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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up Champ! I’m Vince Del Monte of In this video I’m going to give you three shoulder workouts for mass and definition. Alright. This is going to be the side delt edition. We’re going to focus on creating rounder shoulders, bigger shoulders so that you can create that nice waist to hip ratio that’s very attractive to the opposite sex. Okay. So here’s the deal. This is brass tacks simple. Anybody can do this. We’re doing the century trip today. What’s the century trip? A hundred reps in 15 minutes. You’re going to find a weight that you can do for 25 times and then you’re going to do rest pause until you get to 100. What’s rest pause is the 20 second break before you continue and you just take as many sets as you need to do until you get to 100 reps. It’s going to take you hopefully less than 15 minutes. That’s your goal and you can pick from any one of the three exercises I’m about to show you. I recommend that you rotate these exercises around. Don’t do the same one every time or else you’re going to get wear and tear on your shoulder joint. Here’s the exercises and let me show you how to do them so you get the most out of this. Exercise one here are lying cable side raises. If you can’t do this don’t worry I’ve got two others coming you could do at home with resistance bands or dumbbells. But this one is for the guys that’s going to the gym and they want to change things up. you’re getting kind of tired of doing your dumbbell side lateral raises which are good exercises but let’s keep things fresh right. So we’re going to lie down here we’re going to eliminate any momentum from our trunk and we’re going to focus on reaching for opposite walls. The cue here guys is not up and down it’s out and in out and in. Reach for opposite walls. Make your arms long long long think about taking your humerus away from your body. You want your humerus to reach reach reach reach reach reach and that’s going to get the maximum side delt activation. Exercise number two. Dumbbell modified upright rows. The goal for you guys is not up and down. The goal here is out and in. I want you to pretend that these dumbbells are attached to your elbows and I want you to think about tracing a big arc so your elbows are going to opposite walls and then they’re coming back in. So we’re using that same path that we’re focusing on with the previous exercise but now we’re working with the dumbbell. So we’re thinking about creating a big arc here. We want your shoulders to travel through a lot of distance so there’s a lot of time under tension. This is going to really really burn and as you doing this you can actually see your your delts get pumped up and you can even adjust your shoulders slightly more internal if you want to get more side delt activation. So you can kind of play with it if you’re going slow and controlled. You can find the part of your delt that you really want to stimulate. This is a tough one. This one is going to really mentally gas you when you get to the halfway point. Our third exercise here. This is a unique one alright. This requires a resistance band and this one really is going to teach you how to turn on your side delts. A lot of guys have created bad habits including myself. So our Braudys program to do these exercises a certain way and side lateral raises is an exercise that most people just turn into an isometric contraction where they’re just rocking their trunk and they think they’re doing a side raise but really they’re doing like the no side lateral raise. So what we want to do here is we want to attach the resistance band right around our elbows. You want them actually hanging off the lower part of your bicep where your biceps are thicker. You want it hanging off of there and we want to think about reaching out. Alright. You want to think about contracting your shoulders first and reach out. And this isn’t a big range of motion. It’s out and in. Out and in. You don’t want to think about going up because that’s going to lead to trunk extension and cheating which is going to take the tension off the part of the delt we’re trying to develop. We’re really getting precise with these movements so that you can get the most from the least and you’re going to see how I’ve looped it up here under a preacher bench you can really loop it up to anything you got in your gym and the key here is again is out and in out and in not up and down.Those two words out and in will completely transform the way your body looks. And that’s it guys. If you guys want a step-by-step program a complete 18 week program to rehaul your physique reinvent your body reinvent your life I recommend you check out no nonsense muscle-building 2.0 there should be a link here somewhere on the screen or a link in the description and I’ll take you to a page where you can learn more about it you’ll be able to figure out your muscle fiber type because programs customized to you it’ll tell you all about why this type of training is more superior than other forms of training if you’re looking to achieve a lean muscular and aesthetic body. Alright. Thanks so much for watching I’ll see you guys next time.

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