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– Hi, my name is Jasper from
Milton Chiropractic Clinic and today I want to show you
three exercises for sciatica. Now sciatica is actually a pain
which travels down the back of your leg, the back of the
outside of your lower leg, and the outside of your foot
and it’s caused by compression of the sciatic nerve and the compression often takes place in the lower back. It might sound a bit strange,
you getting a leg pain, but the cause of the pressure
starts in your lower back. But it’s not that dissimilar
to you hitting your funny bone at just the right angle and experiencing those
symptoms in your fingers. The first exercise we’re going to do is called neuro flossing and
what we need to do for that is we’re going to
straighten the affected leg, and put the foot up and at the same time we tilt the head backwards. We hold this for about five seconds. We’ll bring the head down, bend the knee, and relax the foot. Do this again, same time. Now it’s perfectly normal
to experience a bit of pain in the back of your leg, but
you shouldn’t feel a back pain with this one, and come down again. Now I want you to repeat this
about 10 times and do this in the morning and the
evening about twice a day. Second exercise is a bit more
advanced than the first one. So what we’re doing is sitting straight, knee
straight, and feet nice and up. Make sure your knees are
extended and stretched out, straightened out, and then
we’re gonna place the hands behind our back and we’re
going to arch our back and we’re going to hold
this for about 30 seconds. Make sure everything is
nice and tight there. We’ll be stretching out this
whole sciatic nerve now. Again, it’s allowed to feel a bit of pain in the back of your leg,
no back pain, though. And slump all the way, slump. Same thing, hold this
again for 30 seconds, and upright again. The last exercise, we’re
doing the same thing. We’re keeping the feet,
again, firmly pushed against the wall, knees nice and straight, but now instead of the
hands behind the back, place them on back of our
head, interlock our fingers. Gonna put our chin on our chest, slump, slouch all the way down and
then bringing the elbows in. And we hold this again for 30 seconds. You’re allowed again to have a bit of pain in the back of your leg, but no back pain. Come upright again. Elbows out, and we do it again. Slump down, elbows in,
feet nice and upright, held against the wall,
30 seconds, and up again. Brilliant, so you should
do these exercises about twice a day, morning and evening, and they should give you a lot of relief. I’m Jasper from Milton
Chiropractic Clinic, thank you very much for watching.

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