Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Strengthens and strong your lower body keeps your knee strong and supple also increase
your flexibility more important gives your normal butt. Let’s get started Place your hands in front of you and relax
chin up tuck your abs abs gently push your hips back neutral go down until your legs
are balanced to the floor and come up keep in notice you are not pushing knees forward
you just maintain the neutral of the and go down without putting any strain on your back
and come up just feel the extension at your boots and release as you are going up with
the exhale gently hold down and come up continue doing this for 20 reps to get the nice tone
butt. Now to go for more advanced options we can start using some weights and come to the
same position hold the weight keeping your elbow soft without locking it so that we will
not end up cutting your shoulder joints keep them soft or we can place on your upper thigh
or to more weight we can place on the shoulder continue doing the same just go back push
your hips and both the legs are parallel maintain neutral and come up go down and come up inhale
exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale just make sure you are just maintaining your natural
without pushing forward and make sure knees are not coming forward pointing in the toes
rightly done you will see a tremendous improvement. Inner thigh squats just place your legs as
wide as you are comfortable toes pointing out at 90 degree and keep your shoulders relaxed
back straight tuck your abs in look straight you can pull the weight in front and gently
push your knees towards your toes and swipe the hips downs until both the thighs come parallel
to the floor you are not coming forward just tuck your abs and gently release continue
doing inhale and exhale inhale exhale 4 5 6 continue doing for 20 reps and you will
see a lot of improvement within a months time.

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