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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– Hi, my name is Alex. I’m a chiropractor at
Milton Chiropractic Clinic and today I’m gonna talk
through with you three core exercises that are gonna help
strengthen up your lower back. These three exercises are
the plank, the dead bug, and the hip bridge. The exercises, before
they’re performed at home, you should speak through
them with your chiropractor or your healthcare provider to make sure they’re suitable for you. Now to start with, the plank. The plank is a very
efficient way of improving your strength and endurance. I’ll show you how to do that
now, so Kathryn could you onto your front, please. So to start with in the plank, you’re going to be out like this. Your elbows should be
underneath your shoulders. This is very important so
that you don’t go straining your shoulders whilst
holding this position. The legs should be out
straight here like this and then what you need
to do, you need to raise your backside off the floor
like this, that’s good. So Kathryn’s gonna hold this now. Typically you hold this for
around about 15 seconds or so. Three sets in the beginning
when you’re just training up. Good and relax, good,
let’s sit yourself back up. Normally when you do this,
you want to have a rest for around about 60 to 90 seconds. This allows your body to
recover enough to make sure that when you are training, this is going to allow a
more efficient workout. Now, let’s talk through some common faults that people do whilst doing this exercise, so if you want to come back
into the plank position again for me. Good, and raise yourself up. A very common one that
I see as a chiropractor is that people twist like this. And that’s normally because
one side of the core strength isn’t as strong as it could be. Okay, put that one back up. Make sure that when you
are in this plank position, you want to be your pelvis
as straight as possible. The other common one
is you’re gonna come up so your bum raises up too high. Again, if you do this, you’re not working any of your core muscles. The other one is when you
sag down too far like that. Okay, relax, relax. Good, sit yourself up. It’s very important that you don’t do that cause that will actually hurt
your back whilst doing it. The next exercise is called dead bug and dead bug is a very gentle
way of working your core strength, especially when
you have a bad lower back. So to begin with, you
need to lay on your back as Kathryn’s doing here. You want to make sure there’s
something underneath your head to support your neck and
what you need to do then is have both arms up in
the air for me, Kathryn. That’s good, just gonna
correct around about here. So, once you’ve got the arms in the air, what you then need to do is
bring your legs up this way and the same as this one here, good. This is a very simple position to begin, but this is the start of the
exercise and this is also the very basic variation of the exercise. What you need to do here, you
need to hold this position for around about 15 to 30 seconds and you’ll do this for three sets. Okay, good. Alright, now the next
variation of this is when you’re gonna be working your
core a little bit more so than in the last exercise. So what you need to do here,
again arms gonna come up in the air, same with your legs here, this one and that one, good. And what you’re gonna do this time around is you’re going to straighten the legs out as you come out but you’re
gonna do this individually. So what you’re going to do
here is this leg is going to come down, so you’re going
to straighten the leg here. That’s it, that’s good. It’s gonna come down
to right about an inch or so off the floor. Good, and then back up again. And you’re gonna do the
same on the other side, so that’s gonna come all
the way down, that’s it. Keep going, good, good,
good, around about there, and then back up again, good. Again with this one, you’re
gonna be working your core a little bit harder so the
rep ranges is going to be around about four to six on each side here and again, you’re gonna
do this three times. So that’s the dead bug. The third and final exercise
we have in this video is called the glute bridge . In the glute bridge, you need to be laying
on your back like this, something underneath your
head to protect your neck. Your arm is gonna be out
straight, same as Kathryn’s here., and your feet are gonna be
back here, but you’re gonna bring your heels in slightly
closer toward your bum, good. What you now need to do is you
need to lift up your pelvis off the floor. Okay good, so you’re gonna be nice and straight through here, good. Alright, you’re gonna hold
this for around about 15 to 30 seconds and you’re
gonna do this three times. Okay good, pop that one back down. Now, with this exercise
it’s very important that you do this correctly because again, you can injure yourself whilst doing this. I’ll also show you what I mean by this, so if you lift your pelvis up again. Now for those who have a bad back, if you go too far, so
if you bring your pelvis a bit higher there, you’re
hyper-extending your back. Now this can irritate the facet joints. That’s good, you can pop that one down. Good, alright, okay,
so it’s very important that you maintain a
very flat, flat stomach whilst you’re doing this. Good, okay the other one
is if you drop yourself down too far. This way you’re not actually
activating anything at all and you’re just wasting your time. To improve your core
strength using the plank, dead bug, and glute
bridge , it can take time. It can take up to two to three weeks before you start seeing
any noticeable changes in your core strength, but
consistency is the key, and you need to use this
to build up the armour of your lower back, which
is your core strength. I wish you all the very best
luck with your exercises. I’m Alex, thank you for watching.

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