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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

[music intro] Hey guys, Jeff Cavaliere here,! Not in the gym, in the kitchen again, because
I wanna show you something that I think will be very helpful. A lot of guys have write in and ask, you know,
how do you structure your day in terms of eating because I find myself being without
options and having to eat whenever is available and I will agree that is probably the biggest
way to fail on a eating plan. To be stuck eating whatever is just available. The preparation is the key and I wanna show
you something that if I’m getting ready to leave for a day how very simple this can be
to prepare yourself. And I’m gonna show you how is gonna last through
the entire day with just a few simple things. So the first thing I’m gonna, like today I’m
gonna have a cereal for lunch. Now, that’s not maybe what your choice would
be. I like it and we talked about the cushy cereal
and how it’s got fourteen or fifteen protein per served. That’s the key. So, for me, sometimes I like to have that
and that’s an option. So if I’m gonna have that in the day, what
I do is, I just take a little top wear thing here, whatever, this is my bowl and I take
out my cushy golly. I actually have heart to heart too which is
another cushy cereal. I just make some. I’m doing this in a real time and I’m gonna
show you how fast it can be to just get your lunch ready. Really the whole day ready, be out the door. So anyone say that they can’t, they don’t
have time to do this, they’re lying. So now, that’s that. Ok? Now I have just a little case here, I know
it’s kind of ridiculous looking, but it serves a purpose. So I put that on here. Get some skin milk for the day. So I emptied out bottle. I just pour the milk in here without it getting
all over the counter, ok? Make sure that the lid is not whooped from
before. Ok? I’m gonna keep that to that little stage there
and keep that in there. Greek yogurt. I love this. This is the Chiobany yogurt, it’s Chiobany
zero, with no fat in it, but a lot of protein, good source of protein. Put that in here, then the key for everything. I have a bunch of these in the freezer, just
this little freeze packs you can get anywhere, very inexpensive. This thing will stay all day, so I’m just
gonna throw it in here and don’t forget your spoon it is tough to eat all that stuff without
it. Now almost done. That cover our lunch, now I wanna have that
mid afternoon snatch, so for me it’s always usually a barn. We’ve talked about that before, a pure protein
bar, there a lot of good ones there, there’s a lot of crappy ones out there, this one happens
to be good nutritionally. I throw that in here as well. So, zip all that up and I don’t know how long
it took, probably two minutes. That’s all setting on. I’ll show you something. Come over her for a second so I can show you
what we just did. Can you see this? What we have her it’s a schedule. Now this is a rough schedule. We’ve talked about how important it is to
eat every 2 and a half to 3 hours or so. Sometimes you have to extend that a little
bit later in the day. I just show some random times here. What I wanna show you, what you just accomplished. If you eat right before you go out the door,
sort of soon before you go out the door, you just covered your breakfast. You’re not gonna have to eat again to 2 and
a half, 3 maybe 3 and a half hours later. So let’s say lunch time. just packed our lunch. So we’re covered with our lunch. Now this is actually gonna go probably later
in the day. Let’s day 3 or 3:30. That’s when we’re gonna have our bar. Now you don’t have to worry eating again till
2 and a half, 3 , 3 and a half hours later which will put us at maybe 6, 6 and a half
or so. So what I wanna show you is that my mechanism,
one little pack up. We’ve brought ourselves from not having to
worry about eating from 8:30 in the morning till at least that night sometimes at least
7:30 in the night. So, that alone, that little pack of preparation
has covered our entire day. We’re not gonna be left guessing and having
to take something that we don’t wanna have. So, guys, I hope you find that viable, a little
bit of preparation goes a long way, and that said, the AthleanX meal plans are full with
really prepared stuff so you don’t have to think about this, you know. You may be sitting there and go I don’t like
cereals so what else I’m gonna have and that’s where I came in and took the lead. We have everything there in meal plans. Over forty options for snacks, forty options
for breakfast and lunch. If you can’t find something within those forty
options for all this meals, that in don’t know what you’ll eat. But you can absolutely find anything, it’s
very simple. All the same way, very simple and easy to
prepare things that you can take with you everywhere. So, guys if you haven’t already, even for
the meal plans alone, that AthleanX Training System is incredible. I really believe that. So, if you haven’t gotten it yet, go to
grab the meal plans and all, by the way get the 90 days program too with all the workouts,
the conditioning, the strength work, everything you need to get to the best body that you
can be. I’ll be back here again next week, probably
most likely back in the gum, although I know you guys like this nutrition’s tips and videos
so I’ll keep this coming also. I’ll talk to you later!

