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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hard-gainers live quite a difficult life. They have aspirations for a more muscular
physique but have less helpful information available than any other group. They’re often ridiculed for their size without
much backlash. They’re supposedly “lucky” that they
have to gain weight rather than lose, even though their struggle is often more challenging. But much like everyone, mistakes are bound
to happen on their fitness endeavors. Let’s take a look at some common weight
GAINING mistakes. Number 1, You’re just winging it. The overarching goal of any hardgainer is
to eat more. But often the goal is approached completely
unstructured, relying simply on putting more food on their plate or taking a few more bites. But if they were to actually calculate their
calories, chances are that it’s still well under what’s needed for gaining weight. In this case, it’s time to take some initiative. Track your calories as detailed as you can
with apps like MyFitnessPal. Aim for sufficient amount of protein, but
not overly high. Too much protein can increase satiety, making
you feel full quicker. A big no-no for gaining weight, but it’s
still important to have enough to feed your growing muscles. Gradually increase calories instead of bombarding
yourself with a bunch right off the bat. Most importantly, remain consistent. If you know you’re undereating one day,
then make sure to make up for it by eating more another. Another common mistake is setting a poor eating
environment. If you constantly put yourself a significant
distance away from food, it’ll clearly be tough to eat regularly. It’s especially difficult for those that
work in fast-paced workplaces or get very little down-time. But it’s always best to have something to
eat nearby. One idea is to prepare calorie-dense meals
to take to work and setting aside some downtime to eat. If you’re in a busy office job with little
downtime, then maybe having snacks in your desk drawer can do wonders in pushing you
further towards your calorie needs. But of course, you shouldn’t just grab any
random candy bar. Aim for calorie and nutrient-dense snacks
like dried nuts, fruit bars, protein bars, dark chocolate, or peanut butter sandwiches. Have a variety to counteract boredom. Set a reminder on your phone or computer to
keep you on top of your snacking habits. And finally, one more common mistake is doing
too much cardio. In my experience, hardgainers tend to gravitate
toward exercises like jogging or rowing. Although they’re great for heart health
and endurance, they do very little, if anything, in terms of muscle growth and weight gain. That’s where resistance training comes in. All types of resistance training have shown
to induce anabolic patterns for growth, from increasing testosterone and stimulating muscle
protein synthesis. A calorie surplus plus resistance training
will ensure that the additional nutrients are put into good use for building muscle. More muscle means more motivation and more
consistency. Otherwise, without resistance training, almost
of your surplus calories will simply be stored as fat. So, go ahead and skip a few jogging sessions
for a heavy leg day instead. The weight scale AND the mirror will be thanking
you for that. I’m sure this is only scratching the surface
for some of you more in-tuned hard gainers, but I hope these tips can at least help some
of you fresh beginners that need just a little bit more direction. Feel free to share some mistakes you might
have made during your gaining endeavors. Thank you for watching and please come check
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100 thoughts on “3 Weight GAINING Mistakes | How to Start Gaining Weight

  1. Merry Christmas! What a year it has been for PictureFIT 😊
    Thank you all for the support. Let's make 2018 even bulkier. 💪💪

  2. Eat healthy and more protein contains vegetables and fruits everyday, your weight will be gain. It's simple. ☺

  3. PLS PLS PLS do a video about the artificial sweeteners in whey protein powder. I only buy unflavored protein because I don't trust these chemicals. I'm afraid that they might cause the same terrible illnesses like aspartam does

  4. Btw.. I think just a little bit of cardio at home (7 min) can greatly UP your appetite to smash some food and get way more calories

  5. Ok.. But you never explain how this muscle is able to get big with resistence training!!! Lol…. Video All bunk

  6. Started the year at 94lbs and only started to take gaining weight more seriously than just "winging it" in the second half of the year. Now I'm at 107lbs. The things that helped me was tracking using MyFitnessPal (I often overestimated what I ate and ate nearly 800 calories LESS than what I needed to gain weight), prepping meals and snacks for times when I knew I was busy with school work, lift heavy consistently (following a plan), and most importantly, SLEEP.

  7. Picturefit you should do a video on the 3 types of body images and what you could do to get the maximum growth and strength

  8. I need help guys, assuming I have a fairly excellent diet and lots of sleep and stretching, what are supplements that can improve muscle recovery. I take creatine everyday and a scoop of whey every other day. I have been working out for years and leg days usually take a minimum of 3-4 days to full recovery which is a big issue for me because I am also very big into cardio vascular activity and the DOMS from leg day is constantly cutting into my cardio days. How can i make my muscles recover faster. I’m limited to running and lifting legs once a week.

    If you made it to the end of this wall of text I appreciate you for taking the time to helping if you choose to.

