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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Yo what’s up guys its Eli with mind muscle
tv and I thought I would give you a glimpse into my 12 week body transformation for my
first bodybuilding competition in 2012. Check it out. So 12 weeks out my diet consisted
of 2500 calories, 300 grams protein, 215 grams carbs, and 51 grams of fat. My cardio was
a few days a week of fasted cardio in the morning and three days off where I wasn’t
doing any cardio. You can check me out here, my body fat was probably about 15% or so,
this was my first competition ever so I was very new to the posing so up until this point
I never really had followed any really structured weight training or diet programs. Now here
4 weeks have gone by and everything is still the same only thing that I did was increase
my cardio slightly. I was doing only two days off of cardio and started doing two a days
on saturday. Everything else was just done in the morning, fasted interval training.
You can see there is quite a bit of a difference there though from those first four weeks.
Where just being consistent with cardio and diet I’ve actually had pretty dramatic results.
A good tan doesn’t hurt either. But that’s just what consistency does, I wasn’t doing
any cheat meals at that point. When you get a coach, you do exactly what he says and that
makes it easy. Now here, we are six weeks out. The calories dropped a little and my
carbs dropped a little bit. No major changes, that’s the key to a good training program.
Just minute changes. Here, I really increased the cardio to where the majority of the week
I was doing morning and evening combination of steady state and interval training with
one day off and you can see pretty dramatic results here. This is from 8 weeks down to
six weeks. So this is just two weeks of changes right here. To where you can just see the
cuts getting a little bit deeper, looking a lot bigger. At this point I was probably
down about 15 pounds or so. Now this is 10 days out from the show guys. This is where
you really start to dial everything in. Up until now my diet really hasn’t changed that
much, but cardio was at this point an hour in the morning and an hour at night. Everything
is getting tight, getting lean, ready for the show. Now here you can see the total 12
week transformation. The first one is obviously 12 weeks out, the second picture is 10 days
out. I’m ready for showtime here guys. Posing is getting a little better. Filling out, I’m
on two gallons of water at that point. Alright now it’s showtime guys. So, from here I am
really dehydrated as you can see and carbed up filled me out nicely. I really came in
as planned guys. I gotta give my coaches credit. Dedric Martinez and Tony DiTirro were the
coaches that took me through this prep. In this next picture here, that’s Dedric with
Pound for Pound training. I couldn’t ask for better coaches. As you can see, alot of changes
can happen with your body in just 3 months guys. If you just do things right from the
get go. From day one my coaches gave me my diet plan and my workout program, my cardio
program, all I did was everything that they said. Every minute of cardio that they said,
ate every gram of everything that they said. No more, no less. Just follow the program,
don’t stray from the path, and you can get results really really fast. That’s the only
thing that really seperates competitors form your average joe and why they get such awesome
results so quickly is because of consistency. Where as the average guy may be good one day
and not good the next or good for five days and bad for two. Competitors just have that
discipline to be consistent twenty four seven for that three months or whatever it takes
coming up to that competition. If you’re going to do a competition, the best piece of advice
I can give you is to find a good coach. Ask around to other competitors if you know any.
Get some feedback from them and at that point, all you have to do is what your coach says.
So that way when you get on stage, there is no doubt in your mind that you literally gave
it all you could. And if you start skipping cardio sessions or having cheat meals when
you shouldn’t be, then you’ll know getting up on stage that, when you don’t place or
you don’t place as well as you thought, that maybe you should have just followed the program.
So, it was such an enjoyable experience. I won my first competition which you can’t ask
for much more than that. My coaches were phenomanal. Highly recommended. Going forward, I am planning
on competing in the WBFF Denver show, July 19th. Right now, I’m 11 weeks out and once
this competition is done, I’ll put another transformation video for this competition.
So you guys can see exactly what I did this time around. So make sure to watch for that,
July 19th WBFF Denver. I’ll be competing in the muscle model category. As always, make
sure you comment down below if you have any questions on my prep in a little more detail.
I would be glad to share it with you. Make sure you click the subscribe button below.
We have new videos coming out at least once a week. Thanks for watching, we’ll see ya
next time.

