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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

John: This is John Kohler with
Today we have another exciting episode for you. I’m very glad to be at the 2013 Woodstock
Food Festival and to be interviewing another one of the pioneers here. His name is Don
Bennett DAS and his website is and he’s been into the raw, vegan, fruit based
diet for over 20 years now. He’s been doing it successfully as a researcher, not just
as somebody who’s doing it. So he’s always looking at different things and, I mean, this
guy is a genius and you definitely want to check him out and you want to listen to this
video. You can definitely learn a lot. So, one question have for you, Don, is what’s
the three best exercises for humans. Don: the three best exercises for humans?
Think about it. What would we have done naturally in nature millions of years ago? Well, we
would have done a lot of walking, you know, foraging for our food, you know. We would’ve
climbed, to get some of the, you know, food because not all of it is low hanging, so you
want to get some good stuff up there. So we would have done climbing, and every once in
a while we would’ve been chased by a lion so we would’ve sprinted. We would’ve done
like the zebras, you know, run as fast as we possibly can, and you can’t outrun a lion,
but you don’t have to outrun a lion, you just have to outrun the person you’re running with.
So, we would’ve been great sprinters, not long distance runner. Later on we would’ve
had to start running down our food because we moved to a colder climate and we had to
eat animals then and we had to run them down until they got tired because they got fur
and they couldn’t sweat and then there was distance running that served us, but not originally,
and I’m big on original. Doug: Wow. I mean, I would definitely agree
with Don. I mean, I don’t like going to gyms in and unnatural environment. I mean, for
me, what exercise is to me, I’m just going to out in nature and do what I need to do.
If there’s fruit in the tree, I’m climbing it. I’m building my garden. I mean, I’m carrying
some heavy sacks, walking around, you know, digging; I’m digging in the dirt, just getting
natural exercise. Don, how often do you recommend somebody exercise or get some kind of physical
activity in their lives. Well, that’s the thing, you don’t, if you’re not some place
where you can join a climbing gym or there’s no trees to climb or things to climb, you,
I go to the gym once a week because where I am there’s nothing to climb, so I got a
gym once a week and I use the machines that would approximate what I would be doing if
I was climbing, so I just work out and it uses the muscle groups for climbing. I don’t
lift weights like this because I’m loading the spine and I’d never do that in nature.
So, I’m using machines that approximate what I would be doing if I was climbing, and of
course I go on the, you know, the running things, what are they called? The treadmills.
So, I’ll do that, or I’ll just be outside doing it of course, but outside in Florida
it’s all flat, so I go out on the treadmill and crank it up and get some hill work because
there would have been hills a long time ago, and one time the guy was next to me in the
treadmill next to me and he goes, ‘you know, you’re making it a lot harder than it has
to be,’ and I said, ‘well, that’s the idea. I want to do some huffing and puffin here,’
and I do run. Once a week I do run, 15 seconds. John: 15? Now what’s up? So, you’re telling
people they could go out and run for 15 seconds? Doug: Once a week, and if you do that, I’m
talking about sprinting, I’m talking about like pretending there’s a lion and you run.
John: Or you’re late for the bus. Doug: Or you’re late for the bus, right. So,
you run as fast as you can for as long as you can on some soft soil because you don’t
want to damage your knees. You do that once a week or 15 seconds or whatever the length
is for you, you’ll be able to do that when you’re 90. Not as fast and not as long, but
how many 90 years old can still sprint some? John: Wow. I mean, it’s just really funny
that I just could’ve, that’s come to me naturally, like these 3 things. I love to climb, I love
to sprint. I mean, I’m not a runner, but I’m in the grocery store, I park from far away,
boom, and I’m like, ‘man, look at that guy,’ and I’m gone, or I’ll be here at the Woodstock
Food Festival and I’ll be sprinting every once in a while, you know, just, I just love
to run. It makes me feel good when I’m doing that, but I don’t like long distance. So,
Don, what do you think for people that like long distance running? You know, some people
might be into the fruit-based diets and be athletes and like run 10 miles a day. Is that
really healthy? Do we need that hard for our joints? What’s your opinions on that?
Doug: We certainly don’t need it. You could also take a cue from little kids. You never
see little kids running for 10 miles. They will sprint. They’ll sprint, boom, from here
to here. They’ll move from point a to point b by sprinting. They don’t do long distance.
If they have to go a long distance, they’ll walk. That’s what we used to do. Yea, you
know, athlete people say, ‘wow, you look athletic,’ and I say, ‘no, I don’t want to be an athlete.’
Athletes hurt themselves. I don’t want to do any sport that has an injury named after,
like tennis. Tennis elbow. You can’t pay me to play tennis. We wouldn’t’ve, the motion.
Just because you can physically do something, like throw baseball, baseball pitchers hurt
their arms and stuff. I don’t want to do something that’s painful. I want to do something I love
