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What’s going on nation? I’m Scott from and today We’ll be covering the next muscle group in my stretch flex overload series and this time It’s the triceps, but if you missed any of the muscle groups. We’ve covered like chest back shoulders biceps I will post a link to the entire playlist It might pin the comment below so make sure you check it out also remember Although this is an advanced training technique Specifically designed to help you hide gayness build more muscle if you’re not a hot gainer You can still utilize this technique And I will explain how at the end of the video now the strategy behind stretch flex overload is simply utilizing two isolation exercises to work on your mind muscle connection And then performing a third compound exercise to completely annihilate the muscle group You’re trying to target to spark some serious growth the first Exercise the power bomb will place the majority of the resistance during the negative when the triceps are fully stretched the second exercise The rope push down will place the most resistance on the triceps when they are fully Flexed and then to overload your triceps you’re going to do weighted dips or the close grip bench press to completely destroy Them with maximum weight as for the routine specifics you’re going to perform 810 reps per exercise and complete four rounds of all three movements only Resting 60 to 90 seconds after you complete one round of all three exercises remember guys It’s a try set so there is no rest between exercises And you’re going to complete four total rounds, but before you start this routine I recommend that you do a warm-up and what I mean by that is some sort of elbow and shoulder warm-up You’re not going to be putting your elbows in a compromised position But some people do experience elbow pain while extending their arms and exercises like the power bomb or the push down So all you have to do for your shoulders is a few set of 12 to 15 reps of shoulder breakers and before you start each exercise perform a light set of each movement for 15 or Reps that should be enough to get the blood going And loosen up the tendons and ligaments in your elbow joints now on to the routine the first exercise you’re gonna Do is the power bar? I’m gonna utilize this exercise to focus on the stretch portion of the movement Now when doing a powerbomb also called a dumbbell seated overhead tricep extension obviously, my name is way cooler We’re gonna Do these seated and the main reason why is because? We’re not really trying to target our core at all if you were to do this exercise standing up like this you have to flex Your glutes and flex your core in order to be able to stabilize to lift a lot of weight our focus is really feeling the stretch during the negative portion of the movement so by doing these seated we can take a lot of our core out of the Equation you’ll still have to flex your core But by taking out our legs in the majority of our core activation Out of the equation we can funnel more energy into our arms to ensure that we’re lifting as much weight as possible And really focusing on the negative and so proper form for this exercise guys is gonna be like this You’re gonna hold the weight above your head And you got to try to keep your wrists as straight as possible and like I said The goal of this movement is to focus on the stretch so as you go down control the weight And you’re gonna go all the way down as far as your arms can go really focus on that stretch hold it for a second and then come back to the top and Repeat for reps and now you guys will notice I’m going all the way down so if we didn’t do your warm-ups yet this might hurt your elbows So make sure you do your warm-ups and go light enough so that you can Go all the way down with this movement and really maximize the stretch at the bottom This isn’t how you’re supposed to do this exercise. These are called half reps these don’t get you any gains You get the most muscle damage during the negative and the stretch portion of the movement so all the way down Back to the top and repeat for reps and now as a special treat for those of you who remember to subscribe And click notification bells you never miss a new video upload from me I’m gonna show you how to do this exercise with a bigger dumbbell as you start getting stronger and lifting more weight There’s a little trick that I like to do that Helps me get into position and out of position no matter how much weight I’m lifting so this is a hundred pound dumbbell All you have to do is this gonna hold with two hands And you’re gonna go between your legs and thrust it up and throw it on your shoulder and then hold it like this once like this You’re gonna sit down And then once in the seated position Get a nice firm grip on it with your hands And then you’re gonna kind of pop the dumbbell up by pushing with your hands and shawl at the same time so boom Just like this, and then I place it on my head Well, I reject my hands, and then once you’re ready to go keep those were straight Focus on that slow- all the way down Push the weight up and repeat for reps and then to lower the weight I put it on my shoulder and then I just do this and That’s how you handle them big dumbbells. Let’s move on to the next exercise For the second exercise we’re gonna be focusing on the Flex portion of the movement and we’re gonna be doing a rope push down and the reason why we’re using the rope instead of the VEBA and I actually just Made a video about this if you haven’t seen it yet I’ll put a link in my pin comment below But when using the vibha this will allow us to Overload the triceps as much as possible and really take advantage of that negative But however we’re trying to focus more on building a stronger mind muscle connection Versus really