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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up Champ! I’m Vince del Monte of In this video I’ve got three shoulder workouts
for mass and definition. Alright. We’re going to continue the Century Trip Series. Last time we did the side delt edition. Today we’re going to do the
front delt edition. Now why is a hundred reps going to help you build muscles?
Isn’t that like too many reps Vince? How am I going to get a challenge out of that?
Isn’t that too light, Vince? Great question.
I’ll explain what mechanism of muscle growth were triggering in just a
moment, but you have to understand that these workouts I’m going to be giving
you have a time limit. Alright. If I said yes take all day to do these, of course
you’re not going to get any results but what we’re going to be doing is going to
be with a sufficient load for a sufficient period of time so that you
trigger a mechanism of muscle growth known as metabolic stress. Stress means
we’re going fatigue the muscle. The purpose of this workout is not to go heavy okay.
You guys have to understand that building your body, you have to look at it in
seasons, we do one goal per season. One goal per workout. Alright. So this
season this workout is dedicated to higher reps shorter rest periods,
metabolic stress, making the muscle burn, getting the pump… that’s the goal of
this workout. So don’t ask how you’re going to get results for this since it’s
not heavy. That’s not the goal of this workout. The goal of this workout is not to
go heavy. does that make sense? Let’s get into the workout. Okay, so
exercise one here we are doing front rope raises okay. Very straightforward
here. We’re going to do a hundred reps alright. Your time limit here is six
minutes. Ok. You’ve got six minutes to complete a hundred reps. So the goal here
is the final weight that you can do twenty-five times for the first set. OK.
So you’re going to have to play with this once you find that weight and you
finally get right around 25 reps, and you’re like I gotta take a break, that
means you hit the right weight. You’re going to take ten seconds rest and then
you’re going to keep going. Now what you’ll probably find is on the second
round you get like 10 to 15 reps and then you get ten reps and ten reps and
eight reps and seven reps and then you just keep going until you get all
hundred reps. Now the goal here guys is not to rush through this. You could
probably bang out a hundred reps superfast using your legs
like in 3-4 minutes. That is not going to put tension into your shoulders so
what I want you to focus on doing is owning every single inch of the movement.
Even here I could be controlling this a lot better. Don’t swing out through the
bottom. Don’t swing in and out over the top. Control and contract your front
delts as hard as possible the whole time so don’t let the tension off. Keep the
burn on. On the second exercise you guys are going to lie down. You’re going to
get the rope here again and now what I want you to focus on doing here to get
the most out of this exercise, again pay close attention right now, stop what
you’re doing, pay attention to me. Don’t think about going back to the floor.
Think about reaching for the wall behind you. So think about this. If you want to
activate your shoulders, how do we get our shoulders short? Do you know how do
you get your shoulders super short? Do we reach backwards or do we reach
upwards? We reach upwards. So practice this right now. Stand up. Put your hand
above your head and don’t reach back. Reach for the ceiling like you’re
reaching for something on the top shelf in your kitchen. Reach reach reach reach
and now start to bring your humerus towards your ear. This is your humerus.
Now start to feel your shoulder contract harder. Notice you’re finding new muscle
tissues as you reach higher and you let that scalpula round roll around
alright. That’s the key to doing this exercise. When you’re doing these
overhead rope raises, I want you to reach for the wall behind you. Let your scapula
naturally move. Do not lock your scapula down. This is a huge industry mistake. You
gotta let the scapula naturally move that way you can find new muscle tissue
reaching reaching reaching and the more you reach behind you, the more you reach
for the wall behind you, the harder this will be. That’s your goal because this
exercise has a greater range of motion. Your goal here is ten minutes okay. So
I’m going to give you ten minutes to get through all hundred reps. You’ll probably
get to around 40 50 reps and you’ll be like wow I just got gassed because you’re
starting to use muscle tissue you’ve probably never used if ever. To be honest,
like even if you’ve been training for five ten years, you may have never
challenged tissue that you’re now challenging so if you get really gassy,
even if you got a pro card, you’re a competitive bodybuilder, you’re like Vinny, man,
you just killed me here. That’s very normal.
Don’t feel bad. That’s normal. Last exercise here we’re going to do front
raises okay. So what we’re going to be doing is we’re going to be going with
dumbbells and we’re going to go thumbs up alright. I really want you to focus on
allowing your scapula to naturally roll out. Do not lock your scapula down. I’m
going to be doing a video really soon because a lot of you guys are really
hurting your shoulders by taking some bad advice from people who are telling
you to lock your scapula down in certain movement which makes zero sense. I’ve
recently ordered a box of bones so that I can show you what kind of damage
you’re doing when you don’t allow your scapula to naturally move so when you’re
doing these front raises here, I want you to literally allow your shoulders to
protract forward. Let your scapula roll out okay. You don’t have to don’t force
it. We never want to force joint motion. That’s a huge mistake as well and we’ll talk
about that in the same upcoming video but we want to just focus on reaching
forward and letting the scapula roll out so that we can actually load the
shoulder. Put in a position where we can actually load it and you’ll find that as
you do these I don’t want you thinking about going up. I want you to think about
going forwards. Alright. Think forward forward forward forward. Let that
shoulder naturally move forward and you’ll feel more weight in your shoulder
than you’ve ever felt. Alright. Now the caveat with this one iis you’re doing a
10 second hold every 10 reps alright. 10 second hold every 10 reps. 100 reps.
You have an 8 minute time limit for this one. Alright. Most of you guys are going to
get gassed working with fives eights tens. If that’s too damaging to your ego, hey do
it at home in your bedroom where nobody can see you, but hey you’re going to be
like regretting it because when you see your shoulders, you’re going to be like
holy crap I wish people saw me right now but I’m only using 8’s. Shoot. What should I
do? Alright guys. If you’re going to the gym
to build your ego by all means just unsubscribe to this channel right now. I
can’t help you, but if you want to build your body and you want to do it without
beating up your joints, you found the right channel. You practice these
workouts and you will see gains. Alright. Your muscles will get bigger and the
best part, you’re not going to get hurt. Nobody’s ever got hurt training training the way
I teach you guys how to train. Once you guys start trying to train like athletes
and power lifters and CrossFitters, those guys get hurt because they’re not
focused on internal variables things that I’m teaching here on this channel.
They’re focused on external things and by all means that’s fine because that’s
their goal. Sport is different than physique. You have to get clear on what’s
your goal. Nobody needs to train like an athlete
unless they want to be an athlete right. If you want to have a great physique, you
don’t need heavy weights. It can be a part of a program, but a very small piece.
So those are your three workouts guys. How you can program these is again. If
you’re more advanced you can use these as what I would call touch up steps so
you could do these at the end of your workouts two to three times per week.
Alright. If you’re a beginner, try them out and you might find the doing this once
every five days, once every seven days, is perfect. Alright. So again,
listen to your body. More is not better. Better it’s better so focus on quality
contractions, doing a little bit more than you did in your previous workout
and that’s it. Go home. Alright. The goal is to stimulate not
annihilate. Does that make sense? Alright guys. It’s your turn to tell me what you
guys want in upcoming videos. Let me know in the comments section below.
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you so much for watching. Can’t wait to do this again.