and that loves me back, you know. Plus, there’s another aspect, If you’re over-exercising,
what I call being over fit, you’re having to eat a lot more food now than you normally
would to fuel that level of activity. That’s more money, that’s more digestion that has
to go on, you’re going to have sleep longer to build up the nervous system energy that
digestion requires. So, now you’re sleeping longer, you’re awake less, and when can you
enjoy life? Only when you’re awake, okay? Well, maybe if the dream was a real good dream,
but otherwise only when you’re awake can you enjoy life, but the less you sleep the better.
So, the less over activity you do, the less you sleep, the more you’re awake, and it’s
great. John: Wow. Wow. So, Don, I know many people
out there that are watching this, I mean, what is the statistic, 66% of Americans are
overweight or obese, and some of the people out there that are watching this may have
some weight challenges and, you know, but they got in their mindset, ‘oh, I got to exercise
to lose weight, so I got to go run or I got to go to the gym.’ So, what would you say
to them? Doug: Exercise is the least effective way
to manage your weight. The absolute least effective way. We are very efficient. Cars
get, what’s a good mileage for cars? John: A prius, 50 MPG.
Doug: 50MPG. We get 300 MPG, seriously, if you do the math. So, we’re very efficient
users of fuel, so to try and burn off that piece of junk food pie that you ate for lunch
by running, you’d have to run for so long, it doesn’t work. You’re doomed for failure.
The best way to keep a normal weight is to keep the food you designed to eat and don’t
eat the foods you’re designed to eat, and then you got to make sure you’re getting enough
of the nutrients, like iodine is a good. Iodine controls your thyroid, you’re thyroids controls
your metabolism, id you’re metabolism is slower than normal, for you, then you’re going to
tend to hang on to weight more, so you want a normal metabolism. So, you do that by making
sure your nutrients are good, especially iodine, and you want to be active. If you’re active,
it’ll help to give you a normal metabolism. So, you be active, eat the foods you’re designed
to eat, keep a, I won’t say a low-fat diet, I would say and appropriate fat diet, which
is not what most people are eating by the way, and you’ll be your normal weight, whatever
your normal weight is supposed to be, then you’ll soon almost want to be muscular because
what good is being at the right weight, the fat weight, I should say, you know, your body
fat content, if that’s perfect, you look in a full-length mirror and say, ‘I still don’t
look good,’ because you’re under-muscled now. So, before you were overweight and under muscled.
Now, you’re normal weight but you’re still under muscled. You want to look good and feel
good? Normal weight, normal muscle. John: Wow, Doug. So, you talked about eating
the proper diet for us and, you know, for those of the views that maybe don’t know about
this, what is our die that we should be naturally eating? The one we’re designed for.
Doug: The diet that we’re designed for or the one that everyone else is eating? No,
the one we’re designed for. Well, you know the fuel that you put in your car, you wouldn’t
put any other fuel in your car than what it’s designed for. You would be crazy to do that,
yet we do it all the time with our own bodies. It’s fruit, it’s great, its delicious, it’s
not a snack, it’s a meal. So, when I’m eating this delicious fruits, and tropical fruits
specifically. So, the bananas, the papayas, the mangoes, and there’s some other ones that
a lot of people haven’t even heard of. Have you heard of durian? Oh my god.
John: Abiou. Doug: These are the things you eat that they’re
so good you’re pounding the table and your eyes are rolling back into your socket and
people see that and they try it and they go, ‘you must give me the recipe for this,’ and
it’s like, ‘it’s not a recipe, this is black supode. It’s chocolate pudding right out of
the fruit. You can get these things.’ You have to find out about them, how to get them,
but fruit. Fruit is what we’re designed to eat. It’s the best thing for us.
John: Wow. Well, thank you, Don. Well, Hopefully this has enriched your guys’s life. I mean,
I’m sure you felt that Don is a wealth of information. Hopefully you go to his website, He has some books that he’s written. You can learn all about the best
exercise, the proper diet and so many other things in his books that he’s here to share
with you guys. So, Don, have any last words for my viewers today?
Doug: Yes. The most important thing is, learn this stuff, yes, but not as a student. Do
it as a researcher, and make sure you remember, yea, diet is important, but it is no more
important than getting the appropriate amount of physical activity, enough sleep, stress
management, hydration, a toxin avoidance, they’re all equally important.
John: Wow. Definitely some wise words, Don, and thanks a lot for being on my show today.
Once again, my name is John Kohler with We’ll see you next time, and remember, keep
eating your fresh fruits and vegetables. They’re always the best. This is John Kohler with Today I have another exciting episode for you. This is going to be definitely very
special and we got special gust Dr. Doug Graham with us today to-

35 thoughts on “3 Best Exercises & Why Exercise is the WORST Way to Lose Weight

  1. Paleo exercise! My favorite exercise is hiking in the woods. Not only is it one of the healthiest forms of exercise physically, but it's extremely enjoyable too!

