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What’s going on Nation? I had the next installment for the stretch Flex overload series and today We’re going to be focusing on building biggest shoulders now this advanced technique was specifically designed to help you hide gain is build muscle by creating a stronger mind muscle connection but anyone can take advantage of this technique to bust through muscle building plateau and if you missed the last video in the series Focusing on jess. I will link to that down in the info section below so today once again You’re going to be performing a [try] set of three different exercises The first exercise will place the majority of the resistance during the negative when the delts are fully stretched The second exercise will place the resistance on the delts when fully flexed and then after the deltoids have been pre Exhausted with the first two specific movements the third exercise will place the maximum load Possible on all three delts when they know they’ll be at their weakest point and do the majority of the work rather than other muscles Taking over the movement so in a nutshell the first two exercises will help establish a stronger mind muscle connection And the third one will destroy the shoulders using as much weight as possible [as] for the routine itself [you’re] going to perform eight to ten reps per exercise and complete four rounds of all three movements Only resting 60 to 90 seconds after [you] complete one round of all three exercises Remember guys. This is a try set. So there is no rest between exercises And you’re going to complete four total rounds now Let’s get started the first exercise is [going] to be working on the stretch. I’m going to a single arm Dumbbell Raise on a flat bench and the way to perform this movement guys is you’re going to lay on a bench [I] Like to put one arm underneath for stability to kind of hold on to just like this And you want to keep obviously your body as flat as possible You [don’t] be leaned over like this or lean back you want to have your shoulder facing the ceiling So maybe do this real [quick] just to make sure in the right position And if you want to adjust your feet to lock yourself in that’s okay, [too] Also, remember this exercise is going to be a bit more difficult than doing your standard raise because of the position We’re in We have constant Force on the the muscle the entire time for the entire movement so what you’re going to do is grab your dumbbell and again You don’t want to have your shoulder rotated forward like this try to keep it back much as you can and then from this position You’re going to come up and Go all [the] way to the top and then remember you get the most muscle damage and the negative so you want to control that Movement on the way down and then at the very bottom like this [because] we’re going to feel that deep stretch in the deltoids Also guys this is going to be the hottest part of the movement Initiating the actual lift of the dumbbell so from here to here this is one part of the movement you don’t want to skip you Don’t want to be using momentum to bring the dumbbell up like this you want to come down Feel that stretch and make sure you’re using weight that’s heavy enough that you can get a good workout, but also control throughout the entire range of motion So really quick guys. I’m going to show you what it looks like from the back by switching arms So I’m going to lay on the bench like I said grab underneath just like this and then once you’re in position All [the] way down make sure your body is straight Come all the way down bring it [all] the way [to] the top and Then control it the entire time controlling the negative and make sure you’re not using momentum at the start of the movement on every single repetition The second exercise is going to work on targeting the muscles in the most flexed position now unlike the first exercise We felt the majority of the resistance at the bottom of the movement because now we’re standing up You’re not going to feel that flex to get to the top. So we’re going to do is a lateral raise to front raise We’re going to hold it for about two seconds at the top of each position Flexing and squeezing the muscles as hot as we can and one repetition Only counts after you complete one front and one lateral raise. So what you’re going to do is stand just like this dumbbells in front of you like this palms facing down Lift it up to the front hold for two seconds come back down. Go out to the side Bring it up hold for two seconds Come back down bring it to the front Come back up hold for two seconds Come back down bring it to the side come back up and hold for two seconds you guys will notice I’m not doing this on this movement. I’m not doing this on this movement. I’m in full control Bringing the weight up flexing as hot as I can for those two seconds Coming down and then repeating so the lateral portion of the movement, and they’re going to complete all [your] repetitions. Just like that Now that [we’ve] worked on establishing a better mind muscle connection with your shoulders using the stretch in the flex It’s time to overload the shoulder complex to Force some serious muscle Growth and what better way to do that then with an overhead Press I’m going to show you guys two different ways to do the overhead press depending on what your goal is Now if you’re just trying to lift as [much] weight