100 thoughts on “3 Minute “Muscle Building” Meal Plan Trick = 8 Hours of Results!

  1. lots of the time, i find myself eating really well most of the week, and then just binging and consuming thousands of calories in one day.
    a) what do i do on a day that i binge? like the next day should i work out super hard and eat less?
    b) do you ever eat junk food and keep those abs?

  2. @wsteele17 Uh, as "we all know" soy doesn't magically convert to estrogen. There's been loads of studies done about the effects of soy in hormonal balance and none prove any adverse effects. Soy is perfectly safe as part of a varied protein intake. Ps. Asians have eaten soy for thousands of years – I'm sure they wouldn't be around healthy and plenty in numbers if all the men were filled with estrogen.

  3. @thespecter2 Interesting, I also think Whey would be absorbed more quickly, which is great for post workout. Maybe the two would work well in combination? Use Whey after a workout because it's absorbed quickly & Hemp before you go to bed… if it does take longer to absorb than a "slower" source of protein would be good while you sleep for when your body rebuilds muscle…

  4. My favorite easy meal to make that I have M-F for breakfast is 1/2 cup of oats uncooked, 1 1/2 servings of 100% ON whey protein, a few pinches of sliced almonds and 3 capsules of healthy fats such as fish oil, omega 3's. I mix the first 3 ingredients in a shaker cup with about 10 ounces of water and then drink it slash chew it. It doesn't sound appealing but it is and it feels you up and chewing on the almonds and oatmeal will give you that feeling of being satisfied. Try it out

  5. I always feel full after a few bites of something. I've started again yesterday with a bunch of wheat/oats/bagels/nuts/squirrel food…steak mmm but just making sure to eat something every 3 hours, however it is a relief knowing I can eat cereal more often….and could I just eat cereal for breakfast and lunch every day?

  6. @maxamus1975 Hey guys….the one I mentioned was Pure Protein by Worldwide Nutrition. What I recommend you look for in a bar is 12 grams of sugar or less and around 280-310 calories. Once you go above either of these you start to see your protein bar become nothing but a glorified candy bar!

  7. @thespecter2 Thanks for the info, I'll look into Casein protein. Oh, and there is another downside to eating beans that is if you eat too many beans you may find yourself single… ha ha, cheers.

  8. @JDCav24 I find with most bars they give us soy protein. Whats your opinion of soy? I want nothing to do with it myself. I only check from time to time when I come across a bar for sale somewhere, but it always seems they use mostly if not all soy protein.
    Nice looking kitchen btw. Im jealous 😉

  9. Jeff, I ordered you plan a while back but deleted the PDFs. How could I get them again? I can provide you paypal confirmations etc.. Love the videos.

  10. since your giving tips to us here is a tip for you. why skim milk? sat fat boosts your testosterone level. so why all fat free? and also when they process milk and take out all the fat "skim milk" it deprives it of necessary vitamins and enzymes.

  11. here is another tip to you. eat majority of your calories early in the day. don't space your meals so far apart early. do that later. metabolism is higher earlier in the day.

  12. Protein bars are crap, it does not matter what brand. They are loaded with sugars, artificial colors and or preservatives, salt, and chemicals. They also taste like crap. Just stick with whey protein, a good multi- vitamin, and a good fish oils. That along with a good meal plan like what you just saw is all you really need.

