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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

[Music] hi guys I’m Amy today I’m going to introduce you guys 30 different apps exercises because a lot of you when they think about app sexual choices they think situps countries and they end up doing these same exercises every single day and they wonder why they don’t see results when your body get used to the same exercise every day it will start making progress basically you’re putting in the work but you’re not getting the results that you work for your body needs variation and there are actually so many different exercises in this world and today we’ll be doing 30 of them that are my favorite and are super effective to work out upper abs lower abs side abs and I end up core apps that work like a rubber bands that pull a belly together to give us that small waist that we want this will be a topical workout so each exercise 20 seconds with 10 seconds rest in between and I guarantee you the best burn you’re going to feel it all over and remember to hashtag change with Amy so you can keep track of your progress and also see the results of everybody else but first a lot of you want me to share more about what I’d like to eat so today I’m going to show you one of my favorite food I’m eating this around one hour before my workout to give me the energy and power that 90 is an Asian myself I love love love sushi and sashimi is such a yummy source of protein and nutrition and today I’m going to introduce some of my favorites to you guys yellowtail sea bream and scallop these are fish and shipped from Japan so super fresh super yummy these are actually considered lucky fish so with Chinese New Year coming my mom said this can also help boots look yellow tile is good for brain health and function it is also known as the promotion fish in Japan’s that will give you a rapid progression in society sea bream is of low carbs and high protein that’s why it has been rooted deeply in Japanese culture as a lucky fish for phosphorous future and long-term health and for scallops they’re actually good for recovery which can help you stay strong they’re also widely known as a shellfish of good fortune because it carries the meaning of smooth selling to up Jurnee it was really mah s some interesting stories that I want to share with you guys but make sure you also feed yourself with enough energy for your workouts even if it’s a bit NOLA bah I don’t believe in starving yourself for fitness and if you’re feeling really hungry doing your workout it won’t give you the best results as well because you won’t have enough energy to really push it alright guys if you’re ready let’s go we’re starting to work out with my favorite favorite app exercise of all times butterfly set up live face up on the floor soles of your feet facing one another hand together touching the floor above your head hunt your apps to raise your upper torso to a sitting position as you reach forward with both hands to touch the floor in front of your feet then lie back down hence tapping the floor above your head do as fast as you can within 20 seconds let’s start this workout strong you’ll be feeling a burn in your belly area [Music] doing great second exercise is slow crunch another one of my favorite hands behind your head crunch your abs to curl your upper body up do it slowly and pass at the top for one to two seconds until you can really feel a burn in the ABS here we’re not doing it fast the slower you go the more it works this third exercise lick raise to target the lower abs hands below your butt lift both legs up together perpendicular to the floor then lower them back down a few inches off the floor engage your lower ab muscles don’t let your legs drop to the floor for the whole workout the burn is real but that’s what we are here for [Music] great work let’s keep the burn going forth exercise is an fight left your shoulder place off the ground bring one knee in and at the same time straighten the other leg out turn your upper body so that your opposite elbow is touching the knee only 20 seconds guys keep moving no stopping challenge yourself sit back up 4/5 exercise crunch cake hands behind your bum raise both knees up towards your chest then work the lower abs as you extend both legs together to the front keep rocking back and forth no pain no gain guys it was burning it’s working [Music] what [Music] good job you’ve got it done sick fly back down for reverse crunch legs up to the sky working the ABS lift your butt up off the floor push it guys enjoy the burn every single rep almost there written down the words to say it is time I’ve been waiting five things to explain [Music] seventh exercise circle punch to work the abs from every angle curl your torso up and around in a circular motion feeling a tight contraction in your inner lower upper and side ABS switch direction after 10 seconds do it slow and controlled make sure you’re feeling the bird in the air [Music] it’s a classic plank that is most effective in tightening our inner core for a small waist elbows on the ground shoulder-width apart forming a triangle base make sure your whole body is in a straight line keep your butt down hold it for 20 seconds stay strong no dropping through it together with me [Music] that was amazing nice is slow X mountain climber get into high plank hunt your apps bring one knee in across your body towards the opposite elbow remember the name we’re doing it slowly trust me this bird’s ass way more hang in there guys and we’re lying back now for a tenth exercise reverse leg pipe [Music] let’s lift it as you pull your leg in one by one follow up by extending it out this is just like the reversed motion of riding a bike we’re not dropping our legs throughout the whole exercise the closer you extend your leg to the floor the more it burns we finished one side of this workout already Elevens a side plank for the Uglies outside at what on the right side first right forearm on the floor see it stacks lift your body up in one straight line with the right side off your abs 12 is also side plank but we’re doing the left side this time same post the more you use your side ups the less weight you feel in your arms what get hold it there remember your goals make a commitment to complete this workout together with me show yourself what you can achieve 13 lie down