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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– Hi guys, I’m Dr. Andy. Today we are going to through the three best exercises for the low back. The entire idea is to kind
of strengthen our core so that we have really good
control over these joints. If these joints kind of
become a little too lax and we lack good motor control, well then we start to loose
good movement patterns. And when we’re not moving correctly, we tend to develop a
lot of, a lot of pain. All right? So the first thing we gonna
start with is a glute bridge. To do a glute bridge, we are gonna start
laying flat on our back. Hands can rest just on our sides, just like they are with Mr. Mitch. The legs are gonna be
about shoulder width apart, even a little bit farther is okay. And so when we do this, we are going to push through our heels, activating our core and our glutes, raising up off of the ground. Come on up for me Mitch, so
that we create a nice long line. And you’ve even gonna feel
a good kind of a stretch in through the front, through the soas. You can relax. I would say you want to do these, and maybe about 10 of them at a time. Hold each one for five
seconds, a couple times a day. So another one for me please. You’re gonna push through the heels, activating your core and your glutes, having a good activation in your glutes, your butt is really, really important. All right? Hold for a good five seconds
and then bring it on back down. All right? That is a good hip bridge. What we’re gonna do next
is we are going to do the dead bug, okay? So to start with the dead bug, we need the legs and
the arms straight out, so we’re creating a nice, long line. The arms can rest on the
ground and so can the heels. To start this, we are
going to bring the left arm and the right leg up until we can get them as close to touching as we can, all right? And then hold it for about a second and then bring it back
down for a count of two. So you want to do about a two second up, hold for a second and a
count of two back down. And now we switch. So now we do the right
arm and the left leg. Bring ’em up. That’s perfect, hold for a
second and bring it back down. That’s perfect. What we want to do is we want
to alternate 10 on each side. I would say do that
about three times a day until you feel a whole lot better, okay? Next thing we’re gonna do is bird dog. Bird dog starts on our hands and knees, so flip on over for me, thank you Mitch. Our knees are going to be
underneath our hips, perfect, and our arms about shoulder width apart, directly above our shoulders. And we’re gonna do
something similar, okay. So we are going to start
by raising our left arm and straightening our right leg until they are in line with the body, making sure that we’re taking, you know, keeping good control of this core. Hold for a second. Bring it back down, for
about a count of two. Same thing, we’re going to alternate, so we’re going to do the
right arm and the left leg, straight out until they’re
nice in line with the body. Hold for a second and bring it
back down for a count of two. We’re going to alternate doing this, I would say 10 times on each side a couple of times a day, all right? If you have any questions
please comment below, email us, share with a friend and remember to live with
passion and not pain.

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