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what’s going on guys and welcome back to
the fit min could kitchen today’s video is actually inspired by a recent
interview that I had about meal prep so we’re well into the interview and then
she asked me well Kevin what do you do on a weekly basis because you’re always
cooking my steak you know that’s a good question I really just kind of keep it
simple and I’ll just make it make a big batch of chicken a big batch of quinoa
and then just mix and match no big deal it’s you’re like well what does that
mean how do you mix and match just two ingredients I said oh no so let’s say
that for part of the week I want to have Moroccan so I’ll just add in some
chickpeas some almonds and some raisins or something like that and then later on
I want to have tex-mex so I add in some people to gallo some corn black beans
some avocado and then it’s just basically taking the base ingredients of
chicken in the quinoa but I’m tricking my taste buds into thinking that I’m
having something different just by adding in a few ingredients here and
there but she’s like that’s a really cool idea
can I see a video on that mmm she got me because I realized that I don’t have a
video showing one of my staple lunch box ideas so today’s video is just that I’m
gonna be showing you all how to take some lettuce some ground meat and
tomatoes and basically transforming it three different ways in fact there’s no
cooking at all except for the ground meat now one thing that I do want to
stress here is that you need to get a very lean meat because all three of
these meals are gonna be served cold and you do not want to be eating some cold
patty ground meat because it tastes really gritty it ends up looking like
real orange and stuff because all the fat has congealed on it it’s not hot you
probably have to heat up your entire meal I’ll be using a very lean bison but
you can use lean turkey you can lose you can use a chicken breast it’s up to you
all right doc if you are ready to roll up your sleeves for this lunchbox trio
then let’s get started spray a nonstick skillet with olive oil and add onion
then tossing your choice of lean ground meat I’m using Bisons
sprinkle in some garlic and smoked paprika and continue to cook it up next
chop up some green lettuce then dice some roma tomatoes to your meal
container add the lettuce then meat in tomatoes then add black beans fresh
avocado and a little cheddar topped and jalapeno for some heat and a small bit
of Greek yogurt add a pinch of sea salt and pepper now when you want to change
great cucumber over Greek yogurt then add garlic fresh dill a pinch of sea
salt and pepper and fresh lemon mix it up and refrigerate overnight for maximum
flavor add it to your meal container along with wheat pita chips or free pita
bread and if you like add black and kalamata olives when you want to change
from that mix chickpeas bell pepper cucumber thyme oregano olive oil and red
onion if you can stand the bite mix it up then add a pinch of sea salt and
pepper along with feta cheese add it to your meal container and pair
with your favorite low-calorie vinaigrette boom now wave goodbye the lunchtime
borders alright job that is it for today’s video I want to add a comment
below which one of those three the Mexican is the the Mediterranean ish or
the Greek ish type of meal you all would like and if you have an idea to
transform those three things into something completely different then
definitely comment below and if you like these types of videos I invite you to
hit that like button and also to let me know below in the comment section so I
can do much more this lunch box series alright guys thank y’all for watching
until next time I want to keep it healthy but of course never ever boring
Oh bye

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