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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hello everyone. Greetings to all of you I hope you all are doing well. Today’s video is going to be very interesting And the topic for this video is Which are the three essential supplements You must include in your diet If you are a gym-goer or just willing to improve your health. Especially for beginners. I can totally understand, as a beginner When you go to the gym You are very passionate towards Improving your health and developing a good physique. When you notice people with good physiques exercising around you you tend to get influenced and start consuming a variety of supplements which you should not. Initially you must only concentrate on improving your basic natural diet. But still, if you wish to add a supplement The first one should be Whey Protein. Whey Protein can be found in various forms For example, concentrate, isolate and hydrolyzed But if you are a beginner at the gym and it has been only a few days since you’ve started going to the gym. You should start with Whey Protein Concentrate. That too only after 20 minutes after your workout be it in the morning or evening Consume 1 scoop in your meal. I would like to inform all my viewers that as there is a lot of duplicity in the market, If you wish to buy any authentic supplement You can purchase it from For which the link will be provided in the description box below. You can check for any supplements you want And order directly from the website. You will get authentic supplements at great prices on the website. Let’s get back to the topic which was whey protein. There are a lot of myths around whey protein like Whether I should consume it or not, Why should I consume it for weight loss? Why should I consume it for muscle building? Etc. Let me clear the myth about whey protein Irrespective of what your goal is You can consume whey protein There is no harm. But “how much should be consumed?” is another question As I mentioned earlier First of all, you should calculate your natural diet. Now you must be wondering how to do the calculation So let’s say my weight is 100kg and there is another person whose weight is 50kg. 25 calories per kg of body weight are my daily requirement To stay healthy and do regular exercise. The calories you consume should consist of 50% carbohydrates, 35% protein and 15% fats. Now calculate how much of the 35% protein You get from a natural diet and how much protein is lacking? The amount lacking can be compensated By consuming whey protein. Also, when we do any exercise our muscle fibers tend to breakdown and to repair those muscles protein is an essential requirement. But if I eat eggs, chicken, etc. after a workout It would take some time to digest. So basically, by consuming whey protein the process of muscles breakdown repair happens faster and it helps to achieve muscle growth. Even if you are looking to lose weight you can consume whey protein But if you are a beginner start with whey concentrate And if you want to lose weight you can consume Whey protein isolate which has a lesser amount of carbs. So if you are on a weight loss journey you should consume Whey protein isolate. If you want to add any supplement along with whey protein You should add multivitamins which is very important because However good your workout and diet is You do miss out on some essential vitamins which shouldn’t be left out if you want to improve your health It might be good hair, skin, nails or muscles. Anything you want to improve can be done done by consuming all the vitamins and no matter how hard you try The requirement cannot be fulfilled from the natural diet. because everyone has a very busy schedule and I don’t think anyone can eat a lot of food And even if you do some vitamins are missed which should not be done. For example, calcium, iron, vitamin D, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, etc. are some vitamins which will help you in improving your general health. Like vitamin D and calcium are essential for bone health, Zinc and magnesium are essential for good sleep. What I am trying to convey is that every vitamin plays a role So purchase a good multivitamin from any brand And start consuming one serving with breakfast. after consuming it for 3-4 weeks You will notice your overall health is improving. It is not just about muscle building You will notice the improvement in eyesight, hair, skin, and muscles, etc. The reason for suggesting this second supplement was that along with any purpose including weight loss, weight gain, and muscle building You should take care of the smaller things as well. This is missing in most of the gyms today as most people focus only on muscle building and consuming protein. But you need to take care of a lot of things along with muscles. So start consuming multivitamins and once you start seeing the results I am sure you will thank me. The third supplement which I want to include is one which everyone usually misses out on In their diet and as a beginner You have no clue as to whether it is essential in your diet or not. Yes, it is very essential and it is called good fat. You can consume fish oil for good fats But if you are a vegetarian You can consume flaxseed oil or Badam Rogan which is easily available in the market. The best time to consume good fat is before going to sleep. Now how will good fat help, you might ask? Whenever you workout A lot of inflammation occurs in the body And it hampers muscle growth. So if you consume a good amount of good fats in your diet you can stay away from inflammation. Second, your heart will remain healthy Because it is the main muscle involved in performing any exercise As it delivers oxygen to the working muscle. All in all, along with biceps and legs The primary muscle you need to keep healthy Is your heart, for which good fat is an essential requirement. This is why as a beginner You must surely include good fat in your diet. A variety of good fats are available on the market As I mentioned, If you are a non-vegetarian you can take 2 grams of fish oil before sleep which is more than enough. But if you are a vegetarian you can take two tablespoons of Flaxseed oil or Badam Rogan before going to sleep. By including these three supplements which are whey protein, multivitamins, and good fat your performance in the gym will improve Which could be strength, stamina or endurance. So if you are a beginner I would suggest Before you move to any other supplements These three are an essential requirement. Along with including supplements I would like to tell you that you must Do your workout properly as well, Because if you rely only on supplements and diet You will not get major any major results. Make sure you do intense workouts Eat a good natural diet and add essential supplements as well. This was our video for today I have shared the three basic supplements you must take But do tell me down in the comments about all the supplements your trainers or people in gym suggest you Further videos will keep coming in Some are diet and supplement related as well. So, do subscribe to the channel Press the like button if you liked the video I will keep coming back with more such videos for you all. Thank you very much Keep watching

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