as possible To overload the shoulders as much as possible the best thing for you to do is going to be the barbell Overhead press and the way you’re going to perform this movement is you’re going to hold on like you normally would so your hands about Shoulder width or just about outside of shoulder width and once you get into place You’re going to come underneath the barbell like this And you’re going to focus on pressing the weight [over] [your] head by keeping your glutes tight your core tight and not using momentum To press up and push your head through and then come back down to the starting position and repeat for reps now I will say that [if] you get towards the end of your set so let’s say you’re doing [ten] repetitions If you get to eight, and you’re styling to fatigue, but you want to get those last two It’s okay excuse a little bit of momentum on those last two reps to kind of self spot and get that weight in the air Just make sure that when you get to [the] top you pause for [a] second after you walk out and then control that negative on the way down and Repeat for the last rep control that negative on the way down and then rock your weight Now obviously guys would be going really heavy, and you want to use a weightlifting belt to help with core stability That’s okay, too Now for those of you guys who want to make sure you’re targeting more the rear deltoids neither. It’s a lagging area for you I recommend using dumbbells the standing Dumbbell overhead press Will always target more real rear deltoid than any other variation of this movement I actually have a [VS.] Series video where I compare the science? Explaining this for the overhead press [with] the barbell in the dumbbells and I’ll link to that video down in the info section below so for the dumbbell version guys Same exact thing if you want to obviously you can wear your weight [belt] again what you’re going to do is bring those dumbbells up? You’re going to hold them to the side of your body like this so with the barbell you’re in front with dumbbells They’re in line with your head which activates more rear deltoids. you’re going to press up Come back down bring the dumbbells all the way down and come back up and repeat [for] reps And that’s how you complete the third exercise and the stretch Flex overload Alright guys, so that wraps up your shoulder workout And it should only take you 20 to 25 minutes max to complete The idea behind this series is to get you in and out of the gym as fast as possible while dealing maximum muscle damage Regrowth because as a hard gainer you don’t want to be burning too many calories with long workouts You need those calories to build muscles. You want to keep as much of them as possible also Make sure you’re challenging yourselves with heavy weights You guys ask me all the time in the comments section How much weight should I be using the answer is that on every? Set you should use the maximum weight you can handle for those eight to ten reps So if you can go heavier and round two then increase the weight But if your form is breaking down because you’re starting to fatigue then you might have to go a bit light up One last thing if you’re not a hot gain up and want to add this workout to your current shoulder training program Try adding two finisher rounds at the end of your next shoulder workout you enjoyed the video be sure to show some love by Smashing that like button and leave a comment below so I know which muscle group You guys want to see covered next in this video series Click that notification bell you never miss a new video upload and as always more good stuff coming soon See you guys hey, what’s up guys? I wanted to take a moment real quick, and thank you personally for all your love and support on my videos I know YouTube can become overwhelming with all of the information. That’s out there So it means a lot that you trust me for your support advice when it comes to your workouts and your goals But for my new subscribers, I wanted to let you know that on my main channel page I have playlists set for all of my videos So for example if you go to my playlist my main channel page the first playlist you’re going to see is my popular uploads Followed by my recent uploads and then underneath that I have different series for a lot of my videos First we have the VS. Series where I compare similar exercises to show you guys how to maximize the benefits of every exercise in your workout arsenal Underneath that we have general tips and fitness advice then we have the common training mistakes series where I show you guys All [the] mistakes you 100% need to avoid when doing the most common exercises and your routines Underneath that we have full fat loss circuits that can be done at home or at [the] gym Then we have a whole series on nutrition and supplements myth busting and of course my old school How-to videos covering everything from Barbells dumbbells machines to [Bodyweight] exercises I hope that as I continue [with] my channel I can deliver [to] you guys the Information you need [to] reach your goals and as always if you ever have any suggestions please leave them down in that comment section below because one thing that will never change guys is me getting down there and Answering your comments and engaging with you my fitness Family hope you have a great week and as always More good stuff coming

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