  9. Hard Gainer here. I play Basketball at least once a week. Is it bad, since it's 'cardio'? What can I do to counteract it? I don't really wanna stop playin ball :/

  10. Does anyone have some advice for getting in a good, quick, high calorie breakfast? Because breakfast really is my biggest weakness.
    I know you are going to say oatmeal but for me it is really hard to eat even 100g of oats right after getting up (which is obviously the time when you should eat breakfast…) And I don't even mean the flavour, which of course can be altered and improved. It's more the fact that after a few spoons it gets dry as f*ck in my mouth and I have to fight every spoon after that, chew it for ever and basically just end up washing it down with water.
    Not only is this disgusting and really far from a nice way to start into my day, but after this my stochmach is so full of the water I just used to get in my oats, that I can't take a protein shake or something like that without puking anymore. This is an additional problem because oats are high in calories but not exactly champions when it comes to protein.

    Thanks in advance!

  11. Could you do a video on how eating late at night doesn't make gain more fat? Lol I know it sounds simple but my mom is convinced it does hahaha I don't know how she got that conclusion but I need to make her understand that calories are just calories no matter what the time

  12. Please do an episode on joint pains and/or overuse injuries.
    As a (very) hardgainer, I have spent deacdes trying to gain weight. "Eating more" was as infeasible as filling a glass of water with more than its volume. At around the age of 40 my metabolism slowed and I was suddenly able to gain weight, only to realize that that turned me into a skinnyfat. I changed to a much healthier diet and did sensible but progressive body-weight workouts three times per week for several years. After 3-4 years I looked slightly more muscular, but that was it; with my clothes on nobody could see any difference. Then the joint pains started. I have long and thin bones and small joints, and it seems my joints just can't handle even moderate weights. I have had to severely limit exercises such as pushups, pullups and dips.
    The "know-it-alls" of course suggest my technique sucks, or my program is all wrong, or my rest or diet is all wrong, based on "x worked for me". I personally believe my genetics pretty much dictates and limits my gains, since I look very much like my father despite living very different lives.

  13. No "It depends" ?

    Just kidding bro, enjoy your videos like crazy, thanks for this , I'm a struggling ectomorph.

  14. hardgainers, do you really wanna grow big the right way?? DO INTERMITTENT FASTING…do it 4-20 (4 hour eating, 20hr fasting)…EAT all your food that you need for the day in 4 hours, and then fast for the remaining day…That shit works, you will grow muscles, you won't gain that much body fat and look weird…eat high quality nutrient dense foods, rich in protein, carbs, all that good shit, good for 5 or 6 meal servings, for those 4 hrs..i guarantee you…

  15. I am an aerobics instructor, and i do teach quite many cardio classes… so do i have to quit my aerobics instructor job in order to gain muscle weight? Teaching aerobics classes = doing too much cardio

  16. I can't understand why a skinny person would wanna do cardio if they are trying to GAIN WEIGHT!

    It's like a bigger person trying to lose weight and look smaller by lifting heavier… It makes no sense

  17. Hi !
    Could you make a video on : what the science says about how long do we must train per session to build maximum gains ?
    Thanks for your contents !

  18. Can you make a Video on how long I should wait after eating a full meal before working out
    Thanks for all the quality Content 😀

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  20. I'm a hard gainer and i made the mistake of eating way too much, i got a pot belly lmao. I basically took a week and got down to normal weight and started all over.

  21. I don't want to count calories as I eat a lot anyway and not tracking helps me not cut back. I do cardio with weight training 4 times a week. Is what you're saying is I could drop 1 cardio session a week and do a heavy leg day instead? My mind is rebelling against that idea lol

  22. dude are you the manager of this channel ——> MasakoX ?!!??!?!?! guys i know that omg that's youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu …

  23. Why do i have a feeling that the Guy making this Video, is a nerd that knows the theory but don't actually goes to the gym

  24. I dirty bulked twice and don't regret it. God for give me I have sinned.🙏 and I'm probably going to do it again. 😂😂

  25. How much least amount of sleep is necessary for highly active athletes?
    Also please tell about diet and tips for developing fast twitch fibre and gains tips ..

  26. im taking a mass gainer called carnivor mass. The carbs and the protien helps me alot in the gym but im trying to build muscle and also lower my body fat. I go for my medical for firefighter in 6 months so i want to be able to build speed (when running) and strength(when in the gym). Will my mass gainer slow me down with running? Mostly i need a stair master and a low heart rate when on it. How can i do both without switching from my mass gainer

  27. Fucked myself by only doing cardio and never eating for the past two years😂 oops I’m a stick now

  28. Yes!! I totally relate to this!! The issue I have is I have a fast metabolism and a very active job so the amount of calories I need everyday to gain substantial weight is huge. This makes it next to impossible as I literally can’t fit that much food in me and I don’t have the funds to be able to afford it. It sucks!!

  29. I do jogg and other cardio exercises my everyday step count is 14k-15k is is alot??
    I am a male, 16yrs,45kg, 5ft 5inch
    Everyday calories intake is about 2600

  30. I gained weight a few years ago by eating unhealthy and not working out (I had health conditions). I now have a decent sized belly, and I'm barely in the healthy weight range. I started eating healthier in February. I also started weight lifting this. I gained a few pounds, but I don't think any of it was fat.

  31. One thing this video didn't cover is meal planning. A lot of the athletes and bodybuilder or simply those who want to gain muscle plan their meals and that's how they reach their goal and get the muacle result their looking for. Meal planning is absolutely essential to putting on size in building muscle.

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