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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

and what I’m gonna do in this video is
since I gained three pounds this week what I’ll do is I’m gonna give you guys
a tip for every pound that I gain this week just little insights of what I
gained throughout the week that can help you guys what’s up youtube welcome back
to the vlog this is week number two I just woke up super tired man I woke up
late it’s like 10 o’clock I always plan on waking up at like 6:00 in the morning
I never do it first thing I got to do is get on the scale and see if I made any
progress over the last week so let’s check it out all right so 162 is where I ended up at
which is not bad for a week kind of right around where I wanted to be at you
know one to two pounds is optimal for a lean bulk unless you trying a dirty bulk
you really don’t want any more than that and I don’t know I don’t have anything
against dirty bulk and I just can’t do it like everytime I tried to eat a bunch
of junk I literally fell like I’m about to throw up like I don’t know why but I
can’t do it so 1 or 2 pounds a week got three that wasn’t on purpose but I’m not
complaining at all so let’s go ahead and get to meal number one let’s get going
all right guys meal number one is my smoothie I so tip number one is keep it
simple yes again I’m eating or drinking the same
smoothie that I had last week and that’s for a reason all your meals you want
them to be as simple as possible so that you can keep track of them when you
choosing your meals choose something that’s not too expensive something that
you know that you can repeat over and over again until you figure out what
that base amount of calories is for you in order to gain weight you want this to
be a marathon not a sprint going to be something that lasts over time
so again tip number one keep it simple yeah after I burned my hand can’t you
see nothing but it’s burnt you got to trust me and I opened up the eggs to
cook and didn’t realize ain’t got no eggs so I want to work got you boys more
eggs yo so check it out
back from number two exact same thing is last week for aches four slices of bread
or 2x and which you you know depending on how you want to say it on my eggs
burning so tip number two timing one thing that I noticed raw last week was
whenever I signed my meals right it was really easy to give my militant
throughout the day but I think it was like date number two maybe day number
three I forget which one of us but it was one of those but yeah so we worked
it out like me and I had already had one meal but by the time you finished
working out it was about three maybe three 30-ish so I got home and of course
I had an eight since was 95 that morning so then you talking about the feeding
window is just way smaller at that point so I had my second meal like 3:30 so
then I usually go to bed about 10:30 11:00 so you’re talking about four or
five six seven eight nineteen seven hours to try to fit in
three more meals so you’re trying to fill it to a smaller feeding window and
it makes it more difficulty at those meals and I had my third minute like
seven or eight o’clock and then come ten or eleven o’clock when I’m tired and
ready to go to bed it was like she I got tried to fit in the rest of my meals for
that day dang it messing up the eggs what yeah anyway so
what ended up happening was it was like 10 or 11 o’clock and I’m trying to fit
in my last two meals plus my little snack or whatever all in one meal which
was super hard so I ended up staying up like three hours extra that night just
trying to get him all my meals no I was eating constantly for three hours trying
out the way too long in between meals you don’t have to be like you know have
you alarm set for every three hours and then Aria it’s time to eat I gotta go
right now if you’re eating you know four to five mils a day or even six try to
keep that time frame two to four hours between all your meals that’s gonna make
it super easy to get all your military throughout the day regardless of how low
of an appetite you have you use this tip I promise you it works but on your meals
accordingly around your schedule and this will help you so I got an evening yeah that way are you I’m done cooking
got the middle egg sandwiches you know I got a stack of rice cake for some extra
carbs and I got some water as crystallite was is water birth all right
so I’m about to eat this I’m not to watch some palm chasers shut out Chris
Jones and I see all that number three I chopped so I finished eating my number
three now got a cook to eat one on a 4 and number 5 and to meal prep for the
next day I need to start doing my stuff and I bigger off so I don’t have to cook
so often because I do not like cooking but it’s a necessity if you’re trying to
put on the games I’m sure you are the hard gainers already know what time it
is so hey you gotta do what you got to do man I mean I hate bein over like this
and a quick power tip for you try to do something to make your workflow easier
when you have to cook for instance I’ve been eatin ground turkey right I usually
mix onions and peppers with it for extra flavor so the first couple of days when
I was making this I was cutting onions and peppers like every other day I was
getting on my nerves so what I did was I took like three onions cut them up and
put them in Tupperware that way I don’t have to cut them every single day and I
did the same thing with the peppers and it just makes it way easier so when I go
to have to cook sorry someone I have to go to cook it makes things easier and
faster so you can repeat it over a longer period of time without
having and put forth so much effort and be in the kitchen all day unless you
love the cook which I absolutely don’t then this is gonna get real old real
fast are you I move number three is what I
was prepping earlier meat and rice peppers and onions you know what it is
it’s gonna be my pre-workout meal in about an hour and a half maybe two hours
I’m gonna go hit the gym chest day so uh you know what time it is just home too
much all right so we’re actually not at the
gym yet I went to the gym and it was like 8000 251 people in there so there
was no way that I could record but I was intimately eating and forgot that I was
vlogging so I got meal number four right here I’m in the rapport I’m halfway done
and then when I get back from working out my post-workout meal is gonna be the
cereal so if you’re still watching thanks for watching make sure you
subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already don’t forget to like this video
I’ll see you in the next one I’ll take you guys with the gym with me and then
you won’t see me until next week

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  1. I Subbed Looking Foward to some new info on weight gain tips and Tactics. Okay back to watching the vid 😎

  2. Welcome to the Tube brother! I can't dirty bulk either! Doesn't feel great at all! Got some nice chest training too! Keep killing it and got my support!

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