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sometimes a man needs more than just a protein shake sometimes a man needs a recipe Oh Brody so this makes him protein we made good welcome back to the buff dudes kitchen today we’re gonna be making protein pancakes with a little bit of a European twist so actually be crates it’s absolutely delicious with only using ingredients if you’re in a rush this is the way to go you can eat a lot of workout videos recently but without the proper nutrition you just can be regular dude you don’t want that want to be a few let’s do it all right here we go as you can see the three easy ingredients oh yeah BAM right in there there goes one and as you can see we’re just using a shaker bottle which is even easier so you just shake all these ingredients up once they’re put together and it’s good to go all right we’re gonna do one scoop of chocolate protein now that’s just kind of preference you can do vanilla as well if you would like and once that’s in there you just put the strainer on put the cap get a little bit of a swirl there nice and easy tell it all to mix it up and then here all right I think we got it open the lid make sure there’s no powder in the lid you can add a little bit of flavor to this thing if you want which we’re gonna do some cinnamon just do it a little dash of cinnamon there okay all right time to put it on the skillet what you want to do get about medium heat once it up fire it up the back on we’re using butter now we usually use some spray something like this nice olive oil vegetable oil but in this case we want it to be a little bit more crispy on the edges once that butter is all melted on them we’re going to pour this lovely recipe on the stove so this is gonna be nice and light just enough to cover the pan take a quick buff dude tip as you’re cooking the pancake or crazy what you’ll see is these little bubbles form on the surface even the edges start to curl up and that’s a good sign that it’s about ready to flip so now that we got the flipping down right as you can tell the crepes are done cooked both sides next up is going to be the filling now you can eat these as they are or add some cheese some Bacon’s egg whatever you want but we’re gonna do more a desert style which is going to be some Greek yogurt mixed in with some protein powder we’re gonna put it right there and roll it right up to get a nice cream filled crepe time to fill the other crepes with some cream labeouf food crepes are done as you can tell we got a little fancy here we top it off some fresh fruit bananas blueberries and a little apple on the side drizzle a little chocolate syrup on top or you can just have them plain which is just a crepe and a little bit the Greek yogurt add the cream filling mmm and don’t forget to check out our buff dudes Food Channel it’s packed full of recipes actually that’s all we do on that thing that’s why it’s called a Food Channel but make sure you check it out to see more recipes like this and as always stay puff yeah

100 thoughts on “3 Ingredient Protein Pancakes Recipe!

  1. Okay first he called it a pancake then he called it a crepe. at least he knew it was a crepe cause the thumb nail isnt pancakes tho

  2. Dont do these pancakes, most protein powders has Aspartame sweetener. Which turns into formeldehyde when heated.

  3. Tried them but they came out like omelettes (since it is just egg and milk), adding flour makes them real pancakes ;D

  4. do my recipe:
    blend one banana, three eggs, about 60 grams of rolled oats, 30 grams of powder milk. dash of cinnamon, and a little dash of salt.

  5. What kind of meal ideas would you suggest to someone who works on an ambulance for 12 hrs at a time with no access to stove, refrigerator, or a microwave. I bring a little cooler but by the end of the day here in Florida its no longer cool. I love all the videos you dudes do, I haven't found one of your recipes I did not like. I usually bring a pita bread sandwich with turkey, and some carrots and peanut butter.

  6. Hey Brandon, I am weighting around the 120-126lbs. I am on a average on being a little chubby on the belly to legs area, but perfect, tho I am skinny on my clavicle and wrist. Please explain to me in really good details on how to Bulk fast and the most effective way. Thank you

    Sincerely, Subscriber.

  7. I heard Vince Gironda uses the steak and eggs diet. Have you all ever tried that?

  8. Guys are best at using shakers. They tend to have lots of practice of the necessary motions to shake properly.

  9. I need help, when I made mine they wouldn't flip, the bottom would burn but the top would still be liquid. I'm not using whey protein I'm using a weight gainer would that make a difference?

  10. Make more videos like these, funny, animated, with a short song story simply Biff Dude style! Thats why I subscribed! Still love your videos but these were Awesome!

  11. How do you stop it from turning to scrambled chocolate eggs once you try to flip it, mine always crumble when I try to flip

  12. Nice one. A recipe that doesn't involve loads of time, ingredients and separating eggs. Oh and they taste and smell awesome and fill you up.

  13. I just made these protein crepes and they are amazing! I used carbmaster vanilla greek yogurt with vanilla protein powder for the filling, and sugar free chocolate syrup drizzled over the crepes, bananas, strawberries and apples. Viva le Buff Dude Crepes!

  14. Yo somebody please help me . I tried to make this and I failed miserably . I’m so pissed off right now . And I wasted 3 scoops protein powder . What is the ratio to protein powder to egg to milk . So if I have 3 scoops of protein how much eggs and milk should I use ? And I use whole eggs I don’t care for buying egg whites

  15. I prefer Athlean-X for workout videos but I gotta hand it to Buff Dudes for recipes.

    …Seriously, have you seen Jeff Cavaliere's "61 grams of protein in 3 minutes" video? He's helped me add an inch to my biceps in just over a month but my god…

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