for flutter kicks to give another extra burn to the lower abs head and shoulder lift it hands on your belly you can make sure you’re contracting your abs lift your licks up and make small rep it up and down socialite motions the lower your legs are the harder it will be this is not easy but that’s why it works [Music] you’re doing so amazing 14th is starfish crunch licks and arms extended out like a star lift your opposite arm and lick together to touch at the top alternate between sides for 20 seconds stay determined this is how we reach out hold [Music] 15th is lick race hope hence the low your palm lift both legs out straight together head up and look straight at your toes just hold it there the lower your legs are the harder it is and the more burn you get we’re halfway through the workout we have come too far to give up now don’t drop you can do this I am so proud of you for not giving up 16th SB punch after extending above your head exercise punch your app so that you raise your torso and bend your knees at the same time for your finger to lightly tap your ankles this is quite an advanced move do it slowly if you need to is okay the key is to keep trying and not give up [Music] 17th is Russian twist set up licks off the floor hands together in front exercise working a Sat and lower abs to twist your torso from side to side again keep your licks up throughout the whole 20 seconds I don’t want to see anyone dropping to the floor I know you’re stronger than you think [Music] 18 you can lie back down for it he’ll touch head and shoulders off the floor [Music] hands next to your body work the side out to curl from side to side as you touch your ankle at each side this is helping us to burn the muffin tops so keep crawling focus on the bird we’re on to 19th already windmills will continue to burn for the lower-end sign ups raise your legs up drawing a big half circle from one side to another keeping your abs contracted to not let your legs touch the floor until the timer is up [Music] I’m just flies by 20s Hollow whole arms extended overhead left your licks exercise head and arms up and just hold it there try your best to press your lower back to the floor by working your abs keep your arms and legs lifted nothing is stopping us from reaching our goals unless we ourselves make the decision to quit so don’t be the one stopping yourself from success to certain of the workout that 21st is like left in four strokes both legs lifting off the floor then raise one leg up to the sky followed by the other leg lower them back down one by one but still keeping them off the floor engage your lower abs the whole time I am right here together with you guys every rep don’t quit on me [Music] 22nd is 540 obliques again both knees bent place one foot on top of the other knee twist your torso so that your opposite elbow touches the raisiny so it’s side after 10 seconds you’re absolutely killing it so far [Music] twenty-third is ankle crunch for the upper abs licks up perpendicular to the floor hands behind your ears curl up and extend your arms to touch your ankles be mindful to crunch your apps every time you curl your total up [Music] we are so close to the end 24th a straight leg set up exercise for every rep left your whole upper body up to touch your ankles on the floor push it through guys the more effort you put in the more progress you get [Music] when a fifth is single it raised a heart but effective one for the lower abs both legs lift up a few inches off the floor raise one leg up to the sky and lower it down followed by the other leg legs not dropping to the floor stay on with me only a few more minutes ago we can get this done 26 spider-man plank to give you the ultimate color apps get into elbow plank bring one knee in towards your elbow of the same side alternate for 20 seconds keep pushing this works not just the deepest core muscle but also the upper and lower abs are really slim and tighten your belly area twenty-seventh is speed up hope for the best burn set up contract your abs to lift your legs up as you reach your arms straight forward to balance yourself in a v-shape hold it there the more you extend your feet towards the floor the harder it is this is what gives you the app you want almost done only three more to go 28 is ankle touch arms extended overhead raise your legs up towards the sky as you lift your shoulders and head off the floor and reach your hands to touch your ankle for each rep in case your belly can lift up and when you calm down don’t let your legs rest on the floor keep the momentum up make it count 29 is liquid pulses to further burn the Lower Valley area this is similar to lick rape instead of lifting our legs all the way from bottom to 90 degree angle we’re pausing up and down in small motions in the air this is definitely harder than normal leg raises but it was even more the closer the movements are to the ground the crazier the burn would be and we’re on to the final exercise site site elbow touch get into elbow high plank place your upper hand behind your ears cruncher activate and bend your top leg so that it touches your top elbow switch side after 10 seconds only a few more seconds to go push it through [Music] and we got it done 30 ab exercises you did so well and practice makes perfect a few years ago I couldn’t do any of these exercises so don’t feel defeated if some of the moves here felt that the cold keep trying keep doing them hat work and determination will help you reach your goals now stretch out your abs you can also head over to my complete stretch video to cool desk remember to Like comment subscribe and share this workout with your friend’s home you think will also need it good job again and I’ll see you again very soon

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  1. wow I've been doing this workout for a week plus little intense ab exercises before bed and when I wake up and of course I eat healthy and drink plenty of water (you should drink a lot of water. you'll get used to it and won't forget to drink it and it helps to lose wheigt and makes your stomach less bloated)…. first of all I had problems with a bloated stomach and now there's no bloating anymore and second of all I feel my abs and the fat is about to burn… the process is actually slow but I'm on a good way and I won't give up:)

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