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Greetings to everyone and welcome back to our channel. As you all are really interested in developing your biceps we will share three moves for bigger biceps in this video. Thank you all for giving so much love to our channel. And if you like the video do press the like button. And those who have not subscribed to our channel yet but want to see more informational videos like these. Do subscribe to our channel. Let us start our video. The first exercise which we are going to perform is missed in many people’s workouts. But if you observe bodybuilders from the ’70s, they used to perform this exercise regularly. A prime example is Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger who used to perform this exercise a lot and we all are a fan of the peak of his biceps. This exercise is called 21 curls and I will show you how to perform this exercise correctly. To perform 21 curls the first thing I need is a straight bar and the first thing I need to check is the distance between my hands. The grip should be shoulder-width apart. This exercise is called 21 curls because in this exercise the number of repetitions to be performed in each set is 21. The first seven repetitions will be half up. The next seven repetitions will be half down. The last seven repetitions will be with full movement. While performing this exercise you have to keep in mind that you cannot swing your body too much. The weight selection should be moderate so that whether you are performing half up, half down or full movement, your control on the weight should be good and you are able to connect the muscle with the weight in a better way. This was the first exercise, 21 curls. The second exercise I am going to perform is called dumbbell curls. I have done some modifications to this exercise which I will explain while I perform it. First, you need to sit straight and hold the dumbbells straight like this. Irrespective of which hand you start with, the number of repetitions will be five. After the five repetitions, I will hold the dumbbell in the middle while performing five repetitions from my other hand. After doing five reps from my other hand I will now hold this dumbbell in the middle and do five more repetitions from my first hand. My target is to perform at least 15 repetitions with each hand. 10 reps from my first hand are complete. Hold. 15 reps with my first hand are complete. Now I have to do five more with my other hand. Make sure your posture is good when you perform this exercise and your control of the weight should be good too. Whenever you release the weight, release it slowly and do a full range of motion in order to squeeze the muscle properly. So weight selection should be done accordingly. The third exercise which I am including is barbell reverse curls. This exercise is useful for forearm development. To perform this exercise I need a straight barbell and the distance between my hands should be 6-8 inches. Before starting the exercise your core should be tight and chest lifted up. When you lift the bar to the finish position you have to hold for a second and squeeze the forearm. After that release the bar slowly. Breathe out when you lift the bar. One more thing you need to keep in mind is that while performing this exercise, you cannot move your elbows too much. Make sure your elbows are locked in one place and your back is not moving as well. Try to do 12 repetitions. This was our video for today. You can perform 3-4 sets of each exercise. But make sure the duration of your workout session is not more than 45 minutes. Also, when you are increasing the intensity of your workout, your control on the weight should be better. Do tell me in the comments which exercise you liked the most. See you. Goodbye

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  1. Along with the posture and exercises, plz disclose your steroids cycles as weel because majority of people won't be able to achieve even half of your physique even after trying for 2-3 years naturally. Be a genuine content creator, not a misguider.

  2. Exercise 21 cirl is most effective for our bigger biceps
    Thanks sir for your inspiration
    And i love you sir God bless you.😀😗😉

  3. Hello sir my name is zameer khan form up in kanpur.. Sir maine apki vedeo dekhi hai or mai apka fain ho gya hun.. Kya ap meri body ko gain kra skte hai plz plz… Mai bahut bahut slim hum…. My contect no. 6394099780…

  4. 47 age hai… Pahle mai power lifting karta tha… Heavy excersise karta hu…. 47 age mai repititation imp hai ya heavy excersise
    Q ki abhi bi mai heavy excersise karta hu..
    Plz advice

  5. Sir , thank you for such informational video .Ek request hai please make video on deadlift and squat exercise as well as workout schedule for beginners . Aur ek cheej ,college students HIFI gym join nai kar pate aur un Gyms me dumbell jyada hote hai as compared to machines. So dumbell related exercise bhi dale apne videos me .Thank you Once again Sir, aap errors jo log karte hai gym me bohot acchi tarike se samjhate ho …..Thank you once again ………Love from Pune:)

  6. Hi Sir,

    A big thanks to u.
    But i have a problem i hope all will be agreed to this.
    problem is:
    we admire the workout and i know its a best i am following the same.but for how many days we should continue.. the same to change the workout because the muscles will be used to that workout.
    so pls pls tell some thing about that

    the facts which u are telling to us is world best. Thanks
    the leg workout which u have demonstrate with mr.tarun gill the key point of sqauts u told best best best .

  7. Sir ek gyno k upar b video bna do ke gyno problem kaise thik ho sakti hai 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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