  2. There has been research done on this too. 

    30s of ultra high intensity exercise a few times per day, leads to the same health benefits as hours of "traditional" exercise.

  3. You'd be doing a lot more than walking, climbing, and sprinting once a week for 15 seconds. You'd be building shelter (cutting, sawing, chopping, lifting, tying), hunting food (throwing, dragging, butchering, and lifting), creating tools and fire which is a lot of work on your hands and wrists. I agree that walking and climbing and running is important, but so is everything else. The easiest way to recreate the other things i mentioned is through strength and resistance training.

  4. best exercises not in order of importance. 1)pull ups 2) pulling things 3)sled pushes 4) squats in the gym ( the best exercise overall, and you might need to squat something in real life).. 5)running and incorporating spring over long intervals 6) overall like he said any natural movements

  5. overall I agree that compound pulling/pushing/lifting/running are the best core exercises.  I do not agree that 15 seconds of sprinting per week has any real physiological impact, and is more likely to injure you due to acute trauma particularly to tendons.  Interval sprints have high value, but only if done properly and consistently.  Lastly, calorie intake and basal metabolic rates mostly determines weight loss, however intermittent increased output is vital for overall health.

  6. I would think starving yourself would be the worst way to lose weight. I like Don Bennet. I hope to see him at Th Woodstock Fruit Festival in 2014.

  7. Good stuff… Don's site is excellent.
    I am not sure about the speculation on "original" human hunting. The oldest known human culture is the African Bushman culture and they are oldest by far [ many 10000 of yrs ] and they have a hunting technique of endurance running… c.8 hours chasing until the prey is exhausted. Of course when this was adopted we do not know.

    BUT, more importantly!!!.. Don is cool but he is dead wrong about health factors being "equally as important". STRESS is the number one killer, life-ruiner, diseaser by far. Destressing should be your priority, not diet. Even the mainstream Doctors admit that. Stressing about diet is counterproductive.
    But yeah, eat fruit and avoid the mistakes [bread, omega 6 OD, low minerals etc].

  8. I'm into hiking so much. I hike sometimes 30 miles on the weekends in difficult terrain with lots of altitude change and a 30-40 pound pack on. And during the week I go for quickie 2-4 mile hikes in the hills like every other day. Some days I bike on my recumbent bike to the beach and back.

  9. It's amazing how many calories are burned just going outside and doing physical work–yard & garden. Hiking is way more fun than walking too. :). The sprints, I've heard recent studies claim that interval training where you do bursts of sprints (hi-intensity) followed by low intensity, burns the most fat and actually has cardio benefits. The best shape of my life, I was doing interval training. For mental clarity and detox, you can not inestimable yoga. I am impressed how yoga has helped.
    Overall, the general message here makes some sense to me. Thank you for sharing, whether we all agree or not!

  10. i don't agree to this guy when it comes to working out but when it comes with food he gives great advice but meat is also awesome

  11. So the human body is solely designed for fruit? Specifically tropical fruit? So I guess people who live in colder climates are like an abomination or something. This doesn't make sense to me. Exercise is exercise. All your limbs have a full range of motion; if you're putting that to work- its exercise. And the human body needs it. I think there's plenty of proof that shows it could help you lose weight.

  12. I completely get this perspective and enjoy your videos, but it is a bugbear when people say the food we're 'designed to eat'. I'm not saying that fruit isn't natural, but we were not designed , we evolved. Saying 'designed for' hurts credibility.

  13. These words are great and true, but weight training is very beneficial. Back then I think our ancestors had times where they had to move heavy things or cary baskets of things to take to their families. Body building isn't natural but lifting things is.

  14. @health101DOTorg  Hi Don, I was wondering what your opinions are on what the better cardio machines were to purchase. I would think the treadmills would be hard on the joints. Maybe the bike machines would be better? Since you can control your posture, and you aren't landing on any joints… I live in an area where we get snowed in a lot and it's very cold, so for many parts of the year, it's difficult to get outside.  Also, I was wondering what exercises you would do at a gym to immitate climbing.

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