push that hip forward so she feels nice
stretch to the front part of the thigh. After about two seconds she’s gonna come
on back and then she’s gonna move into it once more. She’s going to do that
between three to five repetitions to help open up her hip flexors. After about
three to five repetitions on each side, you want to go into engaging those core
muscles and engaging those glute muscles. One of the best ways to do that is
with a plank exercise. So with a plank, we’re going to start on all fours. And
in this version of the plank, we really want her to round this back half and
really engage those abs. So she’s gonna start with a really nice “angry cat”
get that back nice and round to get those abs to kick in. Then she’s gonna drop to her forearms and she’s going to maintain that “angry cat” position. When she’s on her
forearms just gonna reach out one leg. Gonna stay “angry cat.” Straighten out the
other leg. She’s gonna stay “angry cat.” And she’s gonna squeeze her glutes. She’s gonna hold that for about 10 seconds. Really feeling a lot of core activation
here. A lot of glute activation. And really getting that midline to stabilize. After
about 10 seconds she’s going to relax it’s gonna put her knees back down. She’s going to want to do between 2 to 3 repetitions of these. So, if you feel like
you’ve got some back issues; especially standing for long periods of time, try
out these three exercises and see what they do for you.

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