overloading the triceps so utilizing the rope attachment will allow us to Focus on a hot of contraction at the bottom of the movement and get a much hotter Flex at the bottom as well Because we can get a little bit more shoulder extension at the bottom By using the rope because the ropes gonna allow us to come out to the sides of our body real quick so The way you gonna perform this movement guys And I want to make sure you’re using proper form proper form is all the way up all the way down is You’re going to a stand your arms, then even when you get to a full extension at the bottom you’re gonna pull back and get that flex and squeeze as hot as you can and Then come back to the top of the movement and you have to make sure on every single repetition you focus on those two Steps so step one elbow extension, and then you’re gonna go into shoulder extension in the back So it’s not just this okay. We’re not just doing a rope push down We’re filling in weight around we’re doing this exercise with purpose so every single repetition once again Full extension at the bottom And then a full tricep flex by extending your arms back as far as you can Before going into the next repetition and the third and final exercise in this tri Set is going to be a Close Grip barbell bench press and remember We’re focusing on the overload so always lift as much weight as you can handle for every single round for all the Repetitions what that means is by the time round two comes? Maybe your triceps are feeling a bit fatigued so you might have to lower the weight a bit It’s as much weight as you can handle for the entire rep range Not as much ways you can possibly handle on your first set and then try to carry that through every other Set because if that was the case then you’re defeating the purpose of this entire workout Which is to fatigue your muscles as much as possible so it is natural? it’s 100% natural to maybe having to go a little bit lighter as you progress through the rounds now one more thing guys if You can handle doing dips or weighted dips? I would rather you do that first and do dips on every single round until you can’t possibly do them any more and Then come over to the Close Grip barbell bench press the range of motion is essentially the same I just know that not every single person watching this video can do a lot of dips Which is why my go-to exercise will be the close grip bench press and for those of you who would like to see a video? comparing dip to the close grip bench press I’ll post a link to that down in my pin comment section below And that should really help you understand the basic mechanics of each exercise but for this movement Which you guys are going to do once again? Is you’re focusing on the overload in the only way you can overload your triceps is by pressing? Correctly there are so many ways to mess up this exercise and I see it all the time in the gym The purpose of this movement is to target the triceps It’s not called a close grip bench press because you have to grab the bow like this. This is absolutely Ridiculous, this is the one-way ticket to hurting your wrists And your elbows the only width you need to grab on this barbell is wide enough so that as you perform the movement Your arms are as close to your torso as possible, so you don’t need to be like this This is gonna take power away from the movement You will not be able to bench as much weight with your hands like this Just keep those elbows as close to your torso as possible So once you have that figured out And it’s usually about shoulder width grip when you perform the actual movement You need to press the weight over your torso so you’re gonna come down like this over your torso and then press up Over your torso what you don’t want to do is come down with good form and then press up Over your chest because you’re gonna feel right away a lot of the resistance transferring from your triceps to your chest muscles Another thing you don’t want to do is hold it correctly but bench over your chest like this That’s gonna place a lot of stress in your shoulders and once again take tension out of the triceps it should basically look like you’re trying to keep a 90 degree angles with your elbows as you come down and as you press back up and then that and that is how you’re going to feel the exercise a lot more on your triceps and Target all three heads, and if you really think about it Comparing this exercise to dips it’s essentially the same range of motion when you do a dip your you might be upright But you’re still kind of pressing more through your torso Versus pressing up here So keep that in mind when doing this exercise? Remember guys the idea behind this series is to get you in and out of the gym as fast as possible while dealing maximum muscle damage for regrowth Because as a hot gain ax you don’t want to be burning too many calories with long war workouts You need those calories to build muscle also make sure you’re challenging yourselves with heavy weights I get asked a lot how much weight should I be using well guys the answer is that on every single? Set you should use the maximum weight that you can handle for eight to ten repetitions So if you can go heavier on round two then increase the weight But if your form is breaking down, then go a little bit light up. It’s that simple Lastly if you’re not a hot gain um and still want to add this workout to your current triceps training Try adding two rounds as a finisher after your current triceps workout be sure to smash that like button if you want more content like this and for those of you looking for a new program to build some serious muscle Check out all my 12-week Programs on as well as my custom meal plan app as well and as always guys More good stuffs coming soon see ya

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