  13. @SebKarrr No,worries there Captain. If I wanna know what you think, then I will also ask. Don't get your feelings get hurt Bud. If you feel that way, then eat the crappy bars and waste your money, oh… the way, Merry Christmas!


  15. i know its two years late man but if you're still interested in protein bars try quest bars. There are various flavours but on avg they are 170 calories, 20g of protein 5g of healthy fats, 24g of carbs 17g of fibre, 2g of sugar, 5g sugar alcohol with no artificial or unhealthy junk. honestly they may even be
    healthier than the bars i make, and ya they taste better lol

  16. Hi Jeff, I've heard recently that full cream milk may be healthier and more easily digested than low fat/skim milk. What are your views on this?

  17. 1 bar  is usually not enough for most  guys   who are putting on muscle but you could certainly pack a bar with a piece of fruit and a few servings of veggies 

  18. My challenge is that right now I am focused on reversing my type 2 diabetes and getting the excess glucose out of my blood. I need to give my pancreas a break from having to produce too much insulin to try and get the sugar out of my blood stream. So I have to keep my carbs under 50 grams a day. So for me it's an all meat, veggie and protein shake diet for the next 90-120 days. So my challenge is finding good quality lunch meats that have virtually no carbs that I can eat with some spinach during the day to keep my energy levels up. Any suggestions on other quick and easy snacks I can locate that have virtually no carbs?

  19. When i was looking for a tasty protein snack I woudt buy Oberto`s at the 7/11 Then i started making my own. I would buy lean cuts of beef soak em in teryaki sauce for an hour and then stick em in the broiler for a couple twenty minutes or until dried out.Sprinkle with a little Hawaiian salt. Cut them up with a scisssor. All processed snacks have sugar and chemicals The only other source for protein snacks is your grocery deli counter roast beef In Hawaii we have all kinds of raw fish for snack on Good luck

  20. Half day meals= 500-600 kCal, either you're eating like an elephant during that breakfast and ??? i call bullsh*t on this video.

  21. Hahaha, so I'm not the only one doing that!! Blue ice packs in an insulated bag with a number of small meals in it. …getting tired of turkey wraps tho.

  22. thats like 800 calories right there. Do you eat a 1500 calorie dinner. That is very little food for all day. Maybe only 50-60g protein there

  23. the meal plan was a huge point of success for me. thanks Jeff! has helped change my life in my fitness goals a million percent!

  24. Huh. I eat a lot more food than that, and I'm less muscular, and probably the same BFP as Jeff. And I feel like I've plateaued and not sure if I need to eat more? I'm like 7-8 months in.

  25. Except for the yogurt, that is a serious junk-food combination with way too little protein, way too high on the glycemic index (from that cereal, which is not good despite the low sugar level [look it up!]), and way too low on calories all around (for growth). Where are the fruits/vegetables? Where are the good fats (not fats at all here!)? Where is the good meet protein (instead of that stupid bar)? Where are the low glycemic index carbs (instead of that crap cereal that is purportedly healthy)? Where is the fiber? In the cereal? Not enough!

  26. Wait for lunch you'll eat cereal and yogurt. The whole vid doesn't make sense. Nothing is too healthy, high in sugar, no vegetables and too little food for half day

  27. Doesn't seem like enough food. Plenty of protein, but that's about it. Maybe add like a granola bar to lunch for carbs and some nuts for healthy fats

  28. Hi Jeff, I have been a viewer now for three weeks and following several of your videos for my routine. My question is, what should I be eating on training and non training days? I workout every other day 30 minutes cardio and 50 minutes strength training with dumbbells. What I find is I am starving and knackered on the days I don't workout and craving carbs and fat. What is the general rule and can you give me some advice please? Thanks, Vic.

  29. i almost never comment in videos,probably this is my first but Mr Jeff Cavaliere gives SOOO GOOD advices that i HAD to thank him! you are AWESOME man! , many of my favorite youtube videos are yours and i follow your advices and tips the best i can!, keep doing your awesome work! best wishes for you man

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