100 thoughts on “3 Month Bodybuilding Transformation – Before and After

  1. ah fuck, i thought you were natty and this was possible for me.. I will still try this routine (the last 2 weeks) too see how far i get. I am 6,2 feet 187 pound 10% BF. I want to get down to 8 next month. i am always 500-1000 kcal under my macros every day. been like that for 6 month now. still the same weight but i lost 5% fat. started out 15% 87kg.

  2. Great transformation! What was the weight schedule like whilst still doing the 2 hours of cardio a day? Did you train 7 days a week?

  3. where are your muscles now? without steroids you are nothing , please stop cheating people about your body just only for make money

  4. Thanks for getting back to me, at the moment I'm around 30% body fat and until recently always had a bad diet,cakes biscuits , so my real goal is to drop to 15% body fat but as quick as possible without starvation mode or losing muscle or losing to much muscle.

  5. What age were you when you started trt?im 25 and im positive im having testosterone issues and will be going to get mines checked soon!

  6. Man i need help need a work out plan and diet plan i wanna get nice and lean trained two years was looking okay natural… ha one year off and back at it again really need a meal plan and work out plan also ..

  7. What does your TRT consist of? Do you cycle on and off? What do you post with? Clomid? What kinda doses are you taking and how? Ive been interested in doing some TRT since I am over 40. Any info would be appreciated.

  8. Any way to get a list of exactly what you were eating to get to those calories? Like what did a whole days meal plan look like.

  9. Personally I think you looked better before , but that's just my opinion , you have an incredible physique either way

  10. i was looking forward for someone who could answer my question, as i workout all alone. no friend, trainer or anyone. hope u will answer my question.
    i'm 5"11 n 90 kgs. (started from 102)
    i do cardio (not very intense) but still have lost body fat percentage.
    i do have muscles but they dont look sharp at all.. they don't have proper defination. how can i get sharp muscles? more defined muscles?

  11. lam 61 and was always fit,, had my hormones profile and found my TST at 850mcg without anything added.. l want to get some more muscle on me ,, lam 6' @175 and 10% fat so metabolism good.. l want another 10lbs of meat,, what kind of GH stimulants are good as l want to avoid GH itself..

  12. just to let u know, The "normal ranges" are different for every person… u probably have a higher receptoraffinity regarding testosterone, in easier words you might need 5 mg to get a certain response while other people may need 10 mg for the same response (just an example). So u def aint natty indeed.

  13. Did you measure your arms to see (if any) how much muscle you lost during the cut as an estimate? Or gained for that matter if using HRTs which i/m not familiar with at all.

  14. I always see people do this one mistake i've done. If you think about it, cardio is done in order for people to burn extra calories. If you actually look at how many calories you burn in a 30 min cardio session, it's most likely less than 200. So all you are doing is taking in 2500 calories and subtracting 200 from that a few times a week. Isn't it much more easier to just cut out 200 calories…? Now, i'm not bashing on cardio, but it should only be done(from a bodybuilding standpoint) at times where it is difficult to cut those 100-200 calories out of you already-strict diet.

  15. Respect for being honest but HRT is a cop out i feel. And in 3 months i am afraid this is not gonna happen naturally the human body just doesnt work like when your on Test!

  16. God the haters on here who cares if you had some help with testosterone. He busted his ass training and ate perfectly. Guarantee most of you lard asses could not do what he did even on a gram of test a week .

  17. Great job. It hard to do what you did. I like to lift but I cant do what you did. I know this and that's why I have great respect for people who committ to the hard work.

  18. 16 pcent bodyfat,try 25 plus fatfuck…..have you considered getting a chest operation,my granny has better bellies and genetics than you,cardiooooooooooooo,eat well fuckstick with your test…donot compete,you are a disgrace……youve made me feelall snafu inside with that shitfull shitfull -I guess you could callit a body……….

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