22 thoughts on “3 Shoulder Workouts For Mass and Definition (3 BEST FRONT DELT EXERCISES!)

  1. People should be focusing on their mid and rear delts way more than front because the front delts are already extremely over developed from bench and shoulder presses. Focusing on your front delts more than your rear could cause imbalances especially rounded shoulders

  2. A little random, but I've been meaning to hear from Vince's elbow surgery from way back! Great video as well, would love to see some more on shoulders (rear and side delts to avoid injuries, impingements, etc), Cheers!

  3. Vince great info and guidance, I'm a PT myself but a trainer also needs to be trained, no one is a fountain of all knowledge the tips and help you give is golden. Core session would be nice to see how you work this really important area. Forget the haters you are doing a great job.

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  6. 3 exercises for front delts? So I'm guessing 3 for rear and side as well? Sounds kind of unnecessary and time consuming, especially when every exercise in this video was pretty much the same exact movement..
    How about a shoulder press, a lateral raise and a rear delt movement 2-4x/week…?
    Isolating the front delt in my opinion seems very unnecessary if you're already doing presses..

  7. Hi Vince I'm currently dealing with a front delt injury which I suffered in January while performing chest incline with 22kg dumbells. I was lifting 20kgs for 10 reps and then I hit a plateau and that's why I went for 22kg. Unfortunately I couldn't even get a single rep. Now I'm back at 12-14kg dumbells. My physio told me to strengthen the injured area. It's getting better slowly. I felt quite an improvement lately. My question: Are these good exercises for me under these circumstances? Thnx for your answer in advance!

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    Since I watched his video I build more muscle mass by simply train Smart Leave The Ego!!
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