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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey, everybody
Shaun Hadsall here, the owner of Get Lean in
12 and fat loss expert for people over 35 years old. And if you’re scrolling
through your feed and you see this, stop by,
drop a comment below. Let us know where
you’re from on Facebook. And I’m going to introduce
you to three exercises that are specifically designed to
reactivate declining fat loss hormones for people in
their 40s, 50s, or 60s. So if you’re over 35 years old,
stop by, pay close attention, because these three
exercises are specifically designed to help you
quickly lose belly fat. And what I’m going to do is I’m
going to give you modifications for all three of
these exercises, which are a part of a system I’ve
created called the Over 40 Ab Solution. And this is the
same exact system my wife Karen and I have
used for over 10 years to look years younger
than our real age. People always ask us how
we look so much younger than our real age. My wife is actually 11 years
older than me she’s 57. I’m 46, we have four
beautiful grandkids, and the movements that
I’m going to introduce you to here in a second that
are part of our system that you’ll find at the
link around this video, is how my wife was able to get
rid of her menopause belly. About 10 years ago
when we first met, she was diagnosed
with colorectal cancer and this forced her
into early menopause. And she accumulated a
ton of upper belly fat. So the three movements I’m
going to show you right now is how she flattened her belly. Now, if you click the
link around this video, depending on the device
that you’re watching, you’re going to learn
all about her story and you’re also
going to learn all about our system
of digital guides that can help you
quickly lose belly fat if you’re over 35 years old. So these three exercises
are number one– the burpee. I’m going to give you a
modification of the burpee to make it easy no
matter what age you are. I’m also going to show
you a lunge and a couple of variations of one
just for beginners, intermediate, and advanced. And I’m also going to show you
a couple of variations of what we call a mountain climber. Now, when these three
exercises are performed in a strategic sequence
with strategic rest periods and strategic
intensity levels, it only takes 12 minutes per
day to reactivate your declining fat loss hormones, and help you
quickly lose more belly fat. So first, let’s talk about the
king of all kings, the burpee. Now, a burpee is typically
pretty hard for somebody to use that is
not in great shape or might have some limitations. So let me show you a
couple modifications. But the original
burpee works so well because it activates the largest
muscle groups in the body. It uses the legs, the quads,
the hamstrings, the glutes. It uses your core and
it also use your chest. An original burpee is simply
going down to your hands– you’re kicking out your feet,
going into a push-up position, back up, and then jumping. That is a complete, advanced
version of a burpee. So you can see you’re
going down, out again, push-up, up, back up, and jump. And then you would repeat
that in a strategic sequence with these other two exercises. Now, if you’re a beginner
or an intermediate and you’re struggling
with this type of movement with the jump and
the push-up, you can just simply go like this. You can walk back, walk back
up, and then take a jump. Or you could go down slower,
walk back, do the push-up, come back up, walk back,
and then do the jump. So there’s a couple
of variations for you. Now, when you do this for
30 to 60 seconds, timed. You’re not going to
count reps, you’re just going to time it
for 30 to 60 seconds. Going as hard as you can go
for your personal condition. This is the type of movement
that will kick up your body’s fight or flight response. It’s called your
sympathetic nervous system. And this forces the body
to release adrenaline from the adrenal glands. And these particular
hormones that are released from
the adrenal gland are responsible for
releasing stubborn fat cells into the bloodstream so
they can be burned off. So now let’s talk about
the second exercise that’s designed for people over
35 years old to quickly lose belly fat. And that is the lunge. So there’s a couple different
variations of the lunge that you can do. The simplest one is to put
your hands on your side, and you’re going
to step forward. And the key to this, once
you come back up like this, there’s a couple things
you got to keep in mind. So you’re going to step,
push from heel, come back. And then you’re going to
alternate your feet, boom, like this. Now, when you come down,
it’s very important that you leave your
knee behind your toe, you have about a 90
degree angle here, and a 90 degree angle here. So, well, I’ll go ahead
and just perform a couple. Pushing from the
heel, you’re going to exhale when you push up. You’re going to inhale
when you come down. So exhale, inhale,
push from the heel. Now, if you want to take
this to the next level, really get the heart rate
pumping and really activate these declining hormones,
then you can go ahead and you can start doing
it in a shuffle fashion. Again, when we push,
we’re breathing out. We come down, we’re
breathing in, all right? Now, if you’re really advanced
and you’ve been at it for years like I have, you can take
this to the next level and really jump high. So there’s an introduction
to how to do the lunge. Again, just make sure
that when you come down, you’re not letting that
knee pass over your toe, and you’re keeping
these 90 degree angles. You’re pushing from the
heels, not the toes, because that eliminates
stress off the knees. And then making sure– I’m losing my breath, here– making sure that you’re
exhaling upon exertion. So when you’re pushing
up, you’re exhaling. When you’re coming back down,
in the negative or eccentric movement, you’re inhaling. So that’s exercise number two. Exercise number three
is the mountain climber. And there’s variations
of the mountain climber that you can do, depending
on whether or not you’re a beginner,
intermediate, and advanced. But the mountain
climber is simply getting in a push-up
plank position, and then you’re just going to
drive your knees forward one at a time. Try and keep your butt down. Now, you’re working your core. You’re driving your legs up,
so you’re working your legs. Most importantly, you’re
raising your heart rate up. And the intensity
level is strategically designed to kick up your body’s
fight or flight response again. So the adrenal gland is going
to release this adrenaline. Keep in mind, these are
the three exercises that have helped me maintain 10%– or even lower– body
fat for over 10 years. And you’ll learn– or you’ll
see my progress pictures when you click the
link around this video and you go check out our system. I’ll also post them below. And then you’ll also see over
30 scientific, published studies showing that these exercises– done with the right intensity,
with the right periods– are strategically designed
to increase growth hormone up to 400% to 700%. Now, if you’re over 35 years
old, this is a really big deal. See, after 35,
growth hormone levels decline rapidly inside the body. This is a condition
known as somatopause. And these three movements,
done in a strategic way that I show you how to do
it inside of our system, are specifically designed to
reactivate growth hormone. And the research shows it
can elevate growth hormone, like I said, up to 400% to 700%. So this is a big deal. So let’s talk about a couple
modifications on the mountain climber. So if you can’t do
this, it’s simple– just stay here, bring one
foot up, and tap it back down. Move it up, and
tap it back down. Then as you get better,
you can go slower– this. And then as you learn it,
you can pick up the pace. Now, there are a
couple more things I want to share about my system. So again, when these
three exercises are done in a
strategic sequence, you’ll get all
kinds of benefits, hormonally, to help you
quickly lose belly fat. There’s a couple
more things that I want to share with
you about our system. The first thing is, is when
you go over to our website, you’re going to see about
five or six digital guides that you can get your hands on. We do have a 90 day money
back guarantee on this, so you have nothing to lose
and everything to gain– except belly fat– for
checking out our system. But these five different
guides sometimes can be a little overwhelming
for some people. I think the main
guide’s over 100 pages. So go to the Success Tracker. When you download your PDFs, go
right to the Success Tracker. It’s 22 pages. It breaks down the entire
program into bare bones. It gives you a carb cycling,
paleo-friendly nutrition plan at the beginning of it–
in the first several pages. Then you’ll have a log sheet
for each day that gives you your workout charts, it
gives you a tracking system, and it shows you exactly
how to use our diet to help you quickly
lose belly fat. So it breaks it all down
into the bare bones. Go to the Success
Tracker and start there. Now, another thing that
I want to share with you is something that we’re
really passionate about. Three years ago, my
business partner and I started going down to
Nicaragua on mission trips to help install water wells
in these third-world countries where these people
wake up every day, and their villages are sick
and the people are dying, because they’re drinking
contaminated water. The same water the cows
are drinking out of. They’re washing their
clothes in this water. The cows are drinking it. They’re drinking it. And when we leave, Living
Water follows up with them and keeps their well
maintained and educates them. So we went down there
three years in a row and for every person who
grabs a copy of the Over 40 Ab Solution, we’re going to give
clean water to a needy child for almost 90 days. Now last year in 2016, Get Lean
in 12 donated almost $30,000, and we had four water wells
installed across the globe to help us save lives. So you can be a part
of this amazing cause. Just click the link
somewhere around this video. Again, you have nothing
to lose because there’s a 90 day money back
guarantee on it. And if you have questions, go
ahead and drop a comment below. If you learned
something in this video, you got something out of
it, can you do me a favor? Can you tag somebody? Can you give me some hearts? Can you give me some likes